Episode Recap: Married to the Blob

So another Sunday has come and gone. Nothing exciting happened. Nothing much to report. Nothing to see here. Move along…(or take a peek…if you dare.)

Did you really think I was just going to leave it at that? Lol

I do not know about the rest of you, but I was really anticipating seeing just how they were going to introduce the new character dropped into our game with the update. Why Kumiko?


So without further rambling on…here is the recap of Married to the Blob.

The episode starts out with the usual opening, but the chalkboard did indeed make me giggle. Maybe because me and fellow addict Chris were discussing that they put Judas Priest as a “Death Metal” group in last weeks episode. I personally (Chris too) never saw this band as that kind of genre. Yes, they are/were considered metal…but Death Metal? Yah…NO! So I find it amusing that they took notice of this and put it on the chalkboard. (I think EA is stalking ME now. Lol)

Married to the Blob 1

On with the show. It seems Radioactive Man is back in the forefront of another episode. (You gonna give us a Radioactive Man character in our game EA?  FINALLY?!) Radioactive Man is battling his enemies at a nuclear plant in Japan. There is a LOT of nods to climate issues, clean energy, etc. He is no match for his enemies…and…wait…WHAT??!! They killed of Radioactive Man??!! I did not see that coming.

Lisa points out to Bart and Milhouse to not worry about the death of their hero. They will reboot him, in an overpriced origin episode, and clueless fan boys like them will line up to buy into it all. No sooner does she say that and Milhouse gets a tweet that there will be a new Radioactive Man #1 on sale…Tuesday…at midnight. Bart begs Homer to go. They end up going , but are at the VERY back of the line. Each person is only allowed to purchase one copy. They wait anxiously as time passes and everyone in front of them purchases their copies.

And just as a tired Homer and two sleepy boys arrive to the front, Milo (owner of the main competitor Coolsville) comes bursting in and…HEY…WHAT THE HECK??!! Now the series is doing my job of WDTCF and putting it IN the episode. Tsk tsk tsk. Sheesh. Everyone’s out for me today. Lol. He is there to brag about all he does at his Comic Book Store, the cool things he is doing with his life,  AND to show off his hot new wife. Comic Book Guy (CBG) is a bit jealous by all this and yells, “Nerds don’t get girls!” They really do. Especially now a days. Mmmmmmmmmm nerds. **droooool**

Married to the Blob 4

CBG realizes quickly just how lonely he really is. So what to do? Sing about it of course (notice anything cool around the store?).

Married to the Blob 5

After his sad lil song, he realizes Stan Lee is in his store. WOOHOO! He points out to CBG that opportunity is knocking. In walks Kumiko. CBG is smitten.

Married to the Blob 6

He tries to talk her into joining the “Just Us League.” (ummmmm…errrr….stammer) She tells him her name and that she is there to do research of America’s saddest cities for her autobiographical Manga Comic Book. She shows him that he is in her book. She has seen him…has been watching him through the window, but he never noticed her as he was too busy looking down in disgust or up in disdain. (Doesn’t he know all he has to do is look up and SEE her and she is his?) She thinks he has great soul. He is shocked she tolerates him.

Married to the Blob 7

He asks if it is too soon to give her flowers in the Hulk hand. It is the perfect time.

The next day CBG goes to the Simpsons for help. He is trying to get ready and the closest thing he has to a father is the Obi Wan doll in his store. Homer is the only other fat man he knows that got a hot woman. Marge is more than happy to help him after hearing this. CBG brings them along on the date…as tradition…because it is normal…not weird at all. Lol. Kumiko points out Homer looks like Mr. Sparkle. Homer, starts speaking …in Japanese?

The group heads off to Chuck Dukewagon’s All-American Chow Lounge, the coolest restaurant in town. (Notice any familiar faces around the room?) Kumiko is curious as to why the walls are covered in garbage. Squeaky Voice Teen (looking a lil different) brings out their tater skin plate and CBG is not happy.

Married to the Blob 11

At Kumiko’s prompting and with her blessings, he takes a stand and lets them know the food sucks. America Nerd snark is the finest in the world. TIME FOR A MONTAGE!

Kumiko and CBG announce to the Simpsons that she is moving into the basement under the store with him.

