In Defense of the Easter Bunny

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

How are my favorite addicted Tappers doing today?  Busy zapping and tapping those bunnies?  Collecting all the eggs you can get your hands on?  Working your way through the main questline to earn those extra eggs?  Remember, you can find all the great tips and tricks we’ve posted about the event on our Easter Page.

So here we are day 3 of the Easter Event and from what we’ve been seeing in the comments most of you are loving this update!  Of course there are a few negative nellies in the bunch, when isn’t there?  But for the most part, so far, many of you are enjoying this update!

And I say…what’s not to love?  Lots of free prizes to earn, hilarious dialogue, characters we’ve ALL been asking for and FREE donuts!

I’m seriously loving this update and choose to remain positive about the twists and turns that are in store for us during the next 25 days!  In fact I’m enjoying this update so much it’s inspired me to do something I don’t normally do around here….and that’s give my opinion.

So sit back, relax and let me tell you why I choose to enjoy this update…

Huggs head 1 egg council guy 2  Father Sean

Let’s start with the basics of game play…

The Dialogue
This update contains some of the funniest dialogue I’ve seen in this game.  The writers are constantly poking fun at the game, themselves and US!  Not to mention those people who don’t know how to turn off the “Sent From my Phone” message on their cell phone email!  Seriously, take the time to read the dialogue that pops up during each new quest, it’ll make you giggle!  And if it doesn’t…well then you might have bigger issues than trying to collect all of the Eggs in this event!

That New Players Can Play it And Have Fun
One of the common complaints I hear about events like this is that, nothing costs in game cash.  You either have to win everything or use donuts.  But many of those complaints come from players at Level 39.  Long time Tappers with a large bank of in game cash.  However, those Tappers tend to forget about the newer players….those below Level 39.  Heck those below Level 25.

This update unlocks for EVERYONE Level 5 and up.  That means you have a wide range of Tappers playing this game from those just starting out and may only have $1000, or less, in their in game bank and those, like me, who have been playing for well over a year and have an in game bank of millions.  The Easter Event puts NO ONE at an advantage.  Every player is treated the same when it comes to how you win prizes.  And I love that!

Try to remember what it was like when you first started playing.  How hard it was for you to earn money to move onto the next building.  Now imagine if you threw a limited-time event in the mix and had to spend any and all money you earned on the event, not on moving forward in the game.  Or if you didn’t have enough money to get the items from the event.  How disappointed would you be?  Would you still be playing today if that happened to you?

The answer is most likely you wouldn’t be.  You’d get frustrated and give up.  So just remember, next time you complain about how an Event doesn’t have many things you can “buy” with in-game cash…there’s someone at a lower level grateful that they don’t have to use their in-game cash to buy things for the event.  It’s hard enough to buy what you’ll need for the levels!

Level Updates are for older, experienced players with large bank accounts….Events are for ALL Tappers.  And I love that about this event!

The Bunnies
Oh those Bunnies!  They’re EVERYWHERE and soooo much better to look at than those snakes from last year!  I love how you can earn more than 1 egg from a bunny, how quickly they come back in your town, how you can earn more through Cletus’s Farm AND that Bunny Zapper!  That Zapper is just so much fun to work and seriously saves a ton of time when search for those little critters!  They like to hide behind bushes and buildings…but hey they are bunnies!
elec 4

Friend Points STILL Work
Not every Tapper has maxed out their Friend Points yet and I LOVE that this update keeps that element in the game still.  So not only do you earn eggs from your neighbors but you’ll also continue to earn FP’s (if you haven’t maxed out), which means you can continue to progress and earn the social prizes, while going through this update.

FREE Donuts
I LOVE how they included an option to get something out of all those fences you’ll get from the boxes.  Sooo many people complained about the useless items on the Valentine’s Day Wheel, especially the fences.  So EA did something about it.  Not only do they poke fun of the fact that the fences are “useless” (although I know many of you are loving them, and including them in many of your designs around Springfield!), they’re giving you 15 donuts for earning them!
freedonutseasterNow I know there are some out there that well…like to call me out by name on other blogs, that don’t appreciate the fact that you can earn 15 FREE donuts for getting fences.  That the time spent isn’t worth the “$0.60 in donuts”.  Well to those people I say…shove another bran muffin in your mouth grandpa and shut up!

