Weekend Update November 10th-16th

Well hello there. Having a fun week yet? I know I am. Alissa came back, tried to lock me in the basement again…but no one knows I found the firework stash. How can you keep a furry Bunny locked up? Here goes nothin. Shhhhhh. kaBOOOOOM! FREEDOM!! Lol


This week EA dropped more and more goodies on us. LOVE IT! We had some amazing work by our writers, as usual. Just in case you missed it though, or wanted to go back to it again…here is this week in review.

SUNDAY: Bunny gave a quick cap of the new Simpsons TV episode “YOLO”. BACK OFF SANTA!!

MONDAY: Wookiee took a more detailed journey on YOLO in his recap. 

Alissa made us giggle with this weeks “Caption This”, you really should go add in your comments. She also gave us an update on the Conform-O-Meter with Level 37 changes.

Bunny brought us the 2nd breakdown in the Kirk walkthrough, Weekend Dad.

TUESDAY: Alissa took us all back to class again with her Tappers 101 when your game rolls back a few levels. She also gave us EA’s outlook on the level rollback situation. Lastly, she gave us her thoughts in Should I Spend Donuts On for Luann and the Cracker Factory.

Bunny hopped back on by to drop the last of the walkthroughs for Kirk, Weekend Dad.

Wookiee gave us some lub lub with his Jub Jub 2D for our reader Em.

WEDNESDAY: Bunny gave us a lil background on Where the Fleet-A-Pita came from. She brought us the Premium Walkthrough for the Investorettes that unlock the Fleet-A-Pita. Then gave us some design ideas in where others have put the Bachelor Arms.

Alissa pointed out a great way to gain tiles, XP, and extra cash fast in the Tapping Glitch.

THURSDAY: Wookiee gave us some insight on where the Bachelor Arms came from.

Alissa brought us the Turbo Tappin way to read through Kirk’s Weekend Dad questline.

Bunny showed us a fun design look for the Bumper Cars in 3D…kinda. She then brought us the last of Luann’s mini quests with Hardly Kirk-ing.


Bunny gave us some insight on where the Unemployment Office came from.

Alissa let us know her breakdown for whether to spend donuts on the Cracker Fountain or not. She alerted us as soon as the Thankgiving Event 2013 launched. She also gave us the Turbo Tapping version of the walkthroughs.

Wookiee started the group meeting for TSTO Anon. It is quite the funny read for any addict.

SATURDAY: Alissa helped us decide whether Caesar’s Pow-Wow Indian Casino & Chief were worth letting go our precious donuts.

Lots more still to come today from all over. So sit back, relax, and enjoy as we keep stuffing you full for the new event. 🙂


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