Tapped Out Walkthrough: Level 31

Level 31 brought the much anticipated Wolfcastle and McBain (Premium Costume).  Let’s get right into the walkthrough.
Mayor Quimby Kicks things off

Celeb-o-mania Pt. 1
After Tapping Quimby

Quimby: Er, um. Mr. Burns, I’m worried that at the rate we’re rebuilding , erm, Springfiled is headed for social unrest. We’re running out of space to put our citizens. We keep building restaurants but we still don’t have any garbage service. And I receive a lot of complaints that it’s too difficult to find people when they’re walking around.
Smithers: The Mayor may be right, sir. There already is a woman who keeps complaining about ‘something’. Eventually that ‘something’ could turn into something.
Burns: We need to scrounge up some celebrity pap to dangle in front of the town like shiny keys. Call Bumblebee Man and tell him we need a nip slip pronto!
Smithers: I’m not sure he’ll do another one, sir. He said he needed to stop bringing so much shame to his family.
Burns: Ugh, Catholics. If they’re not denying shame, they’re making it up.
Quimby: A former political rival of mine has, uh, hit hard times. I would be happy to offer him up for ridicule as he tries to cling to his fame.
Wolfcastle: Did someone say fame? I must have it back! It is the only vay I can afford to do that thing where food goes in my mouth.
Build Wolfcastle’s Mansion- 36 hr build
TSTO Wolfcastle Mansion Level 31
New Character Unlock!
TSTO Wolfcastle new character unlock level 31
Now With Extra Hype (Note: This will be your next quest ONLY if you’ve built Planet Hype (premium) if not, move on to Celeb-o-mania Pt.2 )

Wolfcastle: Hello Ladies and Gentlemen, Rainier Wolfcastle here to announce my latest business adventure. As you know, celebrities excel in many fields: Body building, action-heroing, governoring and now restauranteuring. We’re going to have a huge opening night party and then……..that’s pretty much the end of my involvement.
Make Wolfcastle Promote Planet Hype– 16 hrs

Celeb-o-mania Pt.2 
After tapping Wolfcastle

Wolfcastle: Thank you for building me this enormous mansion. After Maria told me to leave, I have been forced to wander from luxury hotel to luxury hotel.  The only bottles of alcohol I could get were very tiny.
Burns: That’s not all we got you.  You’re now hosting a reality TV show so your tremendous Teutonic talents can once again distract the good people of Springfield.
Wolfcastle: Distract?
Burns: Oh, that’s just my way of saying “entertain”.
Wolfcastle: TV for Wolfcastle. If I am to be in front of cameras, I must take this flabby coal body and turn it hard as a diamond.
Make Wolfcastle Exercise4hrs
Keep Krusty free when complete

Egoin’ Crazy Pt. 1
After tapping Krusty

Krusty: Hey Brockman, you better not be here for ‘America’s Laziest Premises’. Hosting a reality competition was the crap job I was born for!
Brockman:   I don’t know anything about that terrible reality program where ordinary people are judged on who has the best idea for a terrible reality program.
Wolfcastle: Oh hello there, Krampy and Vhite-Haired Guy.  Have you come to audition for my fantastic new unscripted series? We are still looking for desperate contestants to exploit.
Krusty: You’re the host? I’m six times the star as Steroid Hitler! Looks like I have to remind Springfield who’s the true big shot in this ‘burg.
Make Krusty Inflate His Own Importance– 6hrs
Keep Brockman free when complete

Egoin’ Crazy Pt. 2
After tapping Brockman

Brockman: Pass me over for work, will they? Well, they picked the wrong fear-baiting sensationalist to slight.  Tonight’s shocking headline – “Reality TV: Threat or Menace… or Atrocity?
Make Brockman Record Eye on Springfield-12hrs
Keep Mr. Burns free when complete

Celeb-o-mania Pt. 3
After tapping Mr. Burns

Burns: Excellent.  These celeb-fed nimrods are flapping their bleached gums about nonsensical drivel, while any issue of substance is as forgotten as that dance that preceded the Charleston.  Time to lighten my pockets on a little nuclear-fueled stroll.
Make Mr. Burns Hide Nuclear Waste– 8hrs
Keep Cletus free when complete

