You Put The Bachelor Arms WHERE?!

The towns now are so shiny n bright. I feel like I have to wear my sunglasses at night while playing it now. Lol. So with the new bright town came Level 37. The main building launched with this release was the Bachelor Arms and Kirk.

Thanks the the HUGE event we just went through…my poor town is suffering…more on this to come at a later post. For now, I decided to go town hopping to see just exactly where a bunch of my neighbors put their Bachelor Arms Apartments. I like to see what others have done. It really does help to spark the creative juices.

To start off…I hopped over to my neighbor pan2ram…I like the use of the two apartment complexes together.


Next up is PlatypusGuitar. I really like the decorations overflowing from the other building. It still adds character to the apartment area.


heliox72 added some extra housing and made it really look like a bachelor area.


Lastly…JablesKills really cracked me up. Putting the Spinsters and the Bachelors right next to one another…BRILLIANT! πŸ˜›


Now I want to see where you put YOUR Bachelor Arms. So feel free to add your pics to our Flickr and/or link them below in the comments.


13 responses to “You Put The Bachelor Arms WHERE?!

  1. Just received a 187.7 MB update. Any clue what it is?

    • Could just be the last of the rollback glitch repair. Personally I didn’t have an update come through on my end, but sometimes that happens. Could also just be your phone catching up on a previous minor update. πŸ™‚

  2. I like how heliox72 has a pond instead of a pool !!
    Perfect fit for Kirk.

  3. I actually also have spinster city in that Singles’ area

  4. I clicked the link on twitter thinking: WOAH I gotta share mine cause I think its pretty cool and BAM! There it is! Awesome πŸ˜›

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