Level 34 is here!!!

Keep Lisa free and out of Krustyland because she starts off the tasks.  Stay tuned for more from Addicts!

My iPhone literally just updated.  I apologize in advance for the lack of pictures but it looks like we got Springfield High School with Super Nintendo Chalmers, his 1979 _ONDA, a minnow pond, a camp fire and the Springfield Knowledgeum!  Even better, all of these are FOR GAME CASH!!!  (insert excited Wookiee sounds here)

On the premium end, we got Sheri and Terri for 150 donuts and Robby The Automaton for 40 donuts.

Lastly, we got the World’s Largest Zirconia as an aspirational building.  It cost 5 million in game cash but looks pretty cool!  Not the giant toilet but oh well.  WIth this addition, I’d place the toilet at 4 million when it’s finally released.

Now that we have one set of twins, will we possibly see the next set soon?  Come on EA, bring us Marge’s chain smoking sisters already!

Anywho, this update came completely by surprise which is pretty cool.  I’m pretty sure there will be pics posted soon by our resident authors but wanted to make sure this info got out to all my fellow Addicts right away!

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