Level 34: What We Know So Far

Hello Fellow Tapped Out Addicts!

Level 34 was released today!  This is the first update that I can remember NOT knowing what it was going to contain.  So everything so far has been a complete surprise!  Here’s what we know about Level 34 so far:
level 34 up
-As you can see from the Level 34 Level Up! message, Cookie Kwan does the honors this time and leveling up comes with 2 donuts (woohoo free donuts!)

dialouge dia2
-Lisa kicks everything off by questioning what comes next with Principal Skinner!  At least in my game, I did not have to have Lisa free to get things started.  My game was ready to level up immediately so it did, and the Lisa dialogue started right away!

Springfield HS
-After Lisa  questions things with Principal Skinner tappers are given the task to build The Springfield High School.  It’s a 24hr build and costs $232,500.  It also comes with Superintendent Chalmers!

-The Springfield Knowledgeum is another, in game cash, building that has been added with Level 34.  It’s unlocked via it’s own Quest “Night at The Knowledgeum Pt. 1”.  In my game it’s currently locked still so I don’t have many other details on it beyond that.

-Some really awesome, in game cash, decorations have been included with Level 34, including a few that have been in the game files for a while.  Level 34 decorations are:

-Minnow Pond-$4,500 +tree-hugging

chalmers car
-Chalmer’s 1979_ONDA.  For those who’ve been asking for more cars…Wookiee I’m looking at you!…$9,800 +vanity.  Sadly it can’t be placed on the road..

-Campfire- $2,600 + tree-hugging

-The newest aspirational building The World’s Largest Ziconia $5,000,000 + Vanity…and I know it’s not the giant toilet I’m bummed too!

-1 New Premium Item in Level 34, Robby The Automaton.  40 Donuts and adds 2% bonus to all XP and Jobs

-Two NEW characters (for the price of 1) that so many tappers have been asking for….SHERRI AND TERRI have made their way to Springfield!  They will however set you back 150 Donuts, but they are premium so they’ll earn 50% more on all Jobs and XP!

We’ll be back with more level 34 info as we have it!

On a personal note…I’d like to say who called the contents of the update first?  This guy!  Check out my post from Sunday about a Back to School Update.  Remember you heard it from the Addicts first!

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  1. This does make sense in it being back to school

  2. The Knowledgeum is $379,500 and unlocks after SKINNERRRR?! Part 3…
    http://drewdabble.com/2013/08/29/tsto-level-34-skinnerrrr/ 🙂

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