Where Did THAT Come From- Mayflower

I REALLY like the giant ship floating in my Squidport now. EA made me very happy in this decoration. Yes, it does cost a lil bit of donuts. But it looks SOOOO cool. Now for what you came here to find out. Where in the Simpsons world did the Mayflower come from?


Well, the episode is the Wettest Story Ever Told”.

The Simpsons are eating at the Frying Dutchman, but there is an issue with the nights special (the octopus is putting up quite a fight). The Sea Captain comes out to tell them a story, if only he knew one.

Lisa points out she knows about the Mayflower (the ship that brought prostitutes to America, per the Captain).

Mayflower 2

The voyage of the Mayflower starts of with a widowed Marge and her kids going to the new world. Homer is running from the “law” and tries to hide on the ship. Marge allows him to dress in her dead husbands clothes.

Mayflower 3

The story continues on as they cross the seas. Moe, who wants to marry Marge, tries to get Homer drunk so she won’t want him.

Meanwhile Captain Flanders and the Reverend are top side trying to sail the boat in the storm. Apparently it does no good to pray…you just get zapped by lightning. Lol

Mayflower 5

Having trouble keeping the ship a float, they go looking for the crew and find them all drunk and misbehaving.

They put Homer in restraints. As the ship continues to toss and turn, Flanders is knocked out. Drunk Homer saves the day and navigates them safely through the storm and to land.

Mayflower 13

In the end Homer and Marge still end up together (not a shock) and the First Thanksgiving is celebrated with Chief Wig Gum on the new land.

Mayflower 14

The episode features many ships as they continue to tell stories and wait for food, but EA chose to place the Mayflower in our towns (it is linked to Thanksgiving). GREAT choice in my opinion. I LOVE the way it looks in the Squidport Harbor. So…there you have it.

Mayflower 11




FYI our OTHER resident Fuzzball kind of predicted some of the new items in his What A Wookiee Wants post. You should check it out.

18 responses to “Where Did THAT Come From- Mayflower

  1. I love the ship and recognized it from the episode but. Why the Danish flag alongside Union Jack?

  2. Both flags on the mayflower decoration are wrong
    This is what they should be….

    • Yah I’ve noticed that. I think either EA had some issue using certain flags…or they’re giggling at us while they mess with their audience. Lol

    • I’m guessing the flags are based on the boat in the episode it was pulled from. Points for pointing out the inaccuracy though. As a history nerd, I love when kindred spirits take notice of the little things.

  3. Just wanted to know
    How does it look like on your squidport? Is is in water?

  4. “Lisa points out she knows about the Mayflower (the ship that brought prostitutes to America, per the Captain)”

    How many people are old enough to get that joke??

    Having the Mayflower in the Squidport would be cool.

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