Tapped Out Walkthrough: Level 37 Part 4 (Weekend Dad 11-16)

Almost done now. I am starting to see where Milhouse gets his “personality” from. Lol. (Just in case you still need them, Weekend Dad Parts 1-5 here and 6-10 here.)

Weekend Dad Pt.11

After tapping on Kirk

Weekend Dad 50

Kirk: Milhouse, would it be too scarring for you if you rocked your old man to sleep in your arms, stroking his hair, telling him it’s all going to work out?
Milhouse: You lost your job again, didn’t you?
Kirk: Kids are just too perceptive these days.
Milhouse: Don’t worry-I’ve got it covered! You know how all these years,  you’ve told me that being friends with Bart was a waste of time?
Milhouse: Well, not any more! His dad is desperate to hire someone!
Kirk: What kind of job could Homer possibly be hiring for?
Milhouse: I don’t know- but he said it’s in the game industry.

Weekend Dad 51

Weekend Dad 52

Make Kirk Gold-Farmin Homer’s Happy Little Elves Game- 24hrs

Happy lil elves

Weekend Dad 53

Homer: Just keep don’t the shortest jobs possible over and over again.
Homer: That’s the best way for me to get gold in this Happy Little Elves game.

Weekend Dad 54

happy lil elves
Kirk: Can’t you just buy some Elf Berries?
Homer: I don’t pay you to think. I pay you to tap!

Weekend Dad 55

Weekend Dad Pt. 12

After tapping on Homer

Weekend Dad 56

Homer: That was a great first day, Kirk.
Homer: Now it’s time for you to work your first night. And then the next day, and then the next night, and…

Weekend Dad 57
Kirk: But Homer, I need to sleep.
Homer: Fine, you can sleep after that. But I’m docking all this sleeping time you’re taking from you salary.

Weekend Dad 58

Make Kirk Gold-Farmin Homer’s Happy Little Elves Game- 24hrs (x3)

Weekend Dad 59

Weekend Dad Pt. 13

After tapping on Homer

Weekend Dad 60

Homer: Great work, Milhouse’s Dad! Now I believe you cut was ten percent of the gold you farmed for me…
Kirk: What?! You’re going to pay me in-game currency? What good is that going to do me?!
Homer: maybe you haven’t noticed, but it’s all in-game currency around here. No one says “dollars” anymore.
Kirk: Well, at least give me some premium currency then!
Homer: Donuts? Fat chance, fatso!
Kirk: I’m not the fatso – you’re the fatso!
Homer: I believe you mean, “you’re the fatso, boss.”

Weekend Dad 61
Homer: Here, I’ll pay you with this thing I found in the basement. It’s been around for years and no one wants it. Just like you.
Kirk: Wow, that was really mean.
Homer: I know. I felt bad as soon as I said it, sorry. I thin I’m just depressed because you’re life is so sucky.

Weekend Dad 62

A Golden Calf Idol has been placed in your inventory.

Weekend Dad 63

Place the Golden Calf Idol

Weekend Dad 64

Weekend Dad 65

Weekend Dad 66

Weekend Dad Pt. 14

After tapping on Kirk

Weekend Dad 67

Kirk: I bet I can pawn this cow off at the comic book shop. He collects all sorts of weird stuff.

Weekend Dad 68
CBG: Ah, the golden statue from the discontinued dance show Twerkcules and the Golden Calf.
CBG: Unfortunately, this is a fake. Therefore, I will give you nothing for it.
Kirk: Nothing? I was hoping for a little more than that!
CBG: Fine, I will pay you something, but only if you stand around in the shop.
CBG: Your presence make my customers feel better about their own lives by comparison.

Weekend Dad 69

Make Kirk Get Belittled by Nerds- 12hrs

Weekend Dad 70

Kirk: You know Milhouse, things are really looking up. Today I got a job base solely off my looks. Now I know how models feel.
Milhouse: Sounds like people are finally appreciating you. Maybe now we can throw out all your vision boards?

Weekend Dad 71

Weekend Dad Pt. 15

After tapping on Milhouse

Weekend Dad 72

Milhouse: I guess you’re just about ready to nail a job as a big time manager, huh dad?
Kirk: Yeah, about that…it doesn’t seem like getting work experience is all that helpful in actually getting work.
Kirk: These jobs are all dead ends.

Weekend Dad 73
Kirk: What I need is time to network in all those cracker factory social circles, maybe graduate up to the glitzy world of graham crackers.
Milhouse: But who’s going to pay you to take time off and noodle around, looking for your dream job?
Kirk: The government!

Weekend Dad 74

Build the Unemployment Office ($310,500/ 36hrs)

Weekend Dad 75

It sits on an 11×15 plot

Weekend Dad 76

Make Kirk collect Unemployment Check- 24hrs

Weekend Dad 77

Kirk: Wow, a check for doing nothing! Finally the government is good for something other than just building roads and hospitals.

Weekend Dad 78

Weekend Dad Pt .16

After tapping Milhouse

Weekend Dad 79

Milhouse: Dad, when I grow up I’m going to be unemployed. Just like you!
Kirk: My son wants to follow in my footsteps. I am so proud.

Weekend Dad 80
Kirk: This is cause for a celebration! The Van Houtens are going to dine on the best food an unemployment check will allow.

Weekend Dad 81

Make Kirk Eat at Krusty Burger-30 minutes
Make Milhouse Eat at Krusty Burger-30 minutes

Milhouse: You know, with you not working all the time, It’s been nice to actually spend some time together.
Kirk: Without a job to get in the way, I see now that the most important thing in life is family.

Weekend Dad 82
Kirk: And government- provided unemployment benefits. Yeah, mostly that.

Weekend Dad 83

And that completes the Weekend Dad Tasks.


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  1. i keep being stuck on part 11, the quest is done but doesn’t disappear from the taskbook.. anyone know why this is?

  2. This is one of the funniest but also saddest quest. Poor Kirk

  3. This is like the longest quest ever!!! Right???

    BTW, thanks for the walkthrough Bunny. 🙂

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