Wookieecorp brings you… Itchy & Scratchy by Bunny

Here’s another How-To from my 2D Hero…. the one and only Bunny Da Vinci…. You stay classy Tapperinos!

“They fight, they bite, They bite and fight and bite, Fight fight fight, bite bite bite, The Itchy & Scratchy Show!”

Welcome to the next part of the “Mind of a Madwoman”. Lol.

In this 2D How-To, I will be taking you along the ride with me while my multiple personalities and myself create Itchy & Scratchy. Wait, I have multiple personalities, no I don’t, who said that, WILL YOU ALL SHUT IT! Tongue

Simpsons have been a part of my life since childhood. I grew up on obnoxious cartoons like Tom & Jerry, Voltron, Thundercats, He-man, etc.  In other words, I was used to violent-ish kid cartoons. Due to this, I giggled every-time I saw Itchy & Scratchy cartoons inserted into Springfield. (I probably anxiously awaited them as much as Bart & Lisa). I loved seeing that lil mouse DESTROY the cat. Cut his head off, pull out his insides, tear him apart, and the cat got a few good ones in too. Yes, yes, yes… I know… violent… “is she damaged from it?”…I say no. I think cartoons were thought of in a different way in my childhood then they are now. I was a tough kid. A Tomboy that could hold her own with the big boys. I could out shoot, out fish, and out camp them all.

…and I am off subject…dang ramblings.

For the scene I had in my head (as for some reason I couldn’t find pics online, violence maybe?) I had only a basic image of Itchy & Scratchy to go off of, which you can find all over the internet. I wanted it to be a large 2D, so I needed a big space to work with. For this creation I will be using Snapdragons, Garbage bins, small shrubs/bushes, newspaper dispensers, propane tanks, and trash cans. (The Bunny hedge in most my pics is kinda my signature).

I started with Scratchy first. I picked his nose as a good focal point to start with and branched off from there. I continued to lay out the general outline for his face and head. (As the snapdragons can get spendy, I didn’t want to fill him all in). I didn’t like the initial design, but it was a good start. So I left it as is to come back to later and tweak more once the two were laid out. His hair mainly was giving me trouble and I just didn’t like the way it was looking with his ears.

Now with a general outline, on to Itchy. The eyes were a good focal point to give me an idea of placement. I then went on to his nose to see if the distance would be ok between the two as it is very long. Then, I continued on with his hair, ears (I had to move these a few times until I felt they were big enough), and head. I continued tweaking direction and/or placement here and there as I went.

Now to add more details and to fine tune the designs. I didn’t have too many news dispensers, so I did have to purchase more. Again making a basic design, then filling in where needed. I wanted Itchy’s teeth and nose more dominant, so I decided to place white picket fences and a long shrub for detail. The garbage cans worked great for the “stabby” knife. Scratchy was now easier to manipulate. For the scene I wanted the “death eyes”, so I filled them in first to get uniformity, then removed the snapdragons until I had the X’s.

Now the last bit of detail…the blood. LOL Tongue
I again had to purchase more newspaper dispensers, but it added a great color so I didn’t mind. With the outlines and shapes all in place, it was easy to outline more with the red color of the dispensers. I threw in a few extras here and there for a “dripping” effect.

…and VOILA…a scene right out of the Itchy & Scratchy show!!

Hope this greatly disturbs you…I mean inspires you to make some of your own creations. Smile


FYI: All of the 2D art I am creating is all done free handed. That means no graphs, no overlays, etc. It is all just me taking my time and placing each lil item down, tweaking it as I go, until I am satisfied with result. Also, My images lately do not stay long as I need the space for other things. In the future, some will become permanent.

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