WAWW… Squidport Part Deux

Here is my continuation from Part Uno posted Yesterday… WAWW is short for What a Wookiee Wants btw…

Starting off, this is not really a part of the Squidport but a building I want, want, want to put in front of it.  I picture this sort of like the Open Air Stage but where EA could bring us all the music celebrity cameos that have appeared in the show i.e. Green Day, Aerosmith, etc.


My next addition was not originally on SqP but something I believe would be a great addition and maybe even give Handsome Pete a task or two.


While on the topic of Boardwalk Performers… why not add another? (Yes EA, I know his estate is super protective but come on, please?  Pretty please?  Pretty please with legally bought donuts on top?)

Last but not least the thing I want the most is Marine World.  Of course it would come with Snorky who would hopefully have tasks.

Marine World Simpsons

I truly dream of this as a premium addition to Halloween with Killer Dolphins roaming the streets.  Zombies are one of my favorite things but this would be just as rad.  Snorky as a character would be our reminder year round of the fun we would have.  Well, that’s all for now party people.  TTFN

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  1. Good read. I been thinking it be neat to have some real world musicians that had guest spots on the Simpsons’.

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