New Simpsons Episode- Labor Pains

Anyone else catch the new episode? Just so all you Football fans know…the screen is now clean at Moe’s. 🙂

The episode starts out with the Simpsons couch gag of them fleeing on the Mayflower to the new world…heeeyyyy…wait a minute…THAT’S not the Mayflower. Lol. Homer n Marge got a lil TOO comfy on the boat and the “God Tapping Finger” was not pleased.

Labor Pains 2

Good thing they made it in time to the New World for the Thanksgiving Buffet.

Labor Pains 3

Now the actual episode begins with Marge attempting to get Maggie to pick a new binky (many parents run into this dilema). Maggie refuses all the choices and Marge gets her original one back…ewwwwwww…from Santa’s Lil Helper.

Homer tells Marge he is gonna work late, again, as he makes breakfast. Bacon Banana???!!! Where can I get one?!

Labor Pains 5

Homer actually is playing poker with the “guys” over at Carl’s.

As he leaves, he is joined in the elevator buy a VERY pregnant woman. The delivery scene I linked in my reminder post comes in at this point. Homer ends up delivering the baby…while some random guy who was also in the elevator barely flinches (what exactly is sooo important in that paper?). IT’S A DUUUDE!

Meanwhile Lisa is at the “American Football Game” with Milhouse. To take the minds of the crowd off the massive concussion and Subdural Hematoma they just witnessed…CHEERLEADERS! Springfield Atomettes. Much to Milhouse’s disappointment, Lisa is chosen to go on field and participate in a cheer (he wishes he was dating a cheerleader).

After the game is over, she approaches the cheerleaders to get her regular clothes back. She finds out just how little they are paid for their work.

Back for another “late work night” at Plywood Heights Apartments (wonder how long before we get that one. Lol), Homer again runs into the now new mother…Gretchen. She invites him and lets him hold the new baby, Homer Jr. The next night he returns with some baby stuff they had just lying around. He had plans to play poker, but decides to help Gretchen by watching lil Homer. He plays a game on his cell phone with him. Look familiar? Fess up…which one of YOU Addicts just spent $300 on the game? D’OH!

Labor Pains 9

Labor Pains 10

Labor Pains 11

He plays “Where’s the baby?”…then the baby disappears…where IS the baby??!!He begins to spend more and more time with lil Homer. Even thinks of him when he is with his OWN baby, Maggie (who is dreaming she is being rocked by Flanders).

He watches Itchy & Scratchy with lil Homer, “Cat’s in the Cradle” (kids blow up so fast).

While shopping at Swapper Jack’s (no copyright issue there, right Trader Joe’s?), Homer runs into Marge. Instead of making up some story that most would, he spills ALL the details. (This simulation was brought to you by the brain. You’ll wanna see the episode for the rest of THAT line. Lol.)

Labor Pains 14

Lisa goes back to try and help the cheerleaders get more money for all the marketing that’s being done without payment to them (some of those webcams are really looooooow).

The Rich Texan won’t give in, so Lisa takes them home…to the treehouse where the town’s men stand below trying to “woo” them (Quimby is in the market for a backup mistress…maybe two). Marge assumed Homer would be out there with all the guys too, but Bart points out he is “working late” again. Marge goes in search for him.

Marge goes to Carl’s, but Homer is not there. She hears some questionable words coming from him outside Apt 3C. She bursts in to find Homer n lil Homer. Upset he has another baby. He explains its not big deal, they did it in an elevator. She is upset, but calms down to find Homer hasn’t drank in a week. He sits down to explain it all. Oddly enough, the guy from the elevator is there too…AND he is a doctor. (Did you know that Apple bough Facebook on Ebay?) Marge tells Homer he did a good thing but shouldn’t go there anymore. Seeing how upset Homer is at this request, Marge gives in and allows Homer to spend a few hours here and there with Homer Jr.

Meanwhile the cheerleaders are picketing the games. So replacements are brought in and boy are they…ummm…good looking?

Labor Pains 18

Labor Pains 19

The original cheerleaders are getting restless at the Simpsons home and want to get back to what they love. Conveniently, the Rich Texan arrives to do what they did at the Alamo…surrender.

Back in Homer’s world, he is taking his “four kids” to the Springfield Zoo (It’s a sad version of “We Bought A Zoo”). Tension is immediate from Maggie. She doesn’t like the new baby. Even slaps him after he takes a bite of her ice cream. Homer explains they don’t hurt each other in the Simpson family (yaaah…riiiiiight). Homer proves this fact by “stubbling” Barts face. Lol. Homer Jr takes yet another bite of Maggie’s ice cream and she snaps. She pushes him out of the stroller. In return, he pushes the stroller down the hill. Maggie saves herself by stopping the stroller just in time with a dino wand. Marge has had enough. It’s the last time Homer is going to see that “Elevator Baby”.

He parts ways with the baby. Telling him that some day he will that  one guy at his wedding some day that will make him feel weird and runs away. Homer gets to the apt in time to find out Chase, lil Homer’s father is home and a soldier. Chase points out that Homer having kids of his own already makes it a MUCH creepier situation than he thought.

Labor Pains 21

Homer goes home depressed. Maggie is there to meet him. She wants him to take care of her dolly. She loves and wants her daddy.

Labor Pains 22

Overall I liked the episode. It had its funny moments. Not enthusiastic about it…but it was good for the lil inside jokes and jabs. Especially the nod to us Addict players. HI EA!!! 🙂

And there you have it, Labor Pains. Hope you enjoyed. 🙂


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  1. Hey, bunny, saw the new art in your SF…is that the thing from Dr. Who? (Starts with a t or something, right?) I can never remember what that thing is called!
    Very cool!

  2. I appreciate the run through. Sadly this won’t be aired for a few more years over here. So it helps, especially when there’s tie-in’s.

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