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A-P-P-L-A-U-S-E…. the applause,applause applause….

Man… sitting at home and the teenager wanted to watch the Lady Gaga & the Muppets Holiday Special and this frakkin song is stuck in my head. Arrrrgggggh… Muppets so good and Gaga so strange. If she wasn’t a cameo performer in The Simpsons, I might be angry. Gotta… do… something…. to make…brain demons… go silent… must… find… people as weird as me…. ok, over to tapped-out.co.uk.  Besides all you awesome tapaholics here, this is my other tapped out community where I go to be the addict that I am. It is basically like the Facebook for TSTO. I have met sooooo many interesting and cool folks over there.

Anywho, this post isn’t a complete plug for those folks but it’s more of a segway into the really cool “TSTO Tip” for all my Android peeps. (I really hate putting two of those words together but couldn’t think of a better way to describe it.) As an ioS player, I take it for granted that neighboreeno management  is so easy on my device. Over and over I have heard that it sucks that Droid users can’t easily delete neighbors unless they use the Origin program.

Well, breaking news my friends! One of my good buds over at tapped-out (you rock Chris J.) discovered a way for Android users to be able to delete folks within their devices and passed the info to me to break here for all you Addicts! Of all the places to find this… it’s in Scrabble. Scrabble Update Continue reading

And Now A Word From EA: Origin IDs for All!

Attention all Tappers!!

This yelling Homer brings you an important announcement direct from EA!

“Starting September 9th, 2013 we will be limited in our ability to recover the accounts of anonymous users in the case of App deletion and device reset. To ensure that your game is saved and recoverable we encourage all of our anonymous users to register/login their game to Origin.
If you want to continue to play anonymously you can minimize your risk by doing the following*:
• Back up your device
o For instructions on how to do so, please consult your devices user manual
• Record your Mayhem ID
o Instructions on how to do so can be found at the following link:
*Please note: If you choose to keep playing anonymously these steps do not guarantee the recoverability of your account. 
For instructions on registering your account with Origin please follow the link below:
Via EA on Facebook

While I’d be shocked if anyone is still playing TSTO anonymously, after all you get FREE DONUTS when you register(!), I’d listen to EA here and sign up.  It would be tragic if you worked so hard on your town, only to lose it to some freak EA glitch!

So Tappers and take this weekend and register your game!  I promise you’ll be glad you did! 

Happy Tapping Friends!

Help! The Servers Are Down, What Do I Do?!

TSTO Server Issues
Ever see our friend Bart pulling the plug on your game?  Doesn’t it drive you crazy?  Almost makes you want to smack Bart around a little bit doesn’t it?

Usually when you first see Bart appear panic sets in, and you start to think ‘Ahhh, What happened?’ ‘What did I do?’  ‘What can I do?’  ‘WHERE DID MY SPRINGFIELD GO?!’ ‘WHY YOU LITTLE…’
Well first of all…R-E-L-A-X.  There’s nothing you can do.  So, don’t panic.  Just wait and be patient.  It’s a problem with the servers, and they’ll come back up again they always do (usually within a couple of hours).  And I promise you…your Springfield will still be there when they come back up.  I know it’s hard for us Addicts, but TRY to find something else to do until the servers come back up.

Starting to get TSTO withdrawals?  Here are some more proactive things you can do while you deal with the servers being down:

Continue reading

How do I get rid of “Lazy” Neighbor-eenos?

Updated: 9/24/13 to include the Origin PC/MAC Program for easier account management.  Check out the post here: Origin Program

So you want to rid your account of some “dead weight” in the form of inactive players huh? Well if you’re using iOS
to play the good news is it’s pretty simple to do. The bad news if you’re an Android user…it’s not so simple.

First up: iOS
1) Start up your game and go to your neighborino page.
2) Tap the Orange Origin logo (with the +) on the bottom right to bring up your Origin task bar.
3) Make sure your “My Friends” list is showing
4) Find the friend you’d like to delete
5) Click on their photo to visit their Origin Profile (don’t worry you don’t leave the game)
6) Click on the plus sign just under their profile photo and this will bring up the “remove friend” option.
7) Tap this and like magic “poof” they’re gone!

