Should I Spend Donuts on Barney’s Bowlarama?

Wondering if you should add Barney’s Bowlarama to your Springfield?   Well before you hit that confirm button, lets break down the Pros and Cons of adding the bowlarama to your Springfield.

TSTO Barneys Bowlarama
Building Name: Barney’s Bowlarama
Donut Price: 250 Donuts
Dimensions: 7×12
Payout: $105 & 11xp every 5hours
Return on Investment: $0.42/.044XP/Donut Spent
-It unlocks Barney, one of the regular Simpsons characters not included as a regular character
-Comes with a quest line for Barney
– The Bowlarama is used by Barney, Ned & Homer.
-It’s Barney
-The MOST expensive donut item in the game.
-The worst return on your donut investment in the game
Final: I know it’s expensive, but it’s Barney! If you can swing it, how can you not have him in your town?

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14 responses to “Should I Spend Donuts on Barney’s Bowlarama?

  1. Do not buy Barney at full price! He is offered in mystery boxes/ at a rebate often enough that if you wait a few months you can probably get him at around half price!

  2. Fun fact. I’ve been playing this game for so long, I’ve got Barney and the bowlarama for FREE. Yes, me friends, there was a time when Barney was not a premium character. Amazing, isn’t it.
    So glad to have him. Would have never spent that much donuts on him…

  3. Recently bought him because of the sale.

  4. Always wanted him got him finally a little while ago
    On sale for a great deal
    I remember a bunch of characters were on sale
    For a limited time you had to wait a certain amount of time between
    Sales but it allowed me to get Barney Otto and a few other pricey
    Premiums items can’t remember the sale though do you
    I’d like another one though

  5. I have this and Barney in the game, but I don’t remember ever spending 250 donuts on anything. Was he ever purchasable with cash?

  6. Does the Bowlarama improve consumerism rating? I’ve been saving for it for quite a while now, but now that I’m getting close I’m having second thoughts. Consumerism is my only category that isn’t 5 stars and I’m trying to only purchase items that help with that. It seems impossible to get it to 5 stars! Every time I get close, they create a new level and I get bumped down a notch. Was at 4.5 but with the new level I’m back down to 4 🙁

  7. Louis Trapani

    That should be 250 donuts (220 donuts would be a fairer price though).

    • It was also wrote in August of last year…things change. 😉

      • Louis Trapani

        Yeah, that crossed my mind as well as a possibility. I hope my comment didn’t come across as hostile or negative in any way, as that wasn’t my intent. I should had added an emoticon or something to it. Just trying to be helpful here, yet not come across as a nag or whatever. Cheers.

        • RAWR…you are SO mean and hostile. 😛

          Nah. I try to look on all comments with lighthearted humor and content. 😉

          • Louis Trapani

            Okay good. Sometimes I re-read what I write on the net (not specifically here) and say to myself that could come across as crass or insensitive if read a certain way.

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