HALLOWEEN HALLOWEEN HALLOWEEN OMG IT’S SOOOOO CLOSE!!! EEEEEEEEEEE!!! I can already taste the candy corn, caramel apples, weird candy I swear gramms has been saving since 1950 something, and the cider. MMMMMMMMMMmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

Question is…are YOU ready for Halloween? ARE YOU??!!

As an Android user, I completely missed out on my favorite Holiday EVER in my favorite game…EVER! Lol. I see and covet all the cool stuff others were able to acquire during last years Halloween event. I WANT THEM ALL TOO!

I am getting soooo anxious to see just exactly what EA decides to treat us with…or TRICK us withΒ  this event (EA is a lil naughty). So here I sit an anxiously await and wonder just exactly what I need to do to prepare myself for the upcoming event. Here are my thoughts in no particular order or comprehension…

1-Save Up As Much In Game Cash As You Possibly Can: This has been difficult as I have been working on 2D’s trying to catch up on in game level play (I haven’t got to 35 stuff yet). I also purchased some additional land for the new buildings. To try and save, all my characters go in 30/60 minute tasks as often as possible. I am also planting the 60 minute crops and doing the 60 minute task at Channel 6. In Krustyland, because I am unsure if they will incorporate it into the event, I am doing similar to try and save enough tickets as I can. I JUST finished the Tooth Chipper build, so that wiped me out along with new land…but I am slowly building my tickets back up again.

2- Make Your Town Easy To Navigate: A lot of towns I had visited during the Whacking Day Event were a complete disaster. I couldn’t find a snake to save my life. My town is a lil out of sorts right now from adding new buildings, so I have a few Homeless Homes but they are still set in an area to try and keep my town clean and open. So CLEAN UP YOUR TRASH…and organize it in a neat lil corner for future 2D art use. Make your buildings sit apart enough for people to find items if any are hidden behind them.

3- DONUTS DONUTS DONUTS: With new events comes new goodies, and with EA’s naughty lil side…that usually translates to donuts. I was hoping for Gil to pop in just prior to the event…but alas no sign of the donut selling man. So I have held back on anything I possibly can and also attempted to max out my XP bar to gain donuts. I have managed to save up 60 in game donuts. Not too shappy for FREE DONUTS!

D- Do You Have Enough Friends/Neighboreenos?: I have hit my max of 100 friends now and I am trying to figure out how to manage them. It can be draining to visit each and every one of them all at once, so I break it up into three time slots. 1/3 in morning. 1/3 in afternoon. 1/3 just before bed. IF Whacking Day was any sign of the Halloween Event, you WILL need neighbors. It is up to you just how many you want to make it work for your schedule. Time to clean up those you NEVER visit and give them space to locate a new neighbor (you’re taking up their spots in their 100 too, so if you don’t want them…remove them).

Ο€- Keep Checking the Blog for Tips n Tricks: We will be working as quickly as we can round the clock to try and stay on top of and hopefully in front of all the tasks and characters that the new event will bring. So keep your computer, iPad, laptop, cellphone, etc all bookmarked to tstoaddicts.com for updates so you can enjoy the game to its fullest extent. Let us do the work for you (yah bunch of slave drivers you πŸ˜› ).

@#%&$- NO SWEARING!: I mean it…you just stop right there. πŸ˜›

zed- HAVE FUN FOR FRAKS SAKE: In the end this is only a game (says the addict)…and the event is just starting. Don’t stress out over getting done with it all RIGHT AWAY. Take it easy. As I said above, we will try and keep you posted as often as we can, so just enjoy. If you get too overwhelmed…walk away. Get some snacks. Rest your mind. It will still be there waiting for you when you return.


K…you can go let the tricks back out of the basement. Til then…


Final FINAL Thought: Don’t forget about the 2D contest in between all the Halloween excitement. We will be finalizing and awarding the winners during this event, so stay tuned and get ready to vote for your favorites. Maybe YOU will get a gift card to purchase donuts for the Halloween Event. πŸ™‚


  1. Why is auger not trick or treating?

  2. Oh sweet! That should attract some good tappy-types. That’s a great idea, having an event neighbor thread.
    Yes by “you” I meant …any you who (yoohoo?) was reading this thread. Not that you’re not welcome bunny… of course.
    Um, ok back to my book… I like to read while my town goes about its business. Owen Deathstalker is up to his eyes in… bad stuff. πŸ˜‰

  3. Ahhh! I am so excited… this will be my first TSTO event evar!! Ugh a whole day! And I’ve been trying to be good and save, I have! But I just got the prison and made the retirement castle yesterday. I will not build king toots… I will not build king toots! Zomg then comes the town hall right after the retirement castle right? Ahhh! No… hold it together. OK whew.

    I am kinda OCD, (friends laugh hysterically) so I can not deal with messes or things that don’t make sense in a weird “me” kinda way. I can’t deal with houses so close together that their residents could not get in the driveway with their cars or even walk in the doors! So while I do have a block of purple houses and a couple rows of pink and blue ones… and a few brown houses that get relocated temporarily as I clear/move/prepare/stuff, my town is quite organized and “makes sense to me”. Which makes me happy.

    I was level 17 when I started looking for friends about a week ago (24 now), and now I am at 100… but some of the people haven’t leveled at all. Staying at 11-14 for what seems like forrreverrrrr…. methinks it’s a dud, dude!

    Yes I am probably crazy, but I seem to be in good company here. I have deserted a “paid” game I’ve been playing for 7 years and still have 2 months paid for, to tappity tappity tap!!

    OK! Sorry, rambling. Thank you for the tips on preparing for the event! Zomg I live for in-game events and the games I play(ed) have the same ones every yearrrrzzzzzz….
    Oh, sorry nodded off there.
    Also hoping for a visit from Gil, prepared to buy sweets if I have to, I really should drop some of the inactive peoples for active ones who would appreciate my masterpiece. Ahem… Yes! Off to Springfield! 1 day… 1 day… do not build anything! I can do it!

    Anywhoo if you need an active neat-freak obsessive neighboreeno, I am misspandi and will be making room. πŸ™‚

  4. Aaaaaahhh! I thought I’d seen the last of that thing πŸ™ At least it’s not a full screen this time. Sorry I cannot like this…

  5. Thanks for the great read as always bunny. I’m working on a short guide to address simple yet effective decoration. Placement of items to accentuate a realistic look and items that go on curb and in roads. I’m going to send it to the page’s email like I did my last submission.

    Oh, and I’ve got a neighbor slot free, for some reason my brother in law couldn’t get origin to work. I’d really like to have you as a neighbor. If you’d do me the honor and add me ryanjamesd35, this is not an everyone request and if I get more than yours will will decline them, unless they’re other TSTOaddicts and not your standard neighbor seeker.

    Anyhooo… thanks again. I’m going back to work on my guide. Suppose I’ll put it in html this time, easier to see that way. :F

    • Thanks. I’m glad I can amuse others with my insane ramblings πŸ™‚

      I’m currently reworking my friends list as I have maxed 100 again. I would be happy to add you once space has opened.

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