Congratulations iOS Users you’ve officially gotten rid of that pesky Neighborino! If only Homer could get rid of Flanders that easily!

My Android friends…I’m sorry it’s not as easy!

To remove friends on your Origin Account via Android you must login to your account on the Origin Website.
1) Go to your neighborino screen and write down the EXACT names of any friends you wish to delete.
2) After you’ve compiled your list go to origin.com and click the login option at the very top of the site.
3) Enter your origin ID and password to login (this is the same info you use in the game)
4) Once it takes you to your main origin page highlight over My Account and a drop down menu will appear. Click on Privacy Settings:

5) Scroll down to the Block List

6) Here’s where that list of names comes into play: type the name of the Friend you wish to delete into the Block User Box and hit block:

Repeat this step for all the friends you wish to delete.
7) That’s it…you’ve officially eliminated those annoying Neighborinos!

p.s. In case you were wondering the Android method also works for iOS users.

Why Won’t it Let Me Add Friends?!

If you’re unable to add more friends it could be for a few reasons: 
1) You’ve already reached the max of 100 friends

2) The person you’re trying to add has already reached their 100 friend max. 

If you know for certain you have well under the 100 friend limit just move onto the next name on your list to add. If you’re adding someone from a posting on an EA Forum or other site they often get maxed out quickly. If you’re finding you can’t add a lot of names on your list try adding your name to the Tapped-Out Origin ID page, and others will add you. 

How Many Neighbor-eenos Can I Have?

100 friends is the most the game will allow you to have.

Your friends get an error message if they try to add you when you’ve already reached the limit – and the same thing happens if you try to add someone who already has 100 friends.

Most likely the limit is due to server capacity. The Origin social servers sometimes have problems keeping things running smoothly.  And don’t worry you’ll probably find that 100 friends is more than enough, even during special events.

DO NOT ADD YOUR FRIEND REQUESTS HERE.  Friends can be found and added on these threads: http://tstoaddicts.com/category/add-tsto-friends/

Any friend requests on this post will be deleted.  I promise you’ll make LOADS more friends on the Add Friends feed than anywhere else on this site! 

How Do I Add Neighbor-eenos?

The info on this post is a bit outdated since they’ve made several changes to Origin/EA.  Check out this post for some better information:

In case you didn’t know TSTO is a social game and one of highlights of the game is getting to visit “other Springfields” and see what your friends have done! (not to mention you can collect money Krustyland tickets & xp from visiting your neighbors) So get on it and add some Neighbor-eenos already!

Not sure how to do it? Well first things first you’ll need to create an origin account. Creating an origin account not only allows you to add friends to the game, but it also allows you to save the game (so if your device decides to crash your town is safe). So follow the in game instructions about creating an account (you get free donuts when you do…mmm donuts), just click on the origin logo to get started.

Assuming you’ve created your origin account adding friends is really easy. First, tap the Milhouse and Bart icon on the bottom right of your Springfield screen:

This will take you to your Neighbor-eeno screen. Here’s where there’s a difference in the Android and iOS.

If using Android:

On the bottom right you’ll see another Milhouse and Bart icon, but this time it will have a + on it:

Tap the icon and it will bring up a “Add Friends” box on your screen:

Just type in the Origin ID you wish to add and follow the on screen instructions. And invitation will be sent to your friend and if/when they accept it they’ll be added to your Neighbor-eeno screen.

If using iOS:
On the bottom right you’ll see the orange Origin logo with a + on it:

Tap the icon and it will bring up the Origin Task bar:

Just type in the Origin ID you wish to add and follow the on screen instructions. And invitation will be sent to your friend and if/when they accept it they’ll be added to your Neighbor-eeno screen.

When you’ve finished adding friends just click the Simpson House icon on the bottom right of the screen and it will take you right back to your town.