Easter Has Arrived in Springfield!! (Updated and Complete)

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Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Well the speculation and splash screens gave everyone reason to think an Easter update was coming and….it looks like it has arrived!  Although not quite the date many of you were thinking it would be (or the date…which goes to show you that the “EA Reps” on live chat know about as much as everyone else does when it comes to updates.  ONLY the director of the game itself knows when the updates will release).

This is an APP STORE update…version 4.8…so check your App store to see if the update has hit for you yet (remember iOS usually gets it first.)

The update is currently live on iOS.
Update is now live on Android
Update is now live on Kindle

As always as we uncover more information we’ll update THIS post with it.  And for those who like to be surprised to the content we’ll keep all of it below the fold…so warning SPOILERS AHEAD!

Homer auto starts this update with some remarks about…Whacking Day

If you’re having trouble getting the update to start…remember the basic troubleshooting steps Bunny posted about here.

Update on FP’s: If you are NOT maxed out in your FP’s you will now earn 1 FP for EVERY handshake in your town.  So what that means is when someone visits you and you clear that handshake you’ll earn an additional FP.
Also, when visiting neighbors it’s the usual structured FP points

Wow what an update!  I’m exhausted just going through it all!  I have to say EA threw a lot of us for a loop by having an event THIS close to the actual holiday (Easter is on Sunday…in the past we’ve had events usually hit a week before the actual holiday, even minor events like Thanksgiving & St. Pats).  But I’m glad they did!  And it looks like we have just under a month to complete the event….Easter Event is set to end on May 13th! 

Now let’s get to the details of the update shall we?

First off…Bunnies have invaded Springfield!  Yikes what did Bunny do now?!!!!

Here’s the first bit of dialogue that gets things started:

Homer: Whaaaack….ing…day…..whack…ing…day….
Willie: Whack-ing-day!…. Whack-ing-day!
Lisa, know what day it is?  Here’s a hint — it’s the day we whack snakes with sticks until they die.  Can you guess?
Lisa: ……
Homer: Oh right, I forgot.  You’re not a fan.  But even YOU can appreciate my new whacking stick.  It’s got everything — a handle, the part you hit the snake with… and that’s all.
Willie: I’ve always been partial to Crushman Co.’s line of whacking sticks; the Brainseeker, the Snake Hammer, the Blut Force Mama…
Apu: Sure, those were fine sticks in their day.  But the new carbon fiber whackers are light years ahead.  It’s almsot like the snake is whacking itself.
Homer: In all our squabbling over personal preference, let’s not lose sight of the true meaning of Whacking Day — God hates snakes.
Make Homer Prepare for Whacking Day- 24hrs, Earns $600, 150xp
Make Apu Prepare for Whacking Day- 24hrs, Earns $600, 150xp
Make Willie Prepare for Whacking Day
– 24hrs, Earns $600, 150xp

Stuff you Can BUY:


happy easter sign
Easter Banner– $12,500 (improves vanity)
Easter Float
Easter Float– $15,000 (improves vanity)


housecrazy cat lady
Crazy Cat House & Crazy Cat Lady–  180 Donuts (Improves Indolence)

mojo monkey
Mojo Helper Monkey
– 65 Donuts

firework store
Fireworks, Candy & Puppy Dogs-
60 donuts (Improves Consumerism)

faberge egg
Natural Faberge Egg
– 100 donuts (Improves Vanity, 3% bonus to all cash and xp)

easter machine 2
Frink Egg Generator Mkii– 75 donuts

easter machine 1
Frink Egg Generator Mki– 40 donuts

Sumatran Century Flower
– 40 donuts (Improves Vanity, 2% bonus to all cash and xp)

kodos topiary
Kang Topiary
– 15 Donuts (Improves Vanity, .50% bonus to all cash and xp)

kang topiary
Kodos Topiary– 15 Donuts (Improves Vanity, .50% bonus to all cash and xp)

 Easter Event

Unlike past holidays were we’ve had to collect a certain number of something (gift cards or GOO) to unlock prizes…OR collecting Cards to spin the Wheel…this event is a little different.  It’s almost like a combination of Whacking day and other events…

Here’s the quick run down:


You collect eggs from zapping (don’t worry doesn’t kill them, only stuns them) Bunnies.  When you zap them (tap on them) you’ll earn eggs of various colors (pink and blue).  Use the collected eggs to open the prizes boxes for that color.  Seems simple enough right?

