13 Billion Goo & the Third Community Prize

We now have the new item for the Community Prize. A Ghost Bomb. 1

You will see this as soon as you log into your town. Professor Frink will start off the dialogue.


Professor Frink: The Ghost Bomb is the latest product of my laboratory, guaranteed to blast ghosts to the kingdom come of Kingdom Come.

Professor Frink: I was actually trying to develop an automatic coffeemaker, but oh the kaboom and the coffee grounds on the wall and the scraping and the staining.

Ned Flanders: I don’t mean to be a Negative Neddy but will Maude’s spirit be in any danger?

Professor Frink: According to these calculations, as a Heavenly visitor she will merely be returned gently to the Pearly Gates.

Professor Frink: OR, she’ll be utterly destroyed and to you it will be as if she never existed.

Professor Frink: You know, quantum mechanics, uncertainty principle, SHROOOEdinger’s equation.

Professor Frink: Only one way to find out.


Just what exactly does this do? Well you use your ghost popping icons and now have the opportunity to pick from the regular pop (ghost image), the vacuum, and now a Ghost Bomb.

5 4

You will automatically be given 5. Once selected, you just tap the screen to activate the Ghost Bomb. The entire screen flashes white (see the white screen? Lol.)


Every single ghost in your entire town is GONE. Turned into Goo.


I would say to use each one sparingly as once you run out, you will have to use precious donuts to get more (3 donuts for 1/ 20 donuts for 12).


You also will get the chance at earning extra by taking your time and popping the ghosts, blowing them up, vacuum, and unhaunting buildings.



The ideal time to actually use the Ghost Bomb would be after you have released any and all ghosts from cemeteries, walls, and burial grounds. Basically once your ghost count in your town is at max. Then you can use this to your full advantage. It is kind fun blowing them all up at once. HAVE FUN!

The next Community Prize will hit once we reach 20 Billion, so keep on getting that Goo that you do…so well. Lol



26 responses to “13 Billion Goo & the Third Community Prize

  1. How can you get 10000000000000000000000000000000 donuts

  2. Not sure if anyone can help me out, but whenever the ghost bomb prize was achieved, mine didn’t. In the drop down and in the purchase menu it still has it “greyed” out. In the menu where it shows the community prize and the goo count it shows that it’s been achieved. I waited until we got the next prize to see if maybe it was just stuck but no luck :/ also need some friends that I can actually visit – add me hschardt89.

    • When your game has a glitch, the standard go to is to log out, restart and shut down your phone, then log back in. See if that corrects it. If not, then you can contact EA…however their go to is to have you completely uninstall the game and reinstall it to see if that will help to refresh the missing item. You’re welcome to try these steps and if it still is not resolved, I would suggest to contact EA for further help. 🙂

  3. Thanks. And Welcome to our madness. 🙂

  4. I’ve won several more ghost bombs popping ghosts and de-haunting houses. I’m only using it when I have a bunch of haunted items come due and/or my town is crawling with ghosts. I wouldn’t spend donuts for more, but so far I haven’t used enough to run out, so it’s a moot point.

  5. I get people’s disappointment with this third prize. I don’t know if EA was thinking we’d blow through the community prizes, but we’ve been going steady. This probably should have been sent out as the second community prize. You can tell they had a change of heart and decided it needed to come out faster.

    We’ve been averaging a billion to a billion and a half a day, so that gives you an idea of when the next community prizes will be available.

  6. Im very disapointed with the ghost bomb. It wouldve been more welcome in the beggining but I already have unlocked all 10 personnal prizes a week ago, finished my very last halloween quest this morning.. im getting bored! The only thing that keeps me interested is the donuts for goo incentive. *sad face*

  7. To be frank i am getting bored of these popping ghosts..i got my 10000 goo within thr first 10 days of the expansion released cause i was anxious to have all the prices and be an active member in the community to get the extra 5 community prices
    But i am disappointed with what happened after the 10000, it told me to gain extra 2000 to get a surprise, after i got it, it gave me alittle screen of three boxes to select from, i selected one and it gave me 1 donut, then it said to spend 50000 $ to “win-win” and when i spent those 50k i got extra 2 donuts….i mean wtf!!
    This is the suprise, again i gathered another 2000 goo and the same happened, 1 donut followed by me spending 50000 $ to get another 2, and again and again…now i am at 18000 goo collected and i am very frustrated…and to add to my disappointment are the community prices which after the lard of donuts i felt like rubbish and waste of time
    I was very interested in collecting goo when there was something to excit me but now i feel like there is no anymore

    • The final prize, King Homer, looks really cool to me. I understand the annoyance on bonus rounds, must be luck of draw. Some hit 3 right away, some don’t.

      I myself am just loving the idea of all the free stuff, cool or not, makes me think EA is at least trying. I have earned almost 50+ donuts during this event alone.

      Hang in there. Hopefully it’ll get better for you.

  8. Pretty poor community prize another decoration would have been nice a giant ghost bomb like the nuke warheads would have looked great on my promenade

  9. EA Gets us all excited with first church of lard..is it a skin or a whole new building…speculation ran rampant. they gave us a whole new building!! YES!! since then? well the words anti climatic come to mind. zombie pet? ok kinda cool it does go pop and i hear it will stay in the game, but a ghost bomb? for reals? and spend donuts for more! are u kidding me!! I agree with the the cranky old guy, i like the vaccum sound. after the event theres no use for it so im anticipating it will disappear. EA givith Ea takith away, some gift, gee thanks. so whats next and will it stay? sorry if i sound kinda ungratful, i stopped smoking a couple days ago and well, ya know

  10. On my first ghost pop after receiving the ghost bombs I received a free ghost bomb any chance they replaced the free donuts with free ghost bombs?

  11. I love this game, I truly do, but I have to admit I am disappointed in Halloween and getting bored! I can’t help it that I have great friends that visit me and that I am on top of things in my town. I got my 10000 goo in the first 10 games and now, no quests! So I have to wait till the 7th of November to have new things to do? Come on EA!! I am just saying its getting a little old

    • Bored? Already? Lol

      There are still tons at just 2000 and 3000. I have already hit 10,000 but now it is my goal to get as many of those free bonus donuts as possible.

      Sounds like you’re experiencing what some of the Whacking Day players experienced. I for one am not bored…yet. I am waiting to see what else I want to buy, the go for a redesign. I want it to stay quiet…just a bit…so I can do this. I am crazy, I know. 😛

      But…I am excited to see what they unleash on us next. Christmas event is not too far away. 🙂

    • Can only really compare this with Whacking Day and it is much more fun, ghosts are less annoying than snakes and more fun to pop, individual AND community prizes, and free donuts.

      Sorry, I can’t agree. Great event, EA.

  12. I felt the same way about the pricing of the bombs with donuts. I remember when this update began I wondered who really bought Gremlins with donuts since they are not exactly hard to find. But it seems EA learned that and made sure the drop rate on bombs is close to the drop rate of donuts off ghosts.

    • Agreed. Prior to the release of the First Church of Lard Lad, I was speculating on Topix that maybe after a community prize unlocks, you have to spend more to actually get the prize. I was hoping to be proved wrong, but looks like with the Ghost Bomb I nailed it! Hope we don’t have to spend more donuts on the next two prizes. (It would be really sad if you did, because I am a freemium player.)

  13. I concur 🙂

    I want my free to continue to be free….not start free to suck me in, then ask for payment after I got a taste for it. Lol

    EA knows how to try and get us to let go of those precious donuts.

  14. I would like to add that like donuts, you have a chance to get a ghost bomb when you pop ghosts. I found that out when I popped a single ghost in my town instead of wasting a bomb.

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