Is There An Easier Way to Collect Money?

Tapped Out collecting money and xp
The longer you play Tapped Out the more buildings and characters you have in your Springfield.  While this is a great thing, it can also pose a problem when it comes time to collect rent and money from jobs.  When you’ve got a lot of buildings generating rent and a lot of characters finishing their tasks all at once, collecting money and XP can take much longer than it needs to, especially if you’re playing on a smaller device.  Here’s some advice to help make the process easier and faster..
Start from bottom left and go straight up with a single tap on each building or character and work around your Springfield this way, moving one to the right after each time.  You would work bottom left all the way to the top- move one over the the right and work your way down- move one to the right and work you way up and so on.  
The logic behind this is when you tap on money it pops up and falls to the left.  Which means if you’re collecting money when a bunch of jobs are done it can be difficult to tap on other buildings or characters because the money already tapped on covers them up.

I know this may seem a little silly but I promise you, it works and will make your life easier in Springfield. Don’t believe me?  Try it for yourself and you’ll see what I mean. Personally find doing it this way makes a huge difference because I have so many characters and buildings,  Go on and give it a try!!

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