Tapped Out Walkthrough: Level 24 Dr. Hibbert

Hi Tappers!  Back with another walkthrough for you.  This time we’re covering Level 24 for some of our readers who may not have reached the highest level yet, Dr. Hibbert and Springfield General Hospital!  For those that are sitting at the top level waiting for the next update, sometimes it’s fun to go back and check out the funny dialogue in earlier levels that we may have forgotten (especially since level 24 came out around Christmas 2012!). Let’s get things started shall we?

Bart kicks off level 24
After tapping on Bart

Bart: Well, I’m off to school! I can’t wait to learn me some knowledge!
Homer: Wait, I thought you were the kid who DIDN’T like school. Oh well, – have a good day!
Lisa: Curious….
Make Bart Skip School-8hrs
Keep Skinner free when complete

Hahahaha Sucker
After tapping on Skinner

Skinner: Bart Simpson is absent once again. Ant it’s the second-worst kind of absence there is: excused.
Martin: Are we entirely certain the note from his father isn’t forged?
Skinner: It’s impossible to tell, given that Homer Simpson’s handwriting is significantly sloppier than our average first grader.
Martin: Perhaps a fitting solution would be the requirement of a doctor’s note to account for frequent absences.
Skinner: Does this town even have any doctors?
Build Hibbert Family Practice– 24hr build
Keep Bart free when complete


New Character Unlock!

Bart’s Checkup
After tapping on Bart

Bart: Ooooh, feel sick, can’t go to school today….Ooooh.
Dr. Hibbert: Your parents say you’ve been sick a lot lately. Let me perform an examination. I promise to make it as lengthy and painful as I can.
Bart: Uh…actually, I’m starting to feel on the mend, Doc. No examination necessary!
Dr. Hibbert: Too late – I’ve already gotten out my bone saw.
Make Bart Go for a Checkup– 10 minutes
Keep Hibbert free when complete
Dr. Hibbert: Well Bart! It appears we’ve found your problem. A serious one too!
Bart: Why? Really?
Dr. Hibbert: Yes! It seems you have received an acute does of radiation posioning. Have you been exposed to any source of radiation recently?
Bart: You know it’s a funny story, as radiation-poisoning stories always are…

General Practice
After tapping Hibbert

Dr. Hibbert: Everyone in Springfield report to my office for radiation testing immediately! It’s a matter of life and death! *Chuckles*
Mr. Burns: These tests could potentially cost my medical plan several dollars! Maybe even….TENS of dollars!
Dr. Hibbert: And if everyone in Springfield glows in the dark, they won’t need to power their lights.
Make Dr. Hibbert Practice Medicine- 12hrs
Keep Grampa free when complete.

My Pills!
After tapping Grampa

Grampa: Hey, Doc! It’s time for my annual checkup.
Dr. Hibbert: I can save you some time, Abe. You’re dying. Death is imminent. Say goodbye to loved ones. *chuckles*
Grampa: Woah, Doc, don’t rush this “you’re gonna die” thing. Give it to me slow! It’s all about the dance, you know.
Make Grampa Go for a Checkup– 10 minutes
Keep Cletus free when complete

Cletus Condition
After tapping on Cletus

Cletus: Hey Doc, I’ve been feeling mighty sick. Brandine says I might have been radiated.
Dr. Hibbert: In cases of extensive inbreeding such as yours, it’s never easy to tell what deformity was caused by what. Better make an appointment.
Make Cletus Go for a Checkup– 10 minutes
Keep Luigi free when complete

Luigi’s Growing Problem
After tapping on Luigi

Dr. Hibbert: Luigi, you appear to be exhibiting all the hallmark symptoms of radiation poisoning: nausea, fever, and internal hemorrhage.
Luigi: Those are also the hallmark symptoms of an Italian, whose Mama has accused him of-a under-spicing his marinara! Mama, why?!
Make Luigi Go for a Checkup- 10 minutes
Keep Quimby free when complete

Mayoral Difficulties
After tapping Quimby

Mayor Quimby: Doctor, I’ve been having terrible nightmares, cold seats and anxiety.
Dr. Hibbert: It’s probably just guilt. That’s fairly normal for a philandering politician. But come in and we’ll see if everything else is healthy.
Make Quimby Go for a Checkup– 10 minutes
Keep Mr. Burns free when complete.

