Earlier in the week, Nick looked at the idea of a Back to School Update. (NOTE: He basically proved he has ESPN because of Level 34 lol).  Included in the list was the Ayn Rand School for Tots, and he mentioned how it would be perfect for Maggie if she were ever made a character.  Well, What a Wookiee Wants is Maggie as a playable character.


Margaret “Maggie” Simpson is a vital part of the Simpsons clan and it really is shocking she hasn’t been introduced to the game other than being a part of Marge’s 8 hour task.  I must admit I send Marge on this task quite often just to see this cute little baby.  Whether it’s sucking on her pacifier, tripping over her clothes, trying to shoot Burns, or beating up Homer because of violent television, Maggie is the Bee’s Knees.

So I know a lot of us would love to see Maggie added as an official character rather than just an appearance in one of Marge’s tasks and I had an idea for this. Marge goes to the grocery store with Maggie. (Why the grocery store is not already part of the game is another burning point for this Wookiee.)  We all know Marge must have to constantly shop to provide food for all the kitchen table conversations we love to drop in on.

While at the grocery store, Marge loses Maggie. She of course freaks out and fearing losing her again, Marge decides to shop at the new store suggested to her by Apu.  The Monstromart is the obvious choice.

Insert tasks of her and Apu going to the store, Barney knocking over the giant bottle of syrup, and Grandpa holding up the register for attention.

While Marge shops, Maggie would have to stay somewhere so why not at Ayn Rand’s School for Tots?  While here she could chase butterflies and of course battle Baby Gerald.


Can we say Premium building with Maggie staging a revolution!

If you think the School for Tots has been played out by bloggers, Maggie could always go to the Day-Care Center by the Steel Mill in S13:E7, “Brawl in the Family”.  Sure they both create acid rain but its an option.  Of course this is right by the Steel Mill which would be another great building but if we’re getting one of those in TSTO, I’d prefer the Ajax Steel Mill with Roscoe.

Suffice to say I just would love to see Maggie with tasks like:

Suck Pacifier – 45 sec

Drive Car with Marge – 1 hour (notice a subtle plug for the Simpsons car?)

Get lost – 2 hrs

Fight Mr. Teeny – 3 hrs (if he can’t be a playable character, I’ll take him just with this)

Hit homer with mallet – 4 hrs

Keep her regular 8 hr task with Marge

Try to kill Burns – 12 hrs

Snipe local mobsters – 16 hrs

Stage a revolution – 24 hrs

Currently the only way I can enjoy Maggie besides Marge is viewing the lovely 2D created by my 2D colleague Bunny Dud.


While this image is truly beautiful, I want Maggie in my town for longer than 8 hour stretches.  Here’s to hoping my powers over EA claimed by Alissa are real!  PLEASE BRING US MAGGIE EA!!!

8 responses to “WAWW… MAGGIE SIMPSON!

  1. I am so in agreement, the simpsons family just feel incomplete to me.
    Please EA bring us Margaret Simpson. We should all contact EA and plead it hehe.

  2. I’m agree. I want Maggie in the game, she’s so cute. I want her so much that I can accept to have unplayable Maggie if she just can walk in the city like snowball or the zombie.

  3. Maggie needs to be her own character, eg dancing to Brit spears track……

  4. I love your ideas for Maggie! Listen up EA! Thesee are brilliant!

  5. Yes, please. And awesome colleague.

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