WDTCF- Khlav Kalash Stand

Level 38 popped into our games FINALLY! WOOHOO!! With it some new and interesting items to put around your Springfield. Like the Khlav Kalash Stand. You can purchase it for $760 and get as many as you want.


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WDTCF – Judge Roy Snyder

Woohoo!  Level 38!  You know what that means… more WDTCF action for you to enjoy.  To start off all the madness I’m sure I’ll bring to the table, I figured we’d go with Judge Roy Snyder.  He’s the kind of guy who would start off stern and Jewish only to rediscover himself as a lenient and African American judge.  What do you mean that makes no sense?  Have YOU found the Simpson’s recreation room lately?


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New TSTO Update- Thanksgiving is HERE!!!!

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Halloween just left us (about a week ago) and Thanksgiving has already arrived in Springfield!  Woohoo, finally a purpose for all that corn Bunny’s been growing!

2013-11-15 17.45.26So login to your game and get the update!  More details as we discover them…

PS this should auto start for you 🙂

Update #1:
The Thanksgiving update will auto-start for you with a dialogue between Lisa and Homer.  Here’s the dialogue:
Homer: What’s this weird paper stuff in the mailbox?
Lisa: It’s called “mail.”
Homer: You mean they invented a paper version of electronic mail?  Science is amazing!  Ooh!  A big “mail”!  Maybe it’s full of more “paper”.
Lisa: It’s a Sacagawea costume I ordered.  I saved up all my Sacagawea dollars to pay for it.
Homer: Honey, the dollar doesn’t have Sacawhoever on it.  It has George Washington, the inventor of money.
Lisa: I wanted to dress up as Sacagawea to celebrate the rich cultural history of Thanksgiving.
Homer: A white girl dressing up like a native American?  I don’t know, that sounds a little racist to me.
Lisa: Just give me the costume.

Once complete you will unlock a FREE limited time Sacagawae costume for Lisa!  Woohoo free stuff!  
2013-11-15 17.52.22

This does come with a questline, which we will cover in a different post.  🙂

New AND returning items for Thanksgiving:
To access the new items, much like Halloween, there’s a Thanksgiving button under the build menu:
Region Capture

New Items Premium:
Caesar’s Pow-Wow Casino- 150 Donuts 
(Earns $200 and 22xp every 8hrs)
caesarspowwowcasino_menu unlock_tribechief

Pow-Wow’s Casino Sign- 40 Donuts (2% bonus cash and xp to all jobs)


Stampy Parade Balloon- 40 Donuts (2% bonus cash and xp to all jobs)


The Grumple Parade Balloon- 25 Donuts (2% bonus cash and xp to all jobs)


The Mayflower- 100 Donuts (3% donus cash and xp to all jobs, requires level 15 and completion of Squidport 2 quest)


New Items Non-Premium:
Rusty the Clown Parade Balloon- $5,400


Poochie Parade Balloon- $20,000



Returning Items Premium:
Snowball 2 Balloon-15 Donuts (requires level 5, 0.50% bonus cash and xp to all jobs)

Itchy Balloon- 30 Donuts (requires level 5, 2% bonus cash and xp to all jobs)

Returning Items Non-Premium
Scratchy Balloon- $1,000 (requires level 5)

Blinky Balloon- $16,500 (requires level 5)

Santa’s Little Helper Balloon- $30,000 (requires level 5)

Update #2:
Thanksgiving Turbo Tappin’ is live!  You can check out the quick walkthrough (dialogue free) here.  For those that love full dialogue, don’t worry it’ll be up shortly 🙂