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13 Billion Goo & the Third Community Prize

We now have the new item for the Community Prize. A Ghost Bomb. 1 Continue reading

Community Prizes?? Really?

As you get past the first build in the Halloween update and move past your own GOO ambitions (check it out at Ghosts, Gremlins & GOO) you’ll notice there’s another new feature with this update.  A community GOO collection to work towards unlocking new items.  That screen looks like this:

Region Capture

Of course this screen shot was taken when the update first went live…and now the GOO count is much closer to 5,000,000,000 (yes that’s 5 BILLION).

Much like your own personal prizes you can earn for collecting GOO, these are prizes every tapper will earn (at the same time) if these numbers are achieved by the community as a whole.  So what are the items?

Well the first prize to unlock is the First Church of Lard Lad:

The rest of the items, in order are:

100px-Clawing_Zombie_Tapped_OutClawing Zombie

ghostbombGhost Bomb
frogprinceFrog Prince

200px-King_Homer's_Skyscraper_Tapped_OutKing Homer’s Skyscraper
So there you have it.  So get to tapping everyone!  Help ALL tappers get these awesome prizes before they’re gone!

UPDATE: We now know, after finally having a chance to review the files, that 5 billion is the FINAL unlock number, to unlock all 5 items.  Each item will unlock at earlier stages.  First Church of Lard Lad should unlock at 1 billion (it’s getting close!), Clawing Zombie at 2 billion community GOO, Ghost Bomb at 3 billion community GOO, Frog Prince at 4 billion community GOO & finally King Homer’s Skyscraper at the total 5 million community GOO.  That seems a bit more manageable huh?!

UPDATE #2: The counter is now over 1billion and the church has not been unlocked.  Many are now back to the original though that it’s 5 billion to unlock the Church of the Lard Lad.  At either rate it should be unlocked soon 🙂