Last Minute Holiday Shopping: Christmas Buying Guide

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers,

Well Christmas is almost over in Springfield (it’s about time right?!). Once it’s gone tomorrow (January 14th), the option to buy many of the Christmas décor will be gone! Poof just like that! The Grumple will steal them away and they’ll disappear into the night never to be able to be purchased again…unless of course EA decides to bring them back next year for Christmas.

If you’ve already purchased the Christmas items, they’re yours forever and will remain in your Springfield (or storage) unless you sell them or delete your game. So just what are the limited time Christmas items? Well here’s a complete list of everything that you will no longer be able to purchase after January 14th:

Regular Items

Festive Lamp Posts (Bow, Bell & Wreath)- $385

Tapped_Out_Lamp_Post_Festive_3 Tapped_Out_Lamp_Post_Festive_1 Tapped_Out_Lamp_Post_Festive_2

Festive Lawn Bells- $425

Tapped_Out_Festive_Lawn_Bell Tapped_Out_Festive_Fancy_Lawn_Bell

Festive Candycane- $450


Festive Nutcracker- $600


Festive Lawn Angel- $750

Festive Hot Drink Stand- $1,200


Premium Items

Elf Home- 60 donuts

Holiday Tree- 75 donuts

Festive Trashcan Fire- 3 donuts

Reindeer- 20 donuts

Snow People/Animals- 20 donuts
Tapped_Out_Snowball_Snowman Tapped_Out_Santa's_Little_Helper_Snowman Tapped_Out_Grampa_Snowman Marge_Snowman Maggie_Snowman Lisa_Snowman Homer_Snowman Bart_Snowman

Santa Village- 200 donuts

Premium Characters:
Candy Kevin- 40 donuts
The Grumple- 120 donuts

Whew that’s a lotta stuff!

Confused about what you should purchase before it’s gone? Well here’s my advice. If you have the in game cash buy everything,  you can add a few of each (you can also store them). I’m not saying run out and spend all of your game cash on these Christmas decorations, but be sure you buy them before they’re gone. Trust me you’ll regret it in a few months if you didn’t purchase them. Plus, it’s part of your “battle scars” for playing TSTO. So next summer when new Tappers are coming into the game they’ll covet those Candy Canes and Festive Lights because they can’t buy them.

As far as premium items go, check out our Should I Buy Guide (just click on the link under the premium item) to see if it’s something worth your hard earned donuts!

Remember the event ends tomorrow so be sure to purchase everything you need by tonight before it’s all gone!

Happy Shopping!

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10 responses to “Last Minute Holiday Shopping: Christmas Buying Guide

  1. Andrew Anderson

    The Christmas decorations can not be sold.

  2. Mas rried to the Blob tie in has ended, in UK at least which fits in with the rumours on the web. I hear that Christmas finishes at 5pm GMT.

  3. Will the snow go away when the Christmas event is over?

  4. what are we supposed to do with out extra coins? i don’t stand to lose much if they don’t offer us anything special for them but i’m getting a little itchy sitting on them.

  5. Hey, do you know if it ends tonight and midnight or is it through the 14th and ending at 11:59 on the 14th? I have about 600 donuts left to earn to get Cosington’s!

    • The event is set to end tomorrow. I do not have a set time as of yet, but it could be anytime after midnight. I would try to get all you can done tonight before midnight PST (EA base headquarters)

    • The event is set to end tomorrow. I do not have a set time as of yet, but it could be anytime after midnight. I would try to get all you can done tonight before midnight PST (EA base headquarters)

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