Climbing Up To The D-List Pt. 1
After tapping Cletus

Cletus: Thanks you kindly for visitin’ my humble, alcohol-growing farm. I think you’ll find lots of that ratin’ generatin’ drama ’round here.
Wolfcastle:  Vhite trash are good for funny laugh at. It is the comedy of knowing I am better than you.
Cletus: Follow me around, and yud get the reals story…on things ya don’t care about. I call the show ‘What Dat Badger Doin’ Dere?’
Wolfcastle: I enjoy this, because your accent is veird and your physical appearances bizarre. That statement carries no irony.
Make Wolfcastle Shoot Show at Celtus’s Farm-12hrs
Make Cletus Yokel It Up at His Farm– 12hrs
Keep Wiggum free when complete

Climbing Up To The D-List Pt. 2
After tapping Wiggum

Wiggum: Excuse me, sir, but we’ve received a report of a 5-22 in this area….That’s the crime of not putting the chief of police on your TV program.
Wolfcastle: Police Person Viggums, I like how you are a police person who plays by his own rules. It reminds me of me when I am McBain! Is your idea for “America’s Laziest Premises” about a gritty, violence-packed law show?
Wiggum: I was thinking more like a gritty, violence-packed food show.  I actually got my idea while sleep eating! It’s literally the food show of my dreams.
Wolfcastle: Another cooking competition… I already like how lazy it is.
Wiggum: It would be like Top Chef meets Survivor meets the chili cook-off I always win.
Wolfcastle: This sounds great, especially the part you did not think of. I will shoot this at El Chemistri.  For what is the point of having a reality show, if I can’t get important chefs to feed me free food.
Make Wolfcastle Shoot Show at El Chemistri – 12hrs
Keep Homer free when complete

Climbing Up To The D-List Pt. 3
After tapping Wolfcastle

Wolfcastle: Hideous fat man, come back with my dinner!
Homer: But this is my idea for “America’s Laziest Premises.” It’s a prank show where every prank is that I steal someone’s meal and eat it.
Wolfcastle: I warn you, that chili pepper is Wolfcastle strength. An average lard ball like yourself won’t have the intestinal strength to survive.
Homer: I’ve eaten a whole saltlick before in one sitting at that stable. I think I can handle one little pepper.
Homer Eat The Chief’s Famous Guatemalan Insanity Pepper Chili- 12hrs
Keep Skinner free when complete

Celeb-o-mania Pt. 4
After tapping Skinner

Skinner: Excuse me, Mr. Burns, but I have a teacher who is trying to unionize for better pay and benefits.
Burns: Ah, you want to borrow my guy to spay your Norma Rae. Wolfcastle, come here a momentiola.
Mrs. Krabappel:  Skinner, I need real health insurance. I’m tired of using anatomy lessons to crowd-source diagnoses from the students. And their prescriptions are never strong enough!
Wolfcastle: Mrs. Krabappel, put down your protest sign, and behold human perfection! BEHOLD WOLFCASTLE!
Make Wolfcastle Pose– 8hrs 
Make Mrs. Krabappel Go for a Smoke Break (x3)- 10min each
Mrs. Krabappel: If this is the new health plan, I’ll let this Austrian Adonis take my temperature any day. HA!
Keep Brockman free when complete 

Egoin’ Crazy Pt. 3
After tapping Brockman’s

Brockman: I’ve been spreading hyperbolic panic, and still Wolfcastle is hogging the limelight.  It’s time I escalate this media war from conventional to guerilla. Get ready for the viralest video of all time, world… because Kent Brockman is going to rant into a webcam!
Make Brockman Create a Viewtube Video-4hrs
Keep Wolfcastle free when complete

 Egoin’ Crazy Pt. 4
After tapping Wolfcastle

Wolfcastle: I see you are trying to cyber-bully me, Brockman. So I am here to real-bully you.
Brockman: *gulp* I’m sure we can settle this dispute with a peaceful dialogue.
Wolfcastle: Yes, we could. But what is the fun in that? I recommend taking a calcium supplement now, so your bones heal faster.
Brockman: By any chance, you wouldn’t once again fall for the old “your laces are untied” bit, would you?
Wolfcastle: Vhut about my laces?
Make Wolfcastle Go in for a Closer Inspection of his Laces  36 hrs
Wolfcastle: On closer inspection, these still are loafers.
Keep Carl and Lenny free when complete

Celeb-o-mania Pt. 5
After tapping on Carl

Carl: Today’s finally the day we stand up to Mr. Burns and demand a safer plant. And what perfect weather to picket for a strike.
Lenny: Yeah, almost too perfect. Do we want to spend such a nice day all angry and yelling? Especially when we might miss the latest gossip about this Wolfcastle/Brockman media feud! I’m Team Brockman…
Carl: and I’m Team Wolfcastle. Hey, instead of striking, let’s go to Moe’s and watch celebrities bicker on TV
Make Carl Drink at Moe’s8hrs
Make Lenny Drink at Moe’s- 8hrs
Keep Moe free when complete