You complain when EA doesn’t give you Free Donuts, you complain when they give you 2, 3 or 5 free donuts and now…oh this takes the cake….you complain when they give you 15 FREE DONUTS?!  Are you out of your ever loving mind?!  Has dementia started to kick in for you?

This is, to date, the most amount of donuts given away in this game for doing 1 task.  And in all honesty, you don’t have to really do anything extra.  You’re ALREADY going to play the update.  You’re ALREADY going to try the prize boxes.  And you’re more than likely going to win those fences…so why not at least get free donuts out of the deal?  If you’re honestly going to complain that it’s not worth your time…then don’t do it. And leave the free donuts to those of us who don’t spend $10 on golf balls every time we tee off!

Oh and btw…to that blogger that likes to call me out by name…THANKS!!…it just sends more people to our happy little blog. As for being optimistic and happy that a company, that doesn’t owe freemium players anything, gives us those “$0.60 worth of donuts”…I’ll keep drinking the water over here.  Because last time I checked you catch more flies with honey than with vinegar!

Now back to more pleasant things…

The Easter Prize Boxes
I really love how the prizes are broken up into different boxes.  This element allows you to stop playing 1 box once you’ve collected all of the prizes that you want from it, and then you can focus on the other 2 boxes.  And each box has different odds and variables.  It’s a neat little concept & one that I know will save many of us a lot of time and aggravation!
Screenshot_2014-04-16-00-37-54I also love how when you clear a unique prize from a box, it’s replaced by Eggs and not by more fences or in game cash!  Eggs we can use…$1,000 won’t help us out so much with this update!

The Egg Swap
This is a neat feature, one that I both love and hate about this update.  I love it because it encourages interaction with your neighbors, much like leaving them snake eggs last year, but I hate it because the baskets are 1 time use.  And while you can win them for free, many of you are spending donuts on them.  It would be great if you could just exchange eggs with your neighbor without the basket hoopla.  But I do like the concept of this…execution is just flawed.

Now onto the free stuff with this event…

I love the buildings included with this update.  The design of Banana Dictatorship has got to be one of my favorites in the game!  I love that the buildings (sadly except the BD) have character tasks assigned to them, that makes them all the better.  It’s always great when a building gets used & doesn’t just sit in town!

I’m also loving that both Johnny Fiestas and Banana Dictatorship can go onto Squidport OR in Springfield.  It’s nice to have the option to decide where it can go, unlike previous buildings where they were for one place or the other.  I like that these can make to the boardwalk or downtown Springfield, really helps to create some unique designs (and I can’t wait to see what you guys design!)

Fr. Sean (has a full task list AND questline when unlocked) has got to be my favorite character in this game!  His animations are hilarious and his questline…seriously had me laughing so much that my husband had to ask what was wrong with me.  I’m loving the fact that a Catholic made it into the game…although he does make me feel guilty for missing mass a few times!  Oh that Catholic guilt!  Where’s the confessional when I need it…
Father sean rap

Shary Bobbins (has a full task list AND questline when unlocked) has made it into the game!  FINALLY! One of my favorite characters from The Simpsons, so glad she used that grey magic to come back!  Not only that..she flys, how cool is that?!

Hugs Bunny! (has a full task list AND questline when unlocked)  Oh man, I didn’t think I would love him as much as I do.  He was the second prize I unlocked on my “B” game in the Gold Box and I just giggled the entire time.  He has one of the best animations in the game when he fights Homer.  I just make him do that task over and over and over again.  Nothing says fun like watching a man in a giant Bunny costume beat up Homer Simpson right?
hugs and homer fight 2I am a little disappointed with the Non-Playable Characters (NPCs), but with every update we get some of those funny guys roaming the streets of our Springfields!  The Egg Council Guy does make me laugh whenever you tap him and he falls down…and can’t get up.  Always good for a giggle.  And Bunny 24601 does fly when tapped, so that’s neat.  But ultimately they are NPCs who will just walk around and get in the way from time to time (although I still laugh when I accidentally hit the Frog Prince and make him barf!)

The Duration of the Event
Pretty happy with how long this should take many of us.  It gives everyone something to do in their Springfield continuously.  So, no more complaining about 24 and 48 hour tasks where there’s no reason to login to your game.  THIS update gives you plenty of reason to check in on your Springfield frequently!

