Weekend Update: November 24th-30th

Hehehehe…I fed them all LOTS n LOTS of turkey…now they are all knocked out in deep Turkey Tryptophan comas. Shhhh.

WOOHOO! The Bunny is FREE!!! Now, what devious lil things can I do? Hmmm. I will change this…add a lil more to that…move this over here…and VOILA! They’ll never even notice. Hehehehe.

While I am here, I might as well recap the week….more for me mind you. I have been away in Hawaii…ummm…I mean sick **cough cough**, so missed a bunch of posts too. So, what happened? OH, I am supposed to tell YOU?! Ummm…hmmm. Wow, there wasn’t much going on this week, was there? Probably because awesome lil me wasn’t writing. 😛 Just Kidding. Let’s dive in.

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MONDAY: Bunny (oh, I guess I may have participated…just a lil) gave you a recap of the New Simpsons Episode: The Kid’s Alright.

Alissa gave us another fun reader photo to come up with a creative caption in this weeks “Caption This!” Keep those comments coming. We love them!

Wookiee gave us the first part of the background on those Thanksgiving Balloons in “Where Did THAT Come From”.

Wookiee gave a great Buy vs Buy episode of Manic Monday. If you were ever curious of how to spend/not spend those precious donuts, check the list out.

TUESDAY: Wookiee gave us a look at those odd lil stuffed animal creatures back story. Where Did Those Funzo’s Come From??!!

Alissa provided us with the short short short version of getting through Luann’s questlines in the AWESOME Turbo Tappin.

Bunny (woohoo, me again)…well…I want reader feedback on the upcoming 2D projects YOU want to see. Send me pictures, ideas, complaints….err…not so much the last part. 🙂

WEDNESDAY: Wookiee came back for part 2 of the Thanksgiving Balloons and their origin.

Alissa…poor poor Alissa…she CONTINUALLY Updated the Updated Update for Thanksgiving and Black Friday. You’re Welcome. Sheesh. 😛

THURSDAY: HAPPY TURKEY GOBBLE GOBBLE DAY!! We all gathered round the Holiday table for a feast of the Bunducken…hey…wait a minute…The Addicts Team shared of few things from us that we are truly grateful for. Also, we asked that you NOT give back to us…but 2 charities that are very close to our hearts instead. Check them out if you would like. 🙂

FRIDAY: Wookiee started spreading a bit of the Jolly Fat Man cheer with his Christmas Edition of “What A Wookiee Wants!” You may want to take a look. His predictions tend to keep appearing in the game. Just sayin.

Wookiee finished out the Friday with a GREAT trip to Springfield U.S.A. So for those of you planning on visiting Universal Studios, Florida…or those just wanting to live vicariously through him…take a peak. You won’t be sorry.

SATURDAY: Ooooh…well…there is THIS! 🙂

You will just have to stay tuned to see what other goodies the Addicts Team has up their sleeves. Now, I better go hide…Alissa just woke up and she doesn’t look very happy. 0.O EEEK!


5 responses to “Weekend Update: November 24th-30th

  1. Sorry Kehei. Lahaina is pretty sweet too. Got offered drugs by a local there one night while hitting the movie theater for evil dead. Shady at night in some places…. no no road to hannah. Bad drive

  2. I spent a week in Maui, Lahaina exactly. Best time of my life. Miss Maui tacos very much. Hope you had a blast!

    As i wait impatiently for snowy update. 😛

    • Lol…I WISH I was in Hawaii (I really have been sick…I blame the meds for making me hallucinate I was there. Lol). But no worries, I will have a vacation…soon. 🙂

  3. This will be my first Simpson Christmas, woo!

  4. Nice job with Thanksgiving, Team Addicts!
    The holiday lights are all up on most everyone’s home in New Springfield, and the Christmas tree has been lit in the town square… we’re all just waiting for that first dusting of snow. Can’t wait!

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