The Tapping Glitch- New Bonuses in TSTO

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Dropping in with quick TSTO Tip for you. Just a few days ago Wookiee gave you all a nice little detailed post about how you can now tap on your neighbor’s Squidport Tiles and help them earn extra tiles, but did you know this also works on Cletus’s Farm, Channel 6 & the Open Air Stage?

Yes, that’s right Tappers you can follow the same tapping method Wookiee discussed for Squidport tiles with Cletus’s Farm, Channel 6 AND the Open Air Stage! This is a great way to earn extra cash and XP, and will help you reach bonus levels faster (more free donuts)!

Here are my suggestions to maximize earnings:
-For Open Air Stage have Hans Moleman do his 24hr task and let it be so neighbors can tap away to earn you bonus Cash and XP

-For Channel 6 (if you have him) setup the Arnie Pye 2 day News Report and let it be so neighbors can tap away. (if you don’t have Arnie Pye, go with the 24hr task)

-For Cletus’s Farm obviously the best one is Corn, but alas Corn takes 90 days (and who has time to wait!) However, if you’ve already got Corn almost ready in your town (or Moonshine, or Triffids if not) let it be so your neighbors can tap away for you. Imagine the earning potential on corn!

-For Squidport make the tile as normal and again let it be so neighbors can tap away for you!

Remember when you go back into your Springfield be careful to tap each handshake carefully.  And don’t clear them away until you’re happy with the number of handshakes over your task.

To help our favorite Addicts maximize the earning potential of the “Tapping Glitch” we’ve setup a board at the Addicts Forums where you can add your origin ID and let neighbors know when you have items ready to tap! You can also use the shout box on the Addicts Forums main page or leave a comment in the comment section below.

You can check our the TSTO Addicts Forums, and chat with other Addicts, anytime at!

Hope this little tapping tip helps!

46 responses to “The Tapping Glitch- New Bonuses in TSTO

  1. Do any of these still work after the valentines event? This Ol’ Dog need tiles so bad and they are so expensive, not to mention they take FOREVER! Thanks and keep up the great work…:-)

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    pkordiasz610, let’s be friends.
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    I would love to sing
    Joyous songs for all…
    So please, be my friend..friend?

  3. Hi! This is
    I am wondering how many friends are we allowed to have?
    TSTOaddict 😕

  4. Say hello to the Plow King!

    Hit my news, farm and squid and ill do the same.


  5. I’ve found that if I tap a tile in a friend’s Springfield, then leave their town (or go to their Krustyland) and return, the tile is back and I can tap it again. Usung that method, I can tap on a friend’s tile 3 times each day. My question is, are they getting 3 tiles from that, or just 1?

    • The “glitch” still allows only ONE tile per name…so if you tap it 9 times over say 3 days and your neighbor still hasn’t cleared the first one…they won’t get a single other one from you til that one is cleared.

  6. I am looking for three neighboreenos tapping my tile, channel 6 and corn (the way is marked, you’ll find all of them at the coast 😉 ).

    Of course I’ll return the favor!

  7. Do these still work?

  8. Addme jemm09285 i will tap on sp. Cletus and channel 6. Hope u do same

  9. i will tap cletus farm, channel 6 and sq tiles: elamin83

  10. Add me and I will tap your tiles if you tap mine! Please tap my channel 6 too! 🙂
    Add me: jaimz09

    • Erika Fournier (BraveElfgirl1994)

      Do you still need neighbors? My squidport tile is ready to be tapped right now!


  11. I love bunny

  12. Pretty cool. Hope it last before they fix the glitch. Ppl you can add me, in all the time ” buttermut “

  13. I’ve added some of the names here. (Some of them won’t add – I don’t know why). I have a SP tile ready. I’ve also done the Arnie Pye 2 day news report so Arnie Pye’s face hovers over the channel 6 building ready to be tapped as well. I will happily visit and repay the kindness of any SP and Ch 6 tappers. I do cull those who continue to tap a brown house for me instead though!! Please feel free to add me if I’ve not been able to add you. Sorry that my town is just a dumping ground at the moment. I’m saving for all the land so building it properly is my task for the christmas holidays. Thanks, orangesmarties

  14. Friend sent me this page, wished I had planted corn along time ago, feel free to add me

  15. I just had my corn finish and its ready to go. If anyone wants to tap it to see if it’s still working feel free. ryanodo13

  16. Have just had first one work after xmas update on the farm – hopefully the rest still do too.

  17. For the last week, I’ve used both the tile and the channel 6 tap and can confirm that BOTH of them work. I’ve just bought the open air theatre and am working my way through the list of entertainers until I find the one that pays out the most the. hopefully I can earn from that as well. I’ve also got rid of friends who don’t tap tile or ch 6 in favour of new ones who I hope will!! Of course I will do the same in return. At the moment I’m in the process of rebuilding my Springfield and have decided to get all the land first so I need channel 6 tappers desperately to help. So if you want help collecting tiles and money with a reciprocal agreement, reply here with your ID and I’ll add you or accept your request if you choose to add me. I check in to my game several times a day in the UK. My ID is orangesmarties

    • Thanks for sharing the confirmation that they work! 🙂

    • Hey there, I will help in tapping channel 6 and tiles for you. I’m building up my Springfield so when I’m ready hopefully you will help me as well. I do log in a few times a day myself so… Add me… hektortheguy

    • Having a hard time adding anyone on here. Im a consistent player with corn on the way: stragler1976

  18. When I tap a friends SqP tile I get the 500+ XP. What happens when tapping corn, channel 6 or stage?

    And is it possible to speed up growing corn using donuts without harvesting so that friends can tap them?

    • I’ll add you to my alternate account. I know you’re on my main one. I have corn and you can test what it gives you and let me know here. 🙂 Look for a request starting with addicts 🙂

      • Thank you for the quick reply 🙂 Corn and channel 6 gave me both 2 XP 🙁 Was hoping for some extra XP… Anyway it’s really cool to be able now to help friends with SqP tiles and highly earning buildings!!!

    • Please add: Trevor.Loslo (period between the name)
      He is my friend and is a daily player. Knows about the port tiles, chanel6, stage,etc…. I am at the limit of players, but going to weed some lazy ones out. A-KATgal

      • Looked for Trevor.Loslo but origin couldn’t find him. If he’s still playing, please ask him to add me. I play daily and will tap stage,ch 6 etc. thanks orangesmarties

  19. Ok famchic again I just read the detailed post and I feel stupid heheh so I just tap the hand and don’t tap the tile right?

  20. Hi Famchic here thank you sooo much for all the extra tips but I have a question… I have been tapping the squidport tiles for my neighboreenos since I read your post but last night I intentionally left my own sqidpt tile there so I could get me and extra tile and when I woke someone had tapped it but when I tapped their hand that it leaves for you it only gave me one tile I thought it was supp to give me two tiles why didn’t it work for me? And does that mean its not working for my neighbors as well?

    • No worries 🙂

      Only tap the hand…but also only if there is MORE than one hand. You need to let them build up. ALWAYS leave one hand up, or you have to start over and build the tile again. Let the game collect the payout. Just wait a lil and the XP & $ will gather up for you.

  21. Just like SqP tiles, I was spooked to tap on Channel 6 (but always willing to revive Cletus’ crops)… Thx Alissa!

  22. I will let y’all know in 7 days how the corn turns out. The mists faded and fortune smiled on this Wookiee!

  23. So who’s going to do the corn, would be interesting to see what you get.

  24. Brilliant post these do work

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