Simpsons Season 25 Premiere TONIGHT!

Hello Fellow Addicts!

Just want to remind you all to tune into Fox TONIGHT to see the season 25 Premiere of The Simpsons!  To get you all geared up for the show TV Guide has named The Simpsons as one of the Top 60 Greatest Cartoons of all time!  You can check out what TV Guide had to say and see who else made the list here:

Don’t forget to watch “Homerland” tonight!  And be sure to finish your episode tie-in before it’s over!

Until next time Addicts!


7 responses to “Simpsons Season 25 Premiere TONIGHT!

  1. 2 hrs and 40 minutes to go

  2. You could try and change your VPN (Virtual Private Network). There are some apps out there that are free and help you do it easily and others not so well. You will have to test them for yourself. I’m in Canada and a lot of the shows on TV are actually on American channels but when we try and watch these same shows online we are “forbidden” to do so. However, there are also some sites out there where individuals will upload shows for your enjoyment free — if you can get past the pop-ups.

  3. there be pirates among us

  4. Does anyone know how a non-US viewer can see the premiere?
    Preferably without subscribing to some netflix-type-thing…

  5. 2 days left until Halloween update!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

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