New Simpsons Episode Tomorrow- Labor Pains

Don’t forget to set your new age technology devices to watch the new Simpsons Episode: Labor Pains tomorrow night.

labor pains

Looks like Homer is gonna have his hands full after getting stuck in an elevator with a woman in labor. He also decides to give fatherhood another chance…wait…isn’t he ALREADY a father? Lol

Here is a 2 minute clip from the show if you want to get an idea what’s in store.


4 responses to “New Simpsons Episode Tomorrow- Labor Pains

  1. Did anyone see the Tapped Out reference in the episode? I think it was in the second act. The episode itself was surprisingly good, definitely better than Four Regrettings and a Funeral, which felt choppy and disorganized.

  2. OK, I give the episode a “6.5”.
    I will never get the image of the scab cheerleaders out of my head !!

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