Marge later asks Homer to bring them a housewarming gift. He runs into Kumiko’s father, Mr. Nakamura, outside the store looking for her. Homer starts to spill all that has happened. She’s moved in with her boyfriend that is not really a boy…who is immature…and fat and old…so an obese nerd has stolen his daughter to live in his basement. Her father immediately takes her away.

Married to the Blob 14

Mr. Nakamura wants her to move back to Japan, where there are 87 old people that need her to take care of them. CBG begs him to not take her away. He even deleted rants from his blog. (Did you know, you can retrieve rants if you did not empty the trash? (Hmmmm. I should go check to see if my rants are still there and empty the trash before Alissa sees them.)

CBG is so distraught, he keeps making all sorts of movie references. Marge is not too happy with Homer. This is his doing and she wants him to fix it. CBG has a bad feeling about this. (insert every action movie ever made reference) So Homer goes out to eat with Mr. Nakamura. They try to see what they have in common.

Homer asks if Mr. Nakamura is married. He said his wife has passed, but is always with him…seriously…she is right there floating and yelling at him. Mr. Nakamura demands something stronger to drink. SNAKE RICE WINE??!! Alissa?!! I need a “water” refill. NOW!!

Married to the Blob 16

The two stumble out after Homer drank the Fish Wine too (the aquarium)…and some really cool stuff begins to happen as they hallucinate. (Insert a really cool homage to the amazing and retiring Hayao Miyazaki.)

Homer is so very confused as to what is going on…so…errr…Bart and Lisa? explain how the Rice Wine has penetrated to the essence of their souls. Mr. Nakamura has had enough of the nonsense. He just came here to get his daughter…who is now singing to him how she loves the Comic Book Nerd. Mr. Nakamura realizes that HE is in fact the monster and his eyes are opened.

Back at the Simpsons, CBG announces he used his…wait…WHAT??!! He has had a Chemical Engineering Degree this entire time? Why has he never brought this up before? Does he not know that a Nerd with brains…with a DEGREE…is…well…HOT!!! Hmmm? Oh yah, sorry. Distracted by Nerd Degrees. So CBG has got a job at the Springfield Phosphate Works and hopes he has now proven himself worthy of his daughter. He says no…he was worthy…the way he was.

And so Comic Book Guy and Kumiko are married, by none other than the King of Cameo’s himself…Stan Lee.

Married to the Blob 21

So is Kumiko’s mother happy?

Well…that’s about it. Another woman has been brought into our Springfield and she is now married to the Nerd that she loves…WOOHOO!!BEST. DAY. EVER!

Married to the Blob 22

What did YOU think of the episode? Could you name all the movies of Miyazaki’s that were shown? Are you a nerd with a degree? 🙂

Til the next episode.


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16 responses to “Episode Recap: Married to the Blob

  1. I actually enjoyed this episode, especially for the montage, when I heard the song I got goosebumps because I just listened to that song recently. And also, San Lee 😛

  2. Bunny….I dared. You like nerds?! Nerds with engineering degrees?! Woohoo!

  3. Still waiting for it to be aired in UK… Waiting… Waiting…

  4. my kids think Kumiko sounds like “comic”, I think they just picked a Japanese given name that had a phonemic connection to CBG

  5. I, too, was hoping for a game tie-in where CBG and Kumiko have a task together, like CBG and Agnes. Kind of like how I wish that Disco Stu could interact somehow with his ex-wife Selma. At least we can make Kumiko be Kawaii! This means “cute” in Japanese and is a high complement on an outfit (as I learned when I went to Japan.)

  6. Can’t wait till t airs in UK. Very dark themes and undercurrents

  7. So, when do we get a TSTO tie-in? If EA can’t afford a Stan Lee cameo, I am sure the old Rev could marry CNG and Kumiko.

    More importantly, is Kumiko a romanized contraction of some Japanese phrase?

    Kumiko = Comic Co?

  8. I liked the episode and the Miyazaki tribute was one of my favorite Simpsons things ever!

  9. I’m glad you all are on top of it! I was hoping somebody would get the screenshot of the chalkboard. Thanks for sharing and your attention to detail.

  10. Worst episode.. ever. ok i had to use the comic book guy line but it’s not far from the truth.

  11. I wonder how Kumiko is going to feel about Agnes Skinner’s “go on a date with CBG” task, lol. It was a great episode, and I enjoyed the recap as well 🙂

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