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Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Welcome to another edition of From the Mouths of Addicts, where YOU get to sound off on anything and everything in the world of Tapped Out!  This week’s post comes to us from a true Addict, Tapper pkkao.  It’s a humorous take on the Holiday Wheel and  the lengths one Tapper went just to clear that darn wheel!  Enjoy it my friends…I know I did!

A sadly true anecdote that I have to write.

It’s January 13, 10 PM. The Christmas update is about 8 hours away from ending, and my wheel looks cleared — except for the Snow Monster. Being the “freemium completest” (must have everything I can get without spending a penny), I could not live without the Snow Monster, even if I didn’t want that prize especially (ClausCo was the one I coveted the most).

 My spin token count is at a sad 0, and when I try to spin I get the dreaded message of “Out of Spin Tokens.” In 45 minutes, my Egg Nog Bar will produce a single spin token. All my hopes lied on that token to hit the improbable 5% chance of Snow Monster. Might as well wait an extra hour, right? It’s worth getting the snow monster, right?
During those 45 minutes I started to think. What if this doesn’t hit the Snow Monster? Then do I give it up? No! I can’t give it up! I must have a clear wheel before the event is over! Even if it means…cheating.
Whoa, whoa, calm down there, no hacks for me. I play legitimately. But, to get the Snow Monster, I decided to exploit EA’s gray area: the glitches. I had already been hit with the “unable to get bonus spin tokens” glitch, so now I figured it’s my turn for a good glitch. I would spin, and when it was obvious that I would not get the Snow Monster, I would quickly force close the app, uninstall, and re-install. Then it would tell me my Springfield wasn’t synced. So I would play anyway, and lo behold, my spin token has been reincarnated. I saw this on Reddit first, then re-blogged onto Addicts.
Good plan, right? One major flaw that made this the Worst. Plan. Ever.
UPDATES. For the love of Jebus, 253.0 MB of updates every single time I downloaded the app. This meant I was averaging about 30 minutes of wait before an actual spin (thanks, slow Internet).
I lost count of how many spins, but at 2:41 AM, a small side quest popped up that asked me to make Willie play the bagpipes. Okay, 1 hour, I’ll probably still be here, so I let him start the task. Then, I went to the wheel, set the wheel four spaces clockwise from the Snow Monster and gave it a light counterclockwise spin for the millionth time. Click, click, click went the wheel. I stared in disbelief as it landed squarely on the Snow Monster. I felt dizziness through my body (probably the lack of sleep talking). I was still a freemium completest, and proud of it. My TSTO Christmas was complete, although I did lose 3 hours of sleep and a bit of cash from Willie’s task, which is still waiting for me to collect.
The lesson is…well…there is no lesson, this is just a story of pure addiction. I was never a fan of non-playable characters, so the Snow Monster to me is just the last step in making sure I got every Christmas item there was. So now when I stare at the Snow Monster in my town and watch it clean up, I’ll remember back to this story of addiction and how perseverance led to success. And well, okay, there is this lesson: TSTO is that much more fun if you are able to relate fun stories like this to certain characters, tasks, or areas in your town. Be creative and connect your TSTO world and your real world! (But not like me, 2AM staring at the holiday wheel as it goes round and round is not healthy…)

Well that’s it for this edition of From the Mouths of Addicts!  A big thanks to pkkao for this great read!  Do you have a similar Addicted to the Holiday Wheel story?  Were you successful in clearing the wheel?  Sound off in the comments below, we can’t wait to hear what you have to say!

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31 responses to “From the Mouths of Addicts: Addicts Anonymous…The Snow Monster

  1. Not to mention I accidentally spent $50 on donuts which wasn’t a total loss because that meant I could get barney and a few other things, but I had plow king a week before I did that lol.

  2. I had every spin wheel prize by ten days in to the event, for the last few weeks I was spinning for my last prize to clear my spin wheel, my last prize was the Indian ice statue, I tried time after time after time at different positions and spinning speeds, unfortunately to no prevail it was the only thing on my spin wheel, apart from bronze silver and gold Costco ticket vouchers, and the cash. (Which I got at least fifteen times each during the last few weeks of the Christmas event.)

  3. Well, I basicly started tapping a on the third of January. I didnt expect too much out of the wheel knowing that I’ll still get only a spin per day. The most valuable thing I got was the Yeti. I wanted the ClausCo, but hey, we’ll get other stuff for free on other events!

  4. The last two weeks I was able to spin twice a day and all I landed on was either cash or more gift cards. All I had left was the snow monster and helter skelter, I wanted the monster so bad but I could never get it.

  5. I had tried soo hard to get ClausCo, I didn’t care that Plow King was still on the board because I don’t intend to buy donuts so I’ll probably never have Barney. It was the last day and even though I had collected 70000 gift cards I still failed to roll that damn ClausCo. I scoured my friends list avoiding the update up til the very last minute to try and get one last chance for a roll (I didn’t know of this reset thing you did). Most of the people on my friends list had updated so I couldn’t enter their towns for cards or risk being updated. I cleared through my list just as my eggnog stand came up with one last coin. On my very last roll I couldn’t believe it but I hit it! ClausCo went into my inventory and then out of nowhere my game closes forces the update. I managed to get the one building I had been trying to roll for since the event began at the very last second. You can find it nicely placed next to my jail 🙂

  6. I got snow monster on my very last spin before updating. I have no doubt the odds for the wheel were, uh, adjusted from time to time.