Climbing Up To The D-List Pt. 4
After tapping Moe

 Moe: Thanks so much for having me on your show, Mr. Wolfcastle. Usually, I’m told cameras can’t take the exposure to the ol’ Szyslak kisser.
Wolfcastle: Don’t worry. We set up a system of mirrors to protect our equipment. Now tell us your idea, so we may film you, and judge you later.
Moe: The title of my show is “The Sleezeball.” It’d be a dating show where I date any lady willing to sign the release forms.  I figure their craving to be on TV will work like a legal roofie.
Wolfcastle: You disgust me, but in a vay I vant to vatch. But I use my “Vild Card” to change the idea so we get fewer lawsuits.  You’ll scare couples on a date by being you, and document yourself doing it.  It will be like Ghost Hunters, except you are your own ghost that you hunt.
Moe: Eh, that sounds fine too. Either way, I’ll meet new people.
Make Wolfcastle Shoot Show at The Pimento Grove- 12hrs
Make Moe Spook Patrons at The Pimento Grove-12hrs
Keep Bart free when complete

Climbing Up To The D-List Pt. 5
After tapping on Bart

Bart: Mom, you’ve got to help me find a way to get you on Wolfcastle’s reality show!.
Marge: I’m sorry, Bart. But I’m very busy today.
Bart: What are you talking about? You’re a mom — you’re never busy.
Marge: Hmmmm. Maybe if you saw a day in my life, you’d understand how difficult being a mom really is.
Make Marge Walk Maggie-8hrs
Bart: Wow. Real housewives are a lot more boring than Real Housewives.
Keep Smithers and Wolfcastle free when complete

Celeb-o-mania Pt. 6
After tapping Smithers

Smithers: Mr. Wolfcastle, Mr. Burns has another dignity-lowering assignment for you.
Wolfcastle: Vhat does that vithered pigeon tendon vant now?
Burns: I booked you for an interview with Kent Brockman!  I haven’t seen a public quarrel with this rancorous since the front-page feud between an aging Douglas Fairbanks and that upstart Rin Tin Tin.  We must keep this vapid controversy at full boil.  Between that and the hoopla over your brainless show, no one has time to pay attention to anything important.
Wolfcastle: If that is vhat you vant, then that is vhat Volfcastle vill do.  Ugh. I should really try to word my sentences without so many W’s in them.
Make Wolfcastle Appear on a Talk show– 1hr

Celeb-o-mania Pt. 7
After tapping Wolfcastle

Wolfcastle: I vas vonce the greatest movie star in the vorld. Now I am a henchman for that brittle nuclear baron, Mr. Burns.  Have I become as delusional as the vimps and veakoids on my pathetic unscripted program, clutching at celebrity? Comic Book Person imagines an audience for “Comic Book Man” vhere a nerd talks nerd-talk. Elderly Skinner lady believes her attitude vould make “Sassy Mamas” a hit.  That Viggums boy doesn’t get that on “Little Wiggy Poo Poo” he vould just be showing off that he is a tubby idiot.  All dream people vant to see their sad lives. Yet do I act any wiser?  I am being mocked across entertainment platforms.  I have become a rock hard, finely sculpted punchline! Rainier Volfcastle: that is the joke. Ugh, vhy Volfcastle, vhy are you doing these hollow, vorthless jobs? I must go home and hide from my disappointments.
Make Wolfcastle Relax in his Mansion– 24hrs

Climbing Up To The D-List Pt. 6
After tapping Wolfcastle

Wolfcastle: You are cancelling ‘America’s Laziest Premises’? But it hasn’t even aired!  How could all the footage be unusable? I am screaming in more than 80% of it! THAT ALWAYS VORKS! *click* They hung up on me I vill take out my fury on the iron I pump. For I swear vengeance on you, TV netvorks of Springfield! This is not the end of VOLFCASTLE!
Make Wolfcastle Exercise– 4hrs

Egoin’ Crazy Pt. 5
After tapping Wolfcastle

Wolfcastle: I told you that vas not the end. And vant to tell you, Mr. Burns, I am done being your lackey!
Burns: What are you going to do, you jobless, slab-necked oaf? Go into politics so you can freeload off the government?
Wolfcastle: The publicity from Brockman has made me famous again. And vith no TV show, I am free to do films. My agents already set me up to direct and star in “Death Grandpas.”  I play a former Navy SEAL who must protect a retirement community from terrorists and long-haired teenagers. The movie costs $80 million so far, and hasn’t even been written. Film is truly the hack work of kings!
Make Wolfcastle Shoot Action Footage– 12hrs

And with that Level 31 is Complete!  If you’ve purchased the McBain Costume and Film Set that walkthrough can be found here

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  1. Celeb-o-mania Part 3 finally started back up for me after I finished the Money Mountain. Level 31 has been stuck for quite awhile. This is the last one I need to complete.

