Where Did THAT Come From- Caesar’s Pow-Wow Casino, Chief, and Sign

Enjoying gambling? You didn’t mortgage your home did you? Put your kids up as collateral? YOU DID??!!! Well…ummm…you may need more than just our Addicts Anon class then. πŸ˜›

Well Bunny is back again…or am I front…or off to the side? I am HERE to tell you about that cool new building EA gifted us with for the Turkey Day event. Caesar’s Pow-Wow Casino. Just where in the Simpsons world is it?

unlock_tribechief caesarspowwowcasino_menu caesarspowwowcasinosign_menu

InΒ Bart to the Future of course. (S11E17)

The family is on their way to Larvae lake to camp. They are turned around by the MASSIVE amounts of mosquitos (Marge points out mosquito season was not the best time to visit).

As they were driving back the other direction, they came across a casino. Caesar’s Pow-Wow Casino. Look familiar?

Caesars Pow Wow 4

Caesars Pow Wow 2

Homer desperately wants to go in the casino. Marge protests as she knows she has a bad gambling habit. Homer goes in anyway along with Bart, but Bart is turned away at the entrance (he is slightly underage for a 25 years running-character).

Caesars Pow Wow 3

He ends up sneaking in using the box for a ventriloquist dummy, Gabbo. He is found out and taken to the Chief, who shows him his future (complete with ads).


Caesars Pow Wow 6

Caesars Pow Wow 10

In the future, Bart is a wanna be musician living with Ralph Wiggum…

Homer and Marge are having issues with all the new technology and go visit Lisa at the Whitehouse (where they also try to find Lincoln’s gold)…

And Lisa is the first female straight President.

In the end the Chief tells him to change his ways/his future, gives him an expired coupon for crab claws, and disappears.

Caesars Pow Wow 9

So you really only get to see the Casino in the beginning and the end, but it is a cool addition to the game. I actually like the look of the one in the game better than the episode.

Caesars Pow Wow 11


8 responses to “Where Did THAT Come From- Caesar’s Pow-Wow Casino, Chief, and Sign

  1. You know, I need to watch the show more. I haven’t seen an episode in years! Once Family Guy, American Dad, King of the Hill (which I miss terribly), Futurama, The Cleveland Show, etc. came out, I thought the Simpsons’ plot lines kinda jumped the shark. It just wasn’t as funny (no offense, guys!) and it never seemed to be on tv when I was watching. But that episode looks awesome! I wonder if Netflix has any episodes….
    BTW, they should make a Futurama game just like this. Yeevo destroys New New York and Fry has to rebuild…what do you think?

    • Lol no offense at all. They did lose their flare. Even Matt said so. The change in writers definitely effected the stories. That’s why I enjoy the game. I get the funny bits back. πŸ™‚

      There are still good episodes. It’s a hit n miss for sure. For 25 years in, they still are hanging on.

    • There are several of us tapperinos who would love this but I’m not sure it has the fan vase to take off like TSTO. My furry fingers are crossed for a tie-in when the crossover episode happens this season.

      • Crossover, smossover! We NEED a Futurama game!
        Where have you been? Weren’t you on my friends list? I can’t find you anywhere! If you still have a spot (if I’m talking to the right wookie)…

        • Only one TSTO Wookiee I know of. We should still be friends. Sometimes people disappear and reappear at Origin’s whim. Just checked and you’re still on my list. Boss let me take a vacation.

          • I’ll check again…but yeah, I was bummed when I didn’t see you. πŸ™
            Hope you had a nice vacay!
            I had two people on my list that had the same pic (the scent of a wookie) and I was never sure which one was you. Then they both disappeared. I’ll check again, my fave neighbor-eeno! (Well, you and the bunny)

            • Mine is the one with riot after it. Sometimes if you run Android, your ioS neighbors don’t appear. Happens to me sometimes the other way around. Vacay was great! Back in the Attic ready to work.

              • I found you! But I had to refriend you….you weren’t on my list, so I searched you, and it’s pending again! When you go to your SF neighbors, you should see my request. I don’t know why you were gone…it’s done this to me once before with a diff friend, and had to send them a request again! (Actually, I think it was bunny! She sent me a new request tho, and it hasn’t happened again) I thought it was weird that I hadn’t seen your town lately…
                Curse you, Origin! ::shakes fist::

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