9 responses to “MY GAME WON’T WORK…PANIC!!!!

  1. My droid version is having a problem that seems a bit different–I was logged out and tried to log back in, can’t remember password, so tried to reset. EA website for reset doesn’t recognize my email address! I know this is the one I use (and confirmed in the login screen.)
    Now what do I do??!

  2. My simosons tapped out wont let me log into facebook so I can have more friends. And dont no what to do ??

  3. Lost ALL of my progress,,, back to the VERY BEGINNING! Plz plz fix the problem! Can’t stand this! This is the second time since the Halloween update! Fix fix fix fixxxxxxxxxx it plz!

    • Just put up a post. Dont panic. You didnt lose anything. Origin is down. No one can really get in right now. Just do NOT create a new account. Just back out. Hang in there. Try again later. 🙂

  4. Thanks for the info 🙂

  5. Hi bunny. I did just that. Well went to do weekly shopping before happily resuming the game. Has anyone found out if servers were being upgraded or something similar?

    • Not sure what they’re doing, but many android users are still unable to access their games. Constant Bart Screen. Those that were able to get in are now not able too.

      My thoughts…hopefully. ..a HUGE update/event coming and they’re testing their systems on the weekends when they don’t have a ton employees working.

      That’s my hopes anyway. Lots of android issues happened during Whacking Day event too.

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