You also earn eggs from visiting neighbors (same structure as the past 5, 4, 3, 2, 1)…


The prizes boxes are where some of the coveted items are.  There are THREE prize boxes, Pink, Blue & Golden, BUT you only collect pink and blue from bunnies.  The Golden Eggs are where the coveted characters are.  You can earn Golden Eggs via the other prize boxes.

500 Eggs of 1 color allows you a chance to open the box…

Here’s the rundown of what’s in the prize boxes:

Pink Box:
Photo Apr 15, 12 42 31 PM

chirpy boy and bart jr
Chirpy Boy & Bart Jr
(Unique, when earned 250 blue eggs replace it)

blocko building
Block O Store (Unique, when earned 250 blue eggs replace it)

Bunny gate
Easter Fence (Not Unique)

beach towel and umbrella
Beach Towel & Umbrella (Not Unique)

easter tree
Easter Tree (Not Unique)
100 Gold Eggs (Not Unique)
300 Gold Eggs (Not Unique)

Blue Box:
Photo Apr 15, 12 42 23 PM

running egg
Egg Council Guy
(Unique, when earned 250 pink eggs replace it)

johny fiesta
Johnny Fiestas (Unique, when earned 250 pink eggs replace it)

lily pond
Easter Pond (Not Unique)

Easter Egg Pile (Not Unique)

Bunny gate
Easter Fence (Not Unique)
100 Golden Eggs (Not Unique)
300 Golden Eggs (Not Unique)

Golden Box:
Photo Apr 15, 12 42 37 PM

Shary Bobbins
Shary Bobbins 

Huggs head 1
Hugs Bunny  

Father Sean
Father Sean 

flying bunny
Bunny 24601 

banana dictatorship
Banana Dictatorship 

Bunny entrance
Easter Entrance

kodos topiary
Kodos Topiary

kang topiary
Kang Topiary

Pastel Picket Fence

So there’s the rundown of what the update contains….we’ll have more detailed posts throughout the event.  You can keep checking the main page OR check out the 2014 Easter Event Page!

Hoppy Tapping!

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  1. ok so I love this game and realize that is exactly what it is “a game” but I have one suggestion/request for next Easter… don’t make eggs a prize! Twice in a row I have exchanged 100’s of blue eggs in my neighbors baskets to gain 500 pink ones, only to be rewarded in the box with 250 blue eggs and the cycle continues 🙂 not to mention I never get any baskets. The only caviat being I get to help my neighbors. I’ve spent some coin on eggs too so it takes the wind out of my sail.

    • (if coin is you meaning you bought donuts…NO NO NO NO NO…do not spend donuts on eggs please. Wait. Don’t waste them. Not yet. Give it til…Thursday. THEN decide how you want to play.)

      The baskets to me were a poorly executed item. Great thought…just not what they could have or should have been. That’s my take anyway. 😉

  2. 💙💚❤️💜🎈😍❤️😘😘addddd me


  3. Am I the only one that has the problem with not getting all of my eggs? I’ll tap on the eggs to collect them and my counter doesn’t change. It doesn’t always happen. It’s sporadic, for instance, I’ll tap a few eggs in a row and my counter doesn’t add more for the eggs I picked up and then all of a sudden it will start counting them again. I just had it happen with picking up 50 eggs from a task. I was at 351 and I clicked on the egg and it had a +50 eggs on the screen but it didn’t change my counter. It stayed at 351. What should I do? It keeps happening.

  4. Wow…lol, it took awhile to find this blog…but what about a walk-through that y’all usually do? Don’t know why I’ve not had any progress in days…

    • Of course I had no idea Nelson was part of this questline, he’s been at krustyland getting me tickets!!! Hopefully I’ve solved my problem!!! I could’ve sworn y’all did a walk-through!!! 🙂

  5. please add me i love this game (ADDICTED) user= remmers128

  6. HELP! I made a mistake and didn’t uncheck the box that said “follow these posts” when I posted on “add me” and now I get copies of EVERY SINGLE “add me” request post. I am getting hundreds of emails per day. How do I make this stop?

    • I’m honestly not sure. It’s more a WordPress thing. Try logging into your WordPress account and see if you can unfollow that post. I can tell you that friends thread is getting really full and I’m planning on adding a new thread shortly…so if you can’t get them to stop through WordPress they’ll stop once we start a new thread.