  2. FYI egoin crazy pt 2 started out of the blue for me after I finished Burns money mountain. I’ve been on lvl 59 for a few months and hadn’t realised this questline was stuck.

  3. I’m on level 59 and I’m stuck on the climbing up to the d-list pt 5. Before I got Maggie I used to be able to send Marge to walk her no problem. Now it says requires quest. What do I do? Both Marge and Maggie are available. What quest line am I waiting on?

  4. Thank you so much for your response! I finally got the Lenny and Carl quests to appear after storing Mr. Burns and replacing him….so I figured after I finished those quests the Wolfcastle quests would start back up but I finished them this morning and nothing has happened. Tried storing and replacing Mr. Burns, Wolfcastle, and Brockman since they all semi pertain to the quest but still nothing. I am completely caught up in quests to that level….have even started working on some of the newer quests since I am almost level 36 now so I can’t figure out what is going on. I can only think of one thing that might have it stuck and that is the squid port quests. Do you have to complete those for others to work because I stopped working on those a long time ago to pursue all quests that were for the actual town. If I get caught up on the squid port quest will that help the game run smoother? I didn’t figure the quests were intertwined with each other since that was it’s own section but am I completely wrong? Wouldn’t surprise me if that was my big mistake!!! Thanks again for your help and this amazing website!!! You guys are amazing!!

    • I have the same problem. I have finished squid port and krustyland quests. I am even working level 39 quests too. I got to Egoin crazy pt 1. After I completed it, with all characters free the quest line stopped. Been stopped for almost 3 weeks. Usual tricks don’t work so I just gave up on them.

  5. I don’t know how my phone messed that up…corrected here…. I am having the same problem as the other posts on here….I finished the Egoin’ Crazy Pt. 2 quest and it never triggered Mr Burns for the Celeb-o-mania Pt. 3 quest. I wonder if this is a glitch in the system that I should contact the creators about or if it just skips all of that levels quests if you are too far ahead of the story line!? I am already up to level 35 because it is taking me forever to gather money to buy the items and with the events you still collect xp so it advances you faster. It did the same thing a few quests back only that quest at least let me get over halfway through completion before it stopped triggering the new pieces to it….this one has stopped like 3 quests in….I am at a loss for what to do. I want to complete all the quests to enjoy the game experience but it is not giving them on certain levels. 🙁 So sad and frustrating!!! I tried storing wolf castle’s house and replacing it and rebooting my phone but nothing worked. Any help that someone can give me to correct these problems would be greatly appreciated! Thank you for this website! Such dedication!!!

    • Sometimes they quests get stuck. Give it a little bit of time, keep playing some of the other questlines in your task book, clear them out. If it doesn’t popup after you clear some tasks, contact EA

  6. I got Wolfcastle to do his job, and Krusty is now free, but it won’t start. It skipped straight to Rod and Todd’s quest.

    • So he already exercised? Give it a bit and see if it triggers later. Some of these quests might step over one another depending on how many things you have going on in your game at one time.

      • Yeah he did. I also just realized that I started Bad Cops along with Rod and Todd. Could it be the game trying to catch up since I’m around level 36.

      • I have been waiting for a week for the “climbing up to the d list pt 1” to trigger but it hasn’t (I already completed the task that comes before it) I was wondering if it hasn’t triggered yet because I have too many tasks going (15 at the moment) and if so, will I need to wait until the end of the terwillinger event to end for it to trigger (5 or so of my tasks are related to that event) thank you!

  7. Hi Guys,
    Excellent site, love it!

    Bit behind with TSTO but I’m now on level 31, just to let you know Wolfcastle’s Mansion is no longer $343500, it’s $114500.

    • Thanks for reminding me to change it on this Walkthrough! We’ve got it updated on the Realty guide but I always forget to make the price drop changes to the walkthroughs.
      Glad you’re enjoying the site and thank you for the kind words! 🙂

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