And finally…

Reader Response
You guys have been AWESOME during this event.  We LOVE seeing your comments and you provide us (and each other) with many laughs and giggles along the way.  The way you guys are loving and enjoying this update just makes me love it even more!

Since this update hit we have fielded over 4,500 of YOUR comments.  That’s in THREE days!  That tells me something about this update.  That tells me you guys are involved in what’s going on, you’re engaging in the event and you’re still tap tap tapping away!

You guys are seriously amazing and we LOVE hearing from you…good and bad…and helping you in any/every way we can!

I know the objective of this update can be a bit daunting at times, and feel like many of the goals are unreachable, but I choose to stay positive.  Why?  Because it’s a game.  Games are supposed to be fun.  And…if memory serves me correctly….in every game there are winners and losers.  But just because you lose a game doesn’t mean you never play it again, does it?  If you’re truly of the mentality of “taking your toys and going home” because you’re not winning everything…then you’re, unfortunately, a sore loser and you’ll always be one.

Over a year ago during Whacking Day I didn’t win all of the prizes…heck I didn’t even come close…but here I am 1 year later still Tapping.  Why?  Because it’s a game, one that I love playing with or without all of the prizes.

What are YOUR thoughts/opinions on the event?  What do you like about it?  What do you hate?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we LOVE hearing from you!

198 responses to “In Defense of the Easter Bunny

  1. This event is awesome! All the naysayers are lame players.

  2. I love this event. In my opinion the best yet. I find myself tapping, charging my phone, tapping, repeat till sleep (and if I wake up in the middle of the night do a little bunny hunting). Also kudos to TSTO Addicts, if I’m not tapping I’m probably reading. So much useful information, I have a number of yr pages bookmarked. Although I disagree with the NPC opinion, I love my sidewalls busy, maybe it’s just the New Yorker in me. Keep it up TSTO Addicts, great job and keep it up EA. More of this and I’ll continue to be yr personal ATM and their out cash even if you want 180 doughnuts for the Crazy Cat Lady!

    • I love the middle of the night wabbit hunting! I remember doing that last year with the snakes!
      And you are most certainly welcome for the info. Thank YOU for being an awesome reader! 🙂

  3. A loud enough outcry over the one-time basket use could possibly cause EA to make baskets more easily gotten…say maybe a few a day from bunnies…or as someone below said, make bought ones permanent.
    I would join that protest but not lead it…I tried that before…lol…jail sux 🙂 LOL…all they watch on tv is wrestling…not that there’s anything wrong with that…*vomits*

  4. I love the update. I started last Halloween and didn’t get everything and now I’m determined for every event to get each and every prize. Any thought of an article showing exactly what has come and gone in the game though? I’d love to know what I kissed and the odds of it coming back (like the Whacking Day snakes).

  5. Alissa,

    Oh my dear friend,
    Bravo! Bravo!!!!
    You Three Simp-sa-teers are Amazing!!

  6. I think if each had made the basket permanent if you paid the donuts and temporary if you got them with the zapper a lot of the discontent would have gone away. That, and the info should have explained one time use more clearly (or at all!). Luckily I read blogs, but ea shouldn’t have counted on that from its players. I was a first time player with Valentines Day and didn’t get all the content, but I still had fun, and I plan on it this time. (maybe someone could make a Simpsons ninny mascot–take name calling and turn it around to positivity and fun!!) Cheers!

    • Ea, not each. oy autocorrect….

    • That’s a great thought on the baskets! It would be nice if they did something like that. I really like the social element of the update, but really wish it was a little less restrictive. 🙂

  7. One thing I think I enjoy most is EA’s ever changing creativity with events. Yes we got stuck with the wheel a couple of times, but they change the events constantly. Its nice to never know what you will see next 🙂

  8. There’s a reason why this is the first tsto blog that pops up when Google searched (and why theirs is on the verge of the third page of results). I don’t like their negative attitudes and I’m glad you shared you opinion, it was hilarious. Keep up the good work, WE are all very much appreciate you guys and all you do to enhance the game experience. 🙂

  9. I couldn’t agree more with you, I love this Easter update and have no complaints about it. I have two comments, more so concerning the near TSTO future. Do you think that once the event is over, the Easter baskets that are used to exange different coloured eggs if left in inventory will disappear or be usable as a decoration? I’m sure others have wondered this same thing and I know there is no way of knowing, but do you think a Whacking Day event is still a possibility sometime after the Easter update?

