WDTCF- Knight Boat

The Knight Boat has been brought into our towns courtesy of Level 38. It can be purchased for 40 donuts and you can buy as many as you want. It will give you a 2.00% bonus. It does make the robotic “wooommmp woooomp” noise as the red lights move across the front. EEEEEE MORE BOATS!!! knightboat_menu

So now we get to the good stuff. Where did this boat come from and why is it in our game? It is another one of those items that was just around for a tiny bit, then gone.

Season 6, Episode 13: And Maggie Makes Three.

The episode begins with Homer, Bart, and Lisa watching TV. There is an episode of Knight Boat on.

knight boat 1

How on earth can the boat follow the crooks when they go ion to the land? “Every week there’s a canal, or an inlet, or a fjord.”

knight boat 4

Marge comes in to announce time for family and the TV needs to go off. Homer is not happy. It IS the “crime solving boat”. She is unhappy the back talking boat sets a bad example. So of the TV goes.

knight boat 5

That was it. Just a lil blurb and another cool looking boat to add to the water. Getting a bit full round my Squidport and I LOVE IT!!

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9 responses to “WDTCF- Knight Boat

  1. Make sure to leave a bridge, inlet, canal, Fjord, or Such for night-boat to solve those nasty new-springfield crimes and to chase Side-Show bob around New-springfield

  2. I did the last update and I had a different town , all my friend still can see my real town but with my email add. that bring me to that different town . What I can do to get back my real town ?

  3. Love Knight Boat!! I bought 2. If u look close there is always an inlet, fjord or a canal.

  4. Boats!!!


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