Medical Industry Corruption?
After tapping on Mr. Burns

Mr. Burns: Enough of this abuse of my medical insurance plan! Effective immediately, this plan is terminated!
Dr. Hibbert: But Mr. Burns, this health epidemic is largely caused by your power plant.
Mr. Burns: Nonsense! Nuclear power is the safest, cleanest, most socialist responsible source of power on the planet!
Make Mr. Burns Hide Nuclear Waste-8hrs
Keep Dr. Hibbert free when complete

Grey Matter
After tapping on Dr. Hibbert

Dr. Hibbert: Well, it seems my practice is going to take a huge hit with canceled medical plans. Whatever will I do with this leftover Oxycontin? *chuckles*
Make Dr. Hibbert Deal Organs on the Black Market- 4hrs
Keep Brockman free when complete

Kent Afford It
After tapping on Brockman

Brockman: Well, at least celebrities can still afford quality healthcare in this country.
Make Brockman Go for a Checkup-10 minutes

Corporate Sponsor
After tapping on Brockman

Brockman: Speaking as a rich guy, Dr. Hibbert, it’s a joy to see your waiting room empty of all the “people” and “families” that normally clog up the joint. Ever considered opening a members-only, concierge practice?
Dr. Hibbert: I’m pretty sure the Hippocratic Oath says I need to administer healthcare to everyone.
Brockman: But surely there must be SOMETHING in there about administering people with wheelbarrows of cash first.
Make Dr. Hibbert Sacrifice his Principles- 6hrs
Keep Brockman free when complete

Show Biz Life
After tapping on Brockman

Brockman: Thanks for the many, many prescriptions for antibiotics that I don’t really need.
Dr. Hibbert: My pleasure. You can take an extra toy from the chest too.
Brockman: Say, why don’t you, me and some other rich famous guys go grab an expensive meal?
Make Brockman Dine at the Truffle-2hrs
Make Dr. Hibbert Dine at the Truffle- 2hrs
Make Krusty Dine at the Truffle-2hrs
Keep Krusty free when complete

Kramp Krusty
After tapping on Krusty

Krusty: Another grease fire at one of my fast food joints! I’ve got to dispose of all this burnt grease immediately. OR…I could turn it into an useful ingredient, with the new Krustyburger FlavorMax Supreme Burger! After all…burnt grease is a flavor right?
Make Krusty Promote a New Product- 8hrs
Keep Homer, Comic Book Guy & Wiggum free when complete 

The Flavormax
After tapping on Homer

Homer: Mmmmm…Krusty FlavorMax.
Comic Book Guy: If great taste had a Galactic Seante, surely its secret Sith Overlord would be name Senator FlavorMax.
Wiggum: Dispatch, I’m proceeding to the Krusty Burger to investigate a potentially serious incident of flavor-maxing!
Make Homer Eat at Krusty Burger– 30minutes
Make Comic Book Guy Eat at Krusty Burger– 30minutes
Make Wigum Eat at Krusty Burger– 30minutes
Keep Dr. Hibbert Free when complete

Business is Picking Up
After tapping on Dr. Hibbert

Dr. Hibbert: Krusty, I’d like to personally thank you for creating the FlavorMax. The stomach pumping business has never been better.
Krusty: Hey, Rome wasn’t built out of a bunch of burnt grease by a TV clown with a hastily-thought-out plant in a day.
Make Homer Go for a Checkup- 10 minutes
Make Comic Book Guy Go for a Checkup- 10 minutes
Make Wiggum Go for a Checkup – 10 minutes
Keep Dr. Hibbert free when complete

General Hospital
After tapping on Hibbert

Dr. Hibbert: As much as I want to pretend I can effectively treat the sick in my office, it’s time to admit the truth – In a proper hospital I could charge patients much more for the exact same care.
Build Springfield General Hospital- 24hr build
Keep Dr. Hibbert Free when complete


After tapping on Dr. Hibbert

Krusty: Numbers indicate the FlavorMax burger has made 100% of customers sick. Medically, does that make it the most delicious burger ever?
Dr. Hibbert: Just count to ten and let the anesthetic take effect, Krusty. I could you you shouldn’t eat your own product.
Make Dr. Hibbert Perform Surgery-24hrs

Such a Beautiful Day
After tapping on Dr. Hibbert

Dr. Hibbert:I know we just built the hospital, but it’s such a nice day out! Why don’t we do our surgeries outside this afternoon?
Make Dr. Hibbert Do Surgery Outdoors– 1hr

And with that you’ve completed Level 24, Congratulations! 