    • Well…I’d like to think they’ll stay in inventory after the update but I really have no idea on it. There’s no indication in the files, so I can’t say. The only way we’ll find out is when the update is over.
      As far as Whacking Day…I think this event has replaced it. I can’t see them doing another big event that soon after this one, plus it seems like they combined Whacking Day and Easter in this one. That being said they can still do something for WD, even if it’s just a little snake statue or something. 🙂

      • I wasn’t here last WhackingDay and the more I’ve heard about it, the more I feel that it was the creators way of doing an Easter event without any religious theme…perhaps…I think they will combine the two events somehow… 🙂

      • Ya true about the baskets, I hope they will be usuable after the event, to add a touch of Easter even when it’s over. I was thinking that maybe this event did replace Whacking Day, but I’m still gonna hope that it makes a comeback at some point. Thanks 🙂

  10. I’ll be brutally honest…I think I would like this event more if I didn’t find the odds so overwhelming (maybe they will change, is what I say to myself. Town A 6 blue boxes opened and 1 pink box and a total of 200 gold eggs, town B 4 blue boxes opened, 1 pink and 200 gold eggs(no buildings or NPCs yet town b resets in an hour).. I’m super freemium and know that I probably won’t clear the gold box in either town but I don’t see how to get more gold eggs without the evils of the baskets (I judge my neighbors who place them in the landing zone mine is hidden near Burns manor at the far corner of the game)

    • I think when you forget about the odds you have more fun. I don’t put much stake in them myself, honestly. I’ve heard and experienced unlocking characters all over the odds. In my B game I unlocked my dominant box in less than the required 20 tries. It only took me 10 tries to get the unique prizes. I actually had a harder time getting the fences!
      I’ve also seen Tappers already unlocking the Banana Dictatorship and Fr. Sean in their first 2 tries in the Gold Box.
      So my best advice is throw the odds out the window, don’t get discouraged, just have fun and tap away. You’ve still got plenty of time in this event and you never know what will happen. 🙂

  11. I love this, can’t stop tapping, I just can’t work out the zapper!
    Happy Easter!

  12. We <3 you Alissa!
    Don't listen to the haters 🙂
    People don't have to love the update, but hopefully people can see all the things they're getting for free.
    I could choose to look at it negatively – for example, I've only gotten 6 fence pieces and some gold eggs so far. Or I could choose to look at it positively – I'm 6/50th of the way towards free donuts, and I don't care if it's 60 cents worth, those are my 60 cents and I'm using them for laundry!!
    also, maybe I'm crazy but I actually like those fence pieces. I think they'd look nice around Wolfcastle's house, that is if I can get enough to surround the whole thing, and the cool gate piece from the gold egg box.
    I may not get all the prizes but I'm walking away with far more than I started out with. So, I'm a fan!

    • Well said Sam! I’m noticing a lot of players are really liking those fences! And they are neat looking. I do think they’d be nice around Wolfcastle’s! I’ve had Tappers say they’re using them around the Singing Sirloin too!

    • I like the egg one around Mr burns as well. Those top eggs could be decorative finials…

  13. Great article (blog?), this update is a bit daunting, but it is fun. Never thought I’d enjoy sapping bunnies (not Bunnie;).The more item one wants to obtain the more they can play. Alissa, you are correct though, it is a just a game. There are winners and there are losers. I try not to complain when getting free tiems, however; if I do not get Shary Bobbins I am moving to Odgendville. Thanks again for all the work on TSTO and FGTQFS!

    • LOL Best solution I’ve seen so far to not getting Shary! Still giggling about it! 🙂
      And thank YOU for checking out both sites 😀

      • I’d ‘Like’ your comment, but it requires me to log into a site with a ‘W’. I’m good on having another log-in to another website. Man, I sound old. You all are the best, I have liked both sites on Facedbook as well. Saves time reading dialogue here than in the game, and it lets me get prepped for those quests that require 20+ Spring-fielders.

