WDTCF- Green Peace Boat

WOOHOO!!! BOATS!! Nothing makes me more happy than to see ships out in the Squidport Harbor. So I am all sorts of giddy to see new boats being released with our Level 38 update.

The Greenpeace boat is a purchasable item for only $1300 in game dollars. You can buy several of them if you are so inclined. It looks really cool.


No for the details. Where did this boat come from and how did it end up in the game? Anchors away as we travel to the TV to find out.

Season 5, Episode 18: Burns’ Heir.

Burns is soaking in his giant bath tub at his Mansion while watching poor Homer on his CCTV as he is being used as a chimney cleaner (Homer won the company raffle).  He is complaining to Smithers about the corners on the sponge. Smithers leaves to go find a spherical one instead, leaving the rectangular on Mr. Burns top hat. It cause Mr. Burns to sink and drown.

Greenpeace boat 1

Burns life begins to flash before his eyes. His childhood, his tormenting the poor,

and by impersonating a member Greenpeace trying to stop a ship from dumping nuclear waste into the ocean. HIS ship.

Greenpeace boat 3

Greenpeace boat 4

So there you have it. The quick lil sighting of the Greenpeace boat and it is in our game. Lol. (However, Greenpeace itself is mentioned a few more times throughout the Series.)

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6 responses to “WDTCF- Green Peace Boat

  1. The one thing I don’t like about the Greenpeace Boat is that it pushes water up on to the boardwalk. At the far end of my pier, I have a kind of M shaped pier with boats slotted in between boardwalk pieces on each side. But the Greeneace Boat submerges part of the neighbouring boardwalk. 🙁

  2. He wasn’t impersonating just any old member of Greenpeace but the peace activist Wavy Gravy which makes the whole scenario even more wildly absurd. That would be a good skin for Mr. Burns!
    It’s also an excellent flavor of Ben & Jerry’s.

  3. did ya get tired of Bunnydud name?

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