Wookieecorp brings you… Milhouse

Welcome back to the next edition of How-Tos from your hairy friends at Wookieecorp.  Today’s installment is Milhouse.  For Simpsons lovers, he is usually one of the least favorite characters from the show but even those that love to hate him respect his turn as Fallout Boy.  Like must sidekicks, I imagine that he wishes to someday take over the boots of his favorite caped crusader… The one and only Radioactive Man.  I chose this image mainly because I wanted to play around with color and the red mailboxes seemed perfect for this.

Here is the image I chose:

This 2D turned out to be more difficult than others but to start I of course had to clear a space for my image.  Please join me as I play a solemn hymn for my retired artwork.

I decided to start out by shaping the head.  Took a lot of tweaks but here’s my first stab at it.

Started working on one of the eyes but quickly gave up as it just didn’t seem to be working out.

Since the eye wasn’t working out… Went with Milhouse’s enormous schnozz which seemed to help out.  I used the 25 game dollar bushes for this outline.

With this in place, his glasses were easier to place.  The blackish snapdragons worked really well for this.

Used the propane tanks you can find on new land to fill in the eyes.  The random rubbish from the game is very useful.

While doing the eyes, the glasses shape was tweaked some and I used a different bush for the pupils as I thought the snapdragons wouldn’t pop out if used.  Now came the task of filling in the image.  Just from a tutorial aspect I bought the mailboxes as I went along but it is much easier to buy them and place them somewhere else first.  You can then store them and filling is a little easier.  To each their own though.

Was almost finished by this point.  You can see I’d already finished Milhouse’s mouth and was only left with his lightning bolt which was a real bugger to do.

For the bolt I tried to use the original image but ended up finding inspiration from the actual Radioactive Man.

So here’s the finished product.  Hope you enjoy it as much as I do.  Happy tapa-tapa-tapping everybody!  You stay classy Tapperinos.

TSTO 2D Milhouse Wookie Corp 

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  1. Uh-oh – another 2D post with most of the pictures missing 🙁

  2. Simply awesome. How great that would be as I skin for him

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