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Here at addicts we’re busy writing away about level 35, but for those tappers who don’t spend donuts to speed up quests and are waiting 36 hours for the Spinster City Apartments to build here’s another “How-To” by Bunny to help you pass the time!

It’s that time again for me to learn y’all on some fun and cool stuff to do in the game when there is downtime, or you just want to give your town that lil extra OOOMPH. 🙂

So sit down, grab a snack, and I suggest pulling out your phones…yes…I said take out your phones. It’s a lot funner when you play along, right?

So where were we? Ah yes…learning time. 3D designs can give your town buildings a lil height if you want it, add more to a structure, or give the appearance that it goes down several levels into the ground.

We will start out at simple as possible. A basic “step up” type base. This type of base is a great platform to add anything on top. From a garden to a mansion. To start out, you need to make 2 sides of a square. I will use the larger hedge for the basic outline. (Don’t worry about the gap).

Once the two sides are in place (you can vary this to as small or big as you want), we will start the “step” look. You are essentially placing the item two rows down and kind of under the top one. This creates the appearance of a step. Continue this around the main area. Next use the small hedge to fill in the gap.

Now for the back two sides. This is where it gets a lil tricky. The height of the decoration placed on back row will change the look. You can try a few items to see what works best with the look you are going for. For this demonstration I used the long shrub. You also can place something for now and change it later as you add more objects into the area. Now you have a basic step up base. I placed Willie’s shack on top to show how it makes it appear it is on a higher level then its surroundings.


Now for another kind of 3D structure that can be used to achieve a more “building” type of look. For these, I really like to use the fences. The wooden fence will work fine for this demonstration. Just to give a “rooftop kind of look, I started by placing a pavement square down. It helps if you plan on using this, water, or streets. It will make it easier to know the area it will cover and you can work around it better. You will start the same, two sides.

For the next levels, you will place one directly under another to give a more flat up and down appearance similar to a building. You can continue to add and add and add until it is as high as you want.

You can see the difference in the two styles side by side. At this point you can decide what more you want to do. You can add a few more fences around to enclose the roof area.

Or you can place another structure on top.


Now for the “step down” look. This time make a complete square (again, the gaps will be filled with the small hedge). Now instead of working from the outside, you will be placing the next levels on the inside. Place the hedge two rows down again, however this time place it over to the side more. Almost half by one hedge and half by the other. This gives it the “step down” look.

Continue as far as you want or as far as it allows and fill in the gaps with the small hedges.

To add a lil fun touch, you can place an item down inside to help the appearance something is down in there.

And there you have the basics for making 3D. I will go into more detailed structures and options on our next post. Until then, feel free to post any questions you have. Also, feel free to post you own finished 3D work for the “class” to see. 🙂


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  1. My castle [IMG]http://i186.photobucket.com/albums/x189/msbunnilee/Mobile%20Uploads/image.jpg[/IMG]

  2. Debbie groulx

    Had so much fun recreating some of your stuff (dam girl your smart!)
    Now trying out some on my own thank you for the inspiration!

  3. Great looking and makes looking around town much more fun. I love playing this way! Thanks for the lessons. Cant wait for more! Svisborg

  4. Bwahahaha…was actually at Ikea a couple days ago. Thanks 🙂

  5. Very creative Bunny.

  6. More of these please Bunny, loved it!

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