33 responses to “Tapped Out Walkthrough: Level 24 Dr. Hibbert

  1. So am level 122 and I can’t seem to trigger brockmen to get a check up for hirberts practice quest I have tons of side quests and I’ve done everything to reset my game storage characters and even buildings..am trying to start little wiggy quest but can’t get further because of Kent

  2. Wow so I’m currently on level 42 with ongoing quests remaining from levels 35,37,39,40&41 and I’ve just completed the level 38 questline. I won 200,000 at the dog track and decided to expand and start my krustyland as I know its needed for level 43 and once I started the first Krustyland task, my hospital quest trigerred along with one from level 27 so maybe start your Krustyland if you’re having trouble with quests not triggering Hope this helps 🙂

  3. How do you contact EA? Most of my level 24&25 quests aren’t triggering despite having the appropriate characters free and I’m at level 30 now and I want to complain about it

  4. I stuck I’m at level 47 and hospital has not triggered got any ideas

  5. I made the mistake of buying Chester. I stored the shed. Sold the shed. Stored and unstored the practice etc. Deleted and reloaded the game. Nothing. I just nuked my springfield and the quest restarted. Not home free yet. But got as far as mr burns hiding nuclear waste. Hopefully things will continue to proceed.

    • Wow…hopefully it’ll keep going for you.

      • Nope, stopped again! I’m at level 40 now although I’m very behind on quests – I’ve been supposed to buy the high school for over a week (a level 34 quest), but I’m basically just running through all the quests it gives me until I run out in hopes that hospital will re-trigger at some point.

  6. I think I am in the same boat as others that didn’t have things sequentially kick off. I still have yet to build the hospital, but have in the works the Wiggum house and the post office and have built Burns Manor. Like other comments I just assumed the game would catch up since I am level 31 from actively playing a couple times a day and just having the XP piling up, and that the hospital will hit when it hits (hibbert is currently selling organs on the black market). So, just thought I’d add my bit of the story. I am really hoping there is a Hellfish story arc or something about the Simpsons’ trip to Australia and the big boot.

  7. Hey guys
    I got stuck in this quest, and I have no idea why, can someone help?
    Everything was going fine, untill I sent quimby for his checkup… then, It just stopped. Quimby finished his quest, I got the “quest completed” and then… nothing. It won’t go on for the Mr Burns part of the quest… I have every character free, but nothing happens, the quest won’t proceed… can anyone help?

    • This quest has been a problem since day it was added. Not sure if it is a coding issue, but a lot of us have gone through it in our games especially those who started later. Just kept moving on past it and eventually it triggers. In the meantime, open a ticket with EA and add to the EA forum to get attention on it. You can try to store the Family Practice and replace it to see if that does anything but beyond that, it’s either wait or try and have EA fix it (they usually do this with a rollback).


  8. So, I am level 42 and I STILL DO NOT HAVE THE PROMPT FOR GENERAL HOSPITAL. Why is that? I’ve kept all my characters free until a new character pops up. I do all the missions for the new character hoping that once new missions are done, the old ones will trigger but they didn’t. I’m stuck on the “Hibbert’s Got Shed Pt. 5” and on the Stonecutter’s No. 2 mission. I’ve tried storing the shed away, nothing happened. I then sold the shed hoping that would trigger the mission but still nothing happened.

    Why isn’t the general hospital mission starting and if a lot of ppl are having problems like this, why isn’t EA doing anything about it? The one building that I really need and it won’t let me get it.

    Any suggestions that work?

    • Problem since day it was added. Not sure if coding issue. I went through it in all my games. Just kept moving on past it. It eventually triggered. In meantime, keep opening ticket with EA and adding to forum to get attention on it.