  7. I have just started a new town after I have finished my last one – only on level 8 but I need Ralph wiggum to complete this quest. Any ideas? And add me @ _creme_eggs_2002

    • Ralphs 1+1=1 task should be a side quest, not part of main dialog. It will just sit there until you get him or event ends.

      Your main quest line should not be impacted by this at all.

  8. What is the purpose of the monkey?

    • Just an NPC in your town…similar to Candy Kevin or the guinea pig 🙂

      • Okay.. So is there anything we can purchase that will zapp all bunnies at once?

        • Unfortunately not. Best thing to use is the zapper (in the top right hand corner). Bunny will have a full detailed post on how to use this upcoming tomorrow, but if you tap the icon in the top right it will give you instructions on what to do 🙂

      • I like to use the “Speed Mower” method. Move to the upper right corner of your town and activate your zapper (Do not turn it off, it will be on this WHOLE example). Now slide your finger or stylus (my choice) across your “device screen” to the bottom left corner (it should look like you’re moving across the top off your Springfield). The image will auto scroll across to the other side of your Springfield. Now move one zap space down and slide your finger back (diagonally) across to the upper left corner of your device screen. Again, the image will auto scroll. Go make and forth like you’re mowing the lawn. You’ll get every bunny. You can move as fast as the screen will move. It’s the quickest way to clear your town.

      • Heeeeyyyy, there’s Miss Bunny!!😊
        I made an error in my post…….”Now move one zap space down and slide your finger back (diagonally) across to the upper left corner of your device screen.”…………. Should read “upper RIGHT corner”…..I’m still new to this helping “stuff”. Someday hope to be as smart as you!😉

        • I have been here all day, just some days I am hopping in comments…others I am frakkin and data mining. Lol. I am sure there are some leftover brain cells some where in that accessory attached to your neck. 😛

  9. Add me bcbeastcoast level 39 been playin for a year

  10. Add me madelinelaw!

  11. Please help 🙁 Since the Easter update I haven’t been able to fully update my game and actually play. While it’s updating it gets to like update 1/3 5.5/5.5 and then goes back down to 0.0/5.5 mb and it just will not update. I’ve tried uninstalling, deleting the game cache, deleting my phone cache, restarting my phone to no avail and I’m not sure what to do at this point 🙁 I would play on blue stacks but when I do all of my objects are black blobs so I lose either way. If anyone else has this problem, know how to fix?
    Thank you!

    • Have you tried moving all your data for the app to an alternate area, such as a mini SD card for your device? The game file is HUGE. It needs a LOT of space. On my phone, I moved it to my 32GB SD card. You don’t need that much, but if it is on your device itself, there may not be enough space. Let me know if that helps.

      • That’s the thing, my phone storage itself is 32gb and I have 7gb left of space, so that shouldn’t be the problem… Also I don’t have a spot to actually put in a SD card besides the one built in. I’m thinking maybe it’s a bug in the update or something but nobody seems to have had that problem but me so far so I’m at a loss :/

        • Hmmmm. Things that can hinder progress on an update is space (looks like you got that), corrupted file (you cleared uninstalled restarted), and internet connection (it needs a strong stable signal to keep it going). If you had tried all the basics to resolve it, I would suggest contacting EA is your next step to see if they can assist further. Sorry.

  12. I’ve only just got the update (done the 24hr jobs now i have the bunnies) I’m visiting neighbours at the mo and i’m only getting pink and blue eggs, does anyone know how to get golden eggs Thanks x

  13. With the update, did they reduce the max number of friends you can have? I thought it was 100, but I’m at 85 and have friend request waiting, but every time I go to add them, it gives me ‘you or the user are at the max level of friends’ message,

    any ideas?

  14. Wow what a busy update! Fun but, the only thing that I don’t like is they threw so many things at us it makes me want to waste money to get all items so I don’t miss out lol. I won’t but still 🙂

    I play multiple times per day every day, add me!

  15. Liking the Easter update, but how do I turn the zapper off so I can hold things to move, delete, or sell them. E.g., how could I hold on to a house to put it somewhere else instead of it just zapping the house?

  16. I have over 500 blue eggs but I can’t seem to find how to open the boxes! Somebody help me, please?

    • Click on the trophy on the bottom right of the main springfield. It will open up the prize boxes. From there select the one you have 500 eggs for. Once that opens tap the 500 under the box to start it 🙂

  17. Love the update, thanks for the info!
    Add me in the game! I need more prizessssss!


  18. Hi, does anyone know how often the rabbits appear..is it a continual stream or so many a day or what? Thank you!! Debby

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