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Weekend Update: December 29th – January 4th

Whoa, what a week. We went from 2013 to 2014 in the blink of an eye. Lots in store for the future here at Addicts. For now, let’s look at the past…week. ūüôā

Labor Pains 9

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WDTCF- Mr. Costington & His Store

Now a days, every town has to have that MAJOR high end mall type store. The one that is full of anything and everything you need. And if you don’t think you need it, they will make sure you leave thinking you did. Lol.

The store is very reminiscent of the Macy’s & Gimble’s type places from “Miracle on 34th Street”. It is located in Downtown Springfield, Hosts the towns Thanksgiving Day Parades, and has many familiar employees…like Gil and the Yes Guy. The owner, well you never know what to quite make of him. At one moment he seems so kind, at others…a very grumpy old man.

So what store is this? Who is the owner? Well, the title should have given you a clue. It is Costington’s. So without further ado, I will break down the origin of Costington’s, Mr. Costington, and just where they came from in the Simpsons TV World.


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Well look at what we got here. There is a character that seems to continually reoccur as an employee at pretty much any job possible that is now in our game. Do you know who I am talking about?

The man that I am speaking of is referred to as the “Yes Guy” for the crazy way he always says yes. “Eeeh-Y-e-e-e-es?”. I just love this guy. I think it is due to just how obnoxious he is. They way he talks. It reminds me of some old shows I watched with my Gramms in black and white with the guy desperate to sale you anything, so he makes EVERYTHING sound like it is the best deal you are getting. He is essentially kissing your behind the entire time. I loved watching those old reruns of Jack Benny and I Love Lucy with her. The actor he was made in honor of, Frank Nelson, was a riot to watch. You should check out some of his work and see just why the Yes Guy came about.

Yes Guy n Frank Nelson

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Turbo Tappin’- EHHH-YESSSSSSSS Style

WOOHOO! WE GOT THE YES GUY!!¬†And you all thought this lil Bunny got annoying. Just you wait. ūüėČ

Well as with any new character added to our lil game, the Yes Guy came with a quick lil task line with some quite hilarious dialog. (EA jabbing at us again?)

So for those of you will lightnin fast tappa tappa tappin fingers, here is the short short short version of his quest.

Positive Reinforcement Pt. 1
Yes Guy will start the task.

Make The Yes Guy Search for a New Catchphrase-60 mins / $70 17XP


Positive Reinforcement Pt. 2
Yes Guy will start the task.

Make The Yes Guy Call a Doctor– 4hrs /$175 45XP


Positive Reinforcement Pt. 3
Yes Guy will start the task.

Make The Yes Guy Run Away in Shame– 12hrs / $420 100XP


Positive Reinforcement Pt. 4
Yes Guy will start the task.

Make The Yes Guy Get a Haircut– 8hrs / $275 70XP


Positive Reinforcement Pt. 5
Yes Guy will start the task.

Make The Yes Guy Be Mr. Burns Yes Man- 24hrs / $600 150XP

So now you have an annoying character in your game that I truly adore and am happy he is finally here. Enjoy!


Weekend Update: December 22nd – December 28th

Wow, I can’t believe this year is almost to a close. So much has gone one. So much has changed. And here we are, still playing this amazing game.

With all the gift giving and receiving, it’s hard to keep up with all that went on in the TSTO Addicts world. Miss some posts? Looking to read a story again you saw earlier? Well here is your Weekend Update to help refresh all that went on this week. Let’s hop to it. ūüėČ


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Turbo Tappin’ Christmas 2013: Ebenezer Burns

Just past Christmas Day and EA has released the 3rd Community Prize. It is a skin for Mr. Burns that turns him into…well…I guess you can’t turn him into a Scrooge due to he already is one. Worse than one actually.

Well along with Ebenezer Burns, you will get a questline. So here is the quick tappin verison of that.

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Community Prize #3- Bah Humbug Burns

800 Million Gift Bags in the Pot… the Third Community Prize!

Happy Christmas every one and Bah Humbug for all you Scroogerinos!

Well, it‚Äôs obvious that the TSTO global community is full of generous tappers giving to their¬†neighbereenos! Granted EA had to lower the totals to make our gifts obtainable but without anyone¬†playing the game, there wouldn‚Äôt even be a ‚Äúcommunity‚ÄĚ to label the prizes with, right? If there are¬†Scrooges playing our favorite game, the Bob Cratchit‚Äôs far outnumber them for sure.

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IMPORTANT: New Things In Tapped Out Today! Santa Village & Hidden Quest (Updated 12/23)

Well Good Morning My Favorite Gift Grabbing Addict Tappers!

Happy Sunday before Christmas! ¬†Here at TSTO Addicts we’re all…well…Addicted to Tapped Out. ¬†Often times this addiction results in insomnia f0r Wookiee, Bunny & myself. ¬†We’re so dedicated to the game and to bringing you the latest and greatest info in the game that when something…like the Community Prize…is about to drop at least 1 of us will stay up and count down until it does. ¬†And that’s what happened last night & this morning.

Last night the Second Community Prize (Santa Village) dropped and this morning it appears as though we have a little hidden quest that has unlocked for us!  The Great Donut Caper quest should be ready to launch in your games Tappers (after Tapping on Homer).  This quest was rumored to start on Christmas Eve, but thankfully the minds at EA decided to start it the week of Christmas instead.

santasworkshop_menu                                sidebar_xmas_holidaydonut
Want to know more? ¬†Keep reading to find out more about the 2nd Community Prize AND The Great Donut ¬†Caper …(WARNING SPOILER)
UPDATE 12/23-¬†After the fold the post has been updated to include Part 2 of The Great Donut Caper…

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Weekend Update: December 15th- 21st

Oh well hi there. I think my mind checked out some time ago. What day is it? Saturday??!! WHOA! Where did the time go??!!

Well it’s about that time again to recap all the crazy stuff happening this past week. Give you all a minute to catch up, or read the information for the first time. ūüôā


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30 Billion GOO & King Homer’s Skyscraper

Hey Howdy Hey Ghost Busters!

Feels like it’s been a while since we’ve been here huh? We unlocked the Frog Prince back on October 22nd and now here we are almost 2 weeks later at our 5th and FINAL Community GOO prize King Homer’s Skyscraper! Congratulations Tappers!

Looks like EA has saved the best for last. The Skyscraper is one of the coolest building additions (at least in this Addict’s opinion) in the game.

king homer skyscraper

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