Build Bunny’s Town- The Beginning

Addicts Asylum Patient Zero here…back with another one of my “hare”-brained schemes. I have decided to blow up my town and start from scratch. Again. Lol. Crazy, right? Well…it gets worse (or better depending how you look at it). I am putting my town in YOUR hands. Yes…YOU…the Readers. Scared now? I know I am. 😛

Bunny town 5

First, I will blow up all my town (store everything).

Bunny town 1

Next,  I am going to give you a list of buildings from my town. I want YOU to tell me your thoughts on how I should place them, where I should place them, pretty much anything goes. Sky is the limit. You can place any and all suggestions below in the comments. You also are welcome to post pic ideas to our TSTO Addicts Flickr and/or link the picture here in the comments.

I will give you all time to comment and brainstorm. Then…I will start the design. Taking as lil or as much of your ideas and turning them into a Bunny Design. Then, I will post the completed area for your critique. Sound like fun? NO?! Well too bad, I’m gonna do it anyway. 😛

First up…the housing section…this will be a list of several homes available in the game. They can be grouped together or, if you prefer, taken out and left for another area. Use them all or just a few. YOU tell me.

Simpsons House
Flanders House
Van Houten House
Wiggum House
Hibbert House/Orange House
Skinner House
Muntz House
Brown House
Blue House
Pink House
White House
Purple House

So get those ideas rolling on in.


20 responses to “Build Bunny’s Town- The Beginning

  1. This sounds fun. I’m in the middle of redoing my Spingfield, and I’d suggest thinking about different neighborhoods. I’m working on my third… That is, one group of houses near the mountains, one near the beach toward the bottom of the map, and one to the far right-hand side, near a forest area, Each group has eight to 12 houses (probably a third are blue), including various character houses and specials like the ultra house integrated into the neighborhood, Plus, a quickie mart and maybe a couple of other commercial options, like a regular neighborhood would have. If you go this route, I’d suggest divvying out your character houses somewhat equally… Since those houses tend to have a lot of tasks associated with them, my one neighborhood with the most character houses (which is near the elementary school) tends to, you guessed it, cause most of the characters to clump together in a small area of town. So then I end up with a ton of characters in one part of town and others looking more abandoned. And, not far away, the sea captain seems to always be telling a tall tale outside of church. I follow a lot of 12-hour tasks with four-hour jobs 🙂

    Hope this helps and good luck!

  2. How’s it going Bunny?

  3. Great idea! This way we can live vicariously through you re-creating your town.

  4. Patient Zero! Bahaha! I see what you did there! 😉
    This will be quite the undertaking, can’t wait to see it progress!

  5. Have you ever had a boardwalk performer escape the boardwalk? I found my mime in my town! Is that normal?

    • It’s a game glitch that has been known to happen from time to time. Sometimes it’s just a texture glitch and they’re not really in Springfield (just their image is). 🙂

  6. Tried to re build my town, now it looks a total mess as I’ve run out of room 🙁

  7. What do you do when people come up with contrary ideas? If you can pick and choose it is not that much of a challenge 😉

  8. Very brave concept

  9. I vote you arrange them to resemble Millard Fillmore.

  10. i agree! what i did was clump about 16 brown houses close to plant as if the poor working class was working their. i placed the high end restaurants and downtown stuff together as any city has. things like the escalator went closer to the port per entertainment. susan i hid amongst a bunch of trees and so forth. : )

  11. I wanna rebuild my Springfield too! Must take like forever to store everything. Is there a way to store everything in one shot? If not, has anyone asked EA to add this option?

  12. I like it when all the unique houses are in the same neighborhood (simpsons,van houten, skinners, flanders…) and there should be a ”bad part of town” for poor people like Muntz, Cletus, brown houses.

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