  7. I finished the wheel about two weeks before the event end, so for those two weeks i visited neighbors till we got the last community prize then stopped completely.

  8. Omg! I got all the prizes in 10 days
    I bought boatload of donuts and bought tokens and guess what? I won every prize
    Than I got bored because at the end of the event I was at flipping 123,391 gift cards

    • Gift Card burn out!

    • Lucky you. Personally I think it defeats the purpose of free prizes if you spend donuts to get them. Sure, you get to enjoy them faster, but by earning them the hard way, you get even more enjoyment out of it knowing that you earned the prize for free through hard work.

  9. I did not spend any money on the wheel. And on the last day all i had left was the snow monster. 15 minutes before the countdown stopped i saved up 15 spins and after a few spins HALELUJAH i heard angels sing and i saw it landed on tha monzter!

  10. I didn’t do anything extra or special didn’t buy any coins and thankfully I got everything on the wheel before it ended. The thing I wanted most was the abominable snowman looking guy…I don’t care if he doesn’t do anything that’s one of my favorite Christmas characters…and it was literally the only thing I was having super trouble getting no matter what. I got plow king right before the first announced end date of Jan. 7th and then saved up ten coins for the actual date of Jan. 14th and much to my excitement finally won my yeti guy and completed my wheel! I was so happy and grateful they decided to extend a week bc if they hadn’t I would be angry and ready for a tantrum as well!

    • Had they not extended the update, my glitch would have remained unfixed, and I wouldn’t even have any of the prizes. The 40 spin tokens I was reimbursed covered all but the Snow Monster, which took another 7-8 midnight spins to get. Congrats on getting the Snow Monster! Non-playable characters aren’t my favorite but I’m glad you like it!

  11. Thanks everybody for sending me friend requests! Unfortunately, my friend list is full right now, so please no more friend requests until next update, when I see who is inactive. Thank you!

  12. Oh that darn wheel! How I loathe thee. I spun and spun, averaging three spins a day and never landed on that darn Yeti or Plow King. Money. Money. Grrrrrr. I thought back to Wookie’s f-word post after every money spin and managed to keep my cool. Thanks for keeping me sane! Ps I still want that Yeti.

    • No problem! Stupid Yeti aka Snow Monster made me awfully tired today.

      • Oh, the wheel. The hours and hours I spent to no avail. Within the first two weeks I had everything but ClausCo and with an average of 4 spins a day…ugh. It was the one thing I wanted the most and never got. Reminds me of how I felt in high school. Thanks EA, I’m now angst-y and feeling rebellious. I want to throw a tantrum, have a little meltdown, and remove all in my friends list that won ClausCo. I feel like telling you that you suck and I’ll never play your *stupid* game again…but alas, it would be a lie. I’m too nerdy to be the drama queen. Plus, you evil geniuses, I am hopelessly addicted to TSTO. And so, just as in high school, you’re my secret crush. So even though we have a bit of a love-hate thing going on right now, I’ll continue to doodle your name in my notebook, write about you in my journal, and send you a box of candy hearts with an anonymous valentine on Valentines Day.

      • @AlgenaH: Sorry that you didn’t earn ClausCo. But, on the plus side, you did get everything else without having to stay up like me. Thanks to my lack of sleep I’ve caught a cold now. Ugh.

  13. ClausCo, ClausCo, ClausCo! Oh where for art thou ClausCo? Yes it took me quite some time but reset after reset of the wheel it finally came and happy i was! Well still am but sad to see the many that did not. The wheel of f****** (insert your characters of choice) was and still is too many a pain but i would gladly go back to it knowing what i know now of the current update and how it is affecting many tappers!

    • Agreed. If you like the wheel, though, expect it to return during the Valentine’s Day update. After EA made so much money off people trying to clear their wheel on day 1, they’ll probably do it again.

  14. Haha, I know how you felt, the snow monster was my last one too, i can feel how I would stare in its eyes, the hate… How I’d receive money, money and even more money even though I’d try every trick in the book (no glitches mind you) then finally, on the 8th.. My God it landed on the monster after following a spin tip from this site.. Was it because of the tip or just luck I’ll never know.

    • I tried a different method every spin, and the tip from this website was the trick that worked. I think there must be some skill in it, if you spin it right the wheel just has to land there by the laws of physics, and if it defied the laws of physics by continuing after stopping people would start to get mad.

  15. Yay for you! The snow monster was the last thing on my wheel. Even with the “improved” odds, the wheel kept taunting me by landing on the money right next to him. I finally gave up in frustration and updated my game.

    • Thanks! Many of the tricks I used actually worked very well, landing pretty much on the Snow Monster more or less. But the stupid wheel would crawl to the edge, and I’d hear a “click,” and suddenly I’m staring at $1000. Oh well, time to re-install…

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