  14. Great update! I hope they continue to improve the update as they did between the valentines day one and easter. Also great article! I don’t know about that other blogger post as this is the only sight I check for updates haha!! Keep up the good work!

  15. Is there a reason I haven’t gotten any baskets tapping on bunnies?

    • It’s random, like donuts in neighbor’s buildings. But check your inventory, you may have gotten one and not even realized it. 🙂

    • Laurielou, it seems to be very random. I have gotten 10 so far on my b game, and none in my a game. Insane!

  16. Love it, so fun… kinda naughty, in a satisfying and frightening way.
    Alissa check the gmail account, I send you guys an email you might be interested in. 🙂

    • lol thank you!
      And I checked it out. That’s awesome and something we’ll most likely post! Thanks for sending us the info! 🙂

  17. Luv the update- still early, but started loading up on fences already(and gates should count as fences too!!!)-besides fences I’ve only scored Easter tree – while 15 donuts would be nice(2 so far from maxed out FPs) I’d rather get something cool, like blocko building, characters, etc- also don’t u think it would be cool to shock springfielders too? and just one more thing I think FPs and egg scale should be reversed, higher value as u tap to encourage u to keep tapping

    • I thought that could be fun too. Especially since my bunnies seem to be hiding a lot under the lounge chair while Brockman relaxes by the pool with his cocktail, Zap! Brockman out ;-0

  18. Anything in the files for Easter Sunday? Price or reward for logging in?

    • I’m not seeing anything…yet. Doesn’t mean it won’t happen. EA has gotten good at hiding details. So we’ll keep checking and if we uncover anything we’ll let you know! 🙂

  19. The first time I used the zapper today, it made the sound of the halloween vaccum from 2013 haha. Excellent example of code re-use, although I don’t know why they would leave the old sound hanging around 😛

  20. Love this article… a cool read and I’d say I’m other here in the positive bubble haha I’ve loved this blog since I discovered it… it’s now my guide, and my game companion… I’m here as much as in my game haha…..this blog had added a whole new dimension to my game… now I’m linked up with others as tapped a me 😄

  21. How do you get the bunnies? I see the on my neighbors but I don’t have them.

    • Have you started the main questline? Where you send Homer, Apu & Willie (if you have him) on the 24 Hr prepare for Whacking Day quest.

  22. WELL SAID!!!! I am PROUD to be a part of THIS blog!!! I LOVE the Simpsons!! Maybe not to the degree of some fanaticals (looking at you Wookie LMAO kiddin)!! but i love the dialog and the animations!! This is a most optimistic site! Knowing only in avatars and fonts, i still feel close! I know why too……..We all love the Simpsons!!! I started out Freemium and i missed stuff but hey it is a game and now? With over a year, i have over 5 mil but i am addicted which is why i award myself donuts! I do not go ape crazy spending and FREE DONUTS? OMG!! Who i say who can complain about that? As for the Naysers, especially those negative blogs, i say PPPFFFFTTTT!!! Misery loves company AND THERE IS NOTHING BUT LOVE HERE! Put that in your pipe and smoke it!!! A little jealous, maybe?? We are happy tappers/zappers here!!! Are we not??? Let us forget and wash over us, those naysayers and HAVE SOME FUN!! I know i am having a ball on TSTOADDICTS and TSTO !!!!!! Thanks for hearing me out!!! 😉

  23. I’m liking the event pretty well so far. I think we will have to wait and see how things play out toward the end to see if there will be widespread annoyance as there was with the prize wheels. I’d be disappointed if I couldn’t get the Blocko Store and Shary Bobbins before the end, but I have already gotten Banana Dictatorship and Father Sean.

  24. OMG, you did it…!!! Finally…an honest opinion from our very own Alissa!!! WOOHOO!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 …you go girl!!! (I doubt anyone else knows why this excites me but Alissa and the gang)…(and I don’t care) 🙂
    LOVE YOU GIRL! ! ! ! ! …in a normal, nonthreatening, non-freaky, friendly, you could be my cousin, way… LOL 🙂

  25. BRAVO ALISSA……..aren’t you the little spitfire!!👏😃

    • Me? A spitfire? Nah! lol
      You should hear my conversations with Wookiee and Bunny defending this update! I think they’re both tired of hearing me say things like probability and random number generator lol

  26. Well said Alissa!! Some people are just never happy no matter what. One of the reasons I stopped reading the old curmudgeon’s blog was because of the pervasive negativity and the fact that he kept insulting the Addicts team (especially you and Bunny). I call it a MAJOR case of sour grapes! If his blog is as wonderful as he thinks it is then it should stand on its own merit and there would be no need to insult others who do a great job, like you guys do! You and your fellow bloggers are awesome and I’m always grateful for the information and the entertainment!