  9. I am having an issue similar to those described above. I have sent Quimby for his checkup but Burns has not prompted for the next step. I have tried clearing cache, no help then I sent all on other tasks and got them freed up again, no help, I finally uninstalled and re-installed and again there is no change. I am in the middle of building Burns manor and perhaps that is what is causing the holdup, so I am now going to see if letting that finish will get things rolling again.
    It has been very helpful to me to have all this site’s info and advice available as I progress in this great game. Thanks!

    • Level 24 is a PITA Level (pain in the @$$) because a lot of quests don’t trigger at the right time. It’s been happening since the Level came out. All you can do is continue to progress in the game, eventually the prompt will come up.
      And thanks for checking us out! We’re glad we can help! 🙂

      • Finally worked. Took 7 months but it triggered. Idk if it was the lvl 48 update or me using Homer Santa but it triggered. I had Santa’s Village stored in my inventory and as soon as I did all the quests for Homer Santa, Hibbert’s flavormax mission popped up. Try it out.

    • When Burns manor completed the next Hibbert prompt came up right away.

  10. Okay, I hate to ask this, but I seem to be stuck since getting the Stonecutters update. I probably shouldn’t have bought Dr. Hibbert’s Stonecutters outfit, but I did, even though I wasn’t done with his normal taskline yet. So…
    I have Dr. Hibbert’s “Welcome to the Stonecutters, Number 2” task in my book, but I don’t have the General Hospital yet.
    Concurrently, I also have “Hibbert’s Got Shed, Pt. 5” where Chester is supposed to “Avoid Responsibility”, but again, no Hospital.
    I finally had Homer, CBG, and Wiggum all go on the Flavormax task, and had Hibbert get a slice of pizza at Luigi’s while they were chowing on burgers. When I came back to the game, I tapped on Luigi’s to finish Hibbert’s task. I then let Homer, CBG, and Wiggum out of Krusty’s. Hibbert didn’t prompt them to go for Check-up.
    I tried leaving them all available, logging out, logging in, still no prompt. I put Hibbert’s Family Practice away, putting away Dr. Hibbert as well. (by the way, I logged out and back in after putting each building away.) Still no prompt from Hibbert, but I did get the pointy finger indicating the “Hibbert’s Got Shed, Pt. 5” task in my book. Thinking that storing Chester might free up Hibbert, I stored the shed, then stored Hibbert’s Family Practice again. I kept the shed stored and brought Hibbert out. Still no prompt.

    I sent Homer and CBG for a checkup, hoping that might prompt the prompt, but still no luck. Couldn’t send Wiggum for the checkup because it apparently isn’t a normal task for him.

    Tried sending all 3 of them back to Krustyburger again, but that didn’t help it, either.

    Anyone have any suggestions?

    • That timeline area of quests is sooooooo sketchy. I hated it…I had to jump way ahead to others. Then it finally circled back later.

      • I would hate to miss out on any part of the Stonecutters tasks during this event, but I guess I’ll just hope that it’s prompted within a week.

    • Hello,
      I’ve got same issue. I’m at the part when dr. Hibbert suppose to “Deal Organs on the Black Market” but I have no task because dr. Hibbert is tied in the task of Chester “Hibbert’s Got Shed Pt. 5” to finish this task I Must have a Hospital so this is pretty stupid Loop. (This is not so important for me but When I sold and than rebuild BloodMobile Homer and dr. Hibbert booth have a highlighted task in BloodMobile which they allready finished before in “Hibbert’s Got Shed Pt. 5”. I Can’t get rid of that highlighted task, only after i sell BloodMobile again task disappear. )

  11. Apparently you need burns manor built before you can build general hospital. Add me Melocheand789

  12. I’m in level 29 and it says I have a quest to build the general hospital but when I go to build it, it’s greed out and doesn’t give me the option.. Make sense? Any ideas?

  13. I messed up the first part of the quest to get dr. Hibbert and now I have the quest to build the hospital, its in my quest log under vamp burns but in the building screen its highlighted but still locked any ideas?

  14. Has anyone had this quest stop and not finish? I had it go all the way up to Luigi getting his checkup. After that nothing has happened. I even tried deleting the app and reinstalling it. That didn’t do anything. I tried having all the characters free at the same time & that didn’t work either. Any advice would be appreciated.

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