I Didn’t Update Out of Christmas….

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

So how many of you have actually updated to the Christmas removal of TSTO today?  How many of you are still waiting until it forces you to do so so that you can collect every last Gift Card and free prize you can?  If you’re in the second category this post is for you!


Here’s the deal….normally friend requests are to only go on our Add Neighboreenos page HOWEVER we’re going to make a LIMITED TIME exception.  If you’re a Tapper who did not update out of Christmas because you’re hoping to collect the last xxx gift cards you need for the Personal Prizes OR you’re a Tapper who didn’t update out of Christmas to help your neighbors earn the prizes then Add your Origin name to the comments below.  And ONLY those Tappers that haven’t update out of Christmas please. This post is designed to help those looking to collect the last bit of Gift Cards to get them, and if you’ve already updated your game today you’ll be of no use to them.  Once you have a newer version of TSTO your neighbors with the older version can’t visit you….so you won’t help them earn more gift cards.

Hopefully, this helps all Tappers earn the last little bit until you’re forced (and you will at one point be forced) to update your game.

Good Luck!

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93 responses to “I Didn’t Update Out of Christmas….

  1. They should make it so u can trade items with other people and use game cash to buy donuts

  2. Dang them. I opened app and boom there it is saying I have to upgrade

  3. I think the update is mandatory now to continue playing the game…. I din’t complete the christmas gifts….

  4. I helped as many as I could last night and early this morning, but I was forced to update at 10 am EST. Sorry friends!! I’ll help with any new quests and daily visits.

  5. please add me fushigiyugi

  6. symptoms1214 (lvl 35, have both Squidport and Krustyland)
    I only need the snow god, but I’ve failed so many times I’m thisclose to giving up and updating 🙁
    But again, please add me if you still haven’t reached 30,000 gcs and I will of course help as much as I can 😀
    Also please don’t put graffiti on my buildings or I will remove you from my friends list. I have a lot of neighbors now and it really affects the Righteousness rating. Thanks

  7. Unfortunately I have been updated. Apologies to anyone who friended me. Sorry I cant help you with your christmas wishes. But do come and visit when you update. biggasvan380

  8. Demetriuswil113

    Add me I’m only 1800 away from final prize. I’m on constantly


  9. Jimbobjo270 I’m still on Christmas and have lots of gift bags left, wanting to get as many prizes as poss before I’m forced to update! Daily player 🙂

  10. Krebas01
    Still in Xmas mode, please add me

  11. sportsluvr4lfe

    Sportsluvr4lfe still in Christmas mode please add

  12. katisrad03 <— my username

    (Thats a zero) still on christmas and really want the last personal prize! Will be sending requests too so please add me thanks! :]

  13. magicvpn thanks everyone

  14. Lanm57 add plz thanks still using Christmas update need last gift cards

  15. Sorry auto correct changed my user name it’s lanm57

  16. Lanm87 add plz thanks still using Christmas update need last gift cards

  17. Me and my sister just started playing but quickly we both became daily players (NOTE STILL PLAYING CHRISTMAS – Cant go to your town if you update) – please add us

    ki4ki_b <;–(I'm logged in most of the day tapping away) 😆

    • sucks didnt finish the skating rink before the manditory update – anyway
      [b]—-My list is full—-[/b]
      Please add my sister

      • Now that Christmas is over this Add Me might not get seen. Try moving it over to our new Add Me post. You can get there quickly by tapping the Add Neighboreenos image on the right sidebar. 🙂