    That said, I find this Easter event to be great so far. Lots of things to keep you busy, and lots of chances to win prizes. If I’m overwhelmed at Level 39 with millions in my bank then I can only imagine what a truly daunting task it is for a lower level player or those just starting out. I know we’re only a few days in so I’m trying to keep my itchy tapping finger from blowing donuts on additional eggs and baskets. So far so good although I did purchase the larger Frink’s egg generator for 75 donuts. Here’s the funny (or maybe not so funny) thing about that: I’m in the pink group and as you have pointed out in other posts you are awarded the colored eggs from your dominant color group upon completion of tasks and such. While all other completed tasks show me receiving pink eggs, the Frink egg generator that I bought shows a payout of 300 blue eggs, and that’s exactly what I got yesterday. Today however I received 300 pink eggs from it so I was wondering if it was random or a glitch? Whatever the case, 300 eggs of ANY color is a good thing right now!

    Keep up the great work here (and on the Family Guy blog!) and I’ll keep reading. 🙂

    • Aw thank YOU for the kind words! I just find that if you’re going to constantly attack the game…stop playing the game. If it’s not fun, it’s not worth it. U
      As far as the Egg Generator…that is odd because it’s supposed to be 300 of the opposite color. But hey egg bonus right? lol

      • I am also pink and have the generator, and today there was a pink egg floating above it, which did confuse me a bit, because I was expecting blue eggs. But when I tapped on it, the blue counter went up.

        • Hmm this is something we’ll have to keep an eye on over the next couple of days and see if more complaints roll in. In my B town I’m Blue, and the eggs come out Pink. BUT in my A town i’m maybe I’ll purchase one and see what happens for me.

      • This same glitch happened again the other day where I received 300 pink eggs instead of blue eggs from the egg generator. I think this may only have been the second time it’s happened because I am normally receiving the correct blue eggs and it seems to just be a random glitch. Again, I’m happy to receive 300 eggs of ANY color, but since I’m on the Pink Team (shut up Wookie!) I could certainly use the extra blue eggs for those prizes I still haven’t gotten from the Blue Box (Johnny Fiestas I’m looking at YOU! Egg Council Guy…eh, not so much).

  27. Awesome perk for newer players is to plant the corn for quick harvest, xp and a nice bump for their in game cash. Thanks so much for this tip!! Just started the quest with Ralph and really looking forward to speeding up corn without spending like, 1k donuts! Thanks again!!

  28. I’m loving this update. There’s so much to do and the built-in guarantee of winning the prizes from the various boxes is brilliant. The only issue I encountered was with my B game which is newer and I hadn’t built the Wiggum House and so couldn’t send Ralph to collect the Easter Egg. I read the walkthroughs leading to that and I ended up speeding a few things along as I didn’t anticipate being able to do it all in the time. I don’t mind though – I’d rather spend a few donuts and enjoy this event than miss out and feel fed up. I love the zapping and getting Marge to speed up the carrot crops! It’s all good to me. Thank you for the brilliant updates and walkthrough – it’s been invaluable. 🙂

    • You’re absolutely welcome! I’m glad you’re enjoying the update!

    • I have brought in (read: wrangled in) a couple of people into playing this game and they are not level 26, yet either (not too close to that level, even). Will the proceeding tasks still continue even if the 1+1=1 task cannot be completed?

  29. I generally agree except on one thing- the lack of items using in game cash. I would love some more decorations that I could get with in game cash and I know it’s difficult for lower players but at Christmas we had lots of lampposts etc and I think a wider range of cheap decorations is better, in my opinion than a couple of more expensive ones. Being able to buy trees and shrubs that keep there ribbons past the end of the event would be nice, but I’m still loving the update!!!! 😀

  30. Little Wookieemama went hopping through her Springfield scooping up the bunnies and zapping them to get eggs. Oh how I love to zap the bunnies. LOL

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