Addicts Quick Hit: Season 25 Premiere

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Here’s a quick hit about the premiere episode of the Simpsons.  As soon as it has aired on the west coast here in the US we’ll have some great recaps for you.

s25e1 homer freakout

So what do Three-Eyed Sushi and Hi-Glow waste barrels have to do with the Season 25 premiere of the Simpsons?  (Note: Don’t click more if you don’t want an episode spoiler)

ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!  I watched the entire episode of the Simpsons, twice (I DVR’d it) and not ONE reference or quick shot of the Three-Eyed Sushi stand or Hi-Glow Waste Barrels.  Bunny’s 2D smurf has more in common with the episode than the EA decorations.  In fact the convention didn’t even take place in Squidport.  Instead Homer, Lenny and Carl attend a convention in….Boise!  Yes, that’s right Boise.
UPDATE: Apparently my cable was having issues in my area and there’s about 5 seconds of the episode where it’s a black screen on my end and sound.  This may be the small segment of the show where they quickly flashed the Hi-Glow waste barrels and the Three-Eyed Sushi stand.  I can’t confirm this since I only have a black screen on my end at this point, and I’ve watched the episode 5 times and saw nothing else referencing the items.  But thank you Addicts reader Poisionshift for mentioning it.  Perhaps Bunny & Wookiee will have better luck with what they saw on their ends.  (hopefully with a few screen grabs too!) Sorry  for any confusion!  


This was extent of tie-in…in that aspect…disappointed. 🙁 So many other amazing things they could’ve tied in. Will recap more in a later post.


Anyway here’s a quick recap for our friends who won’t be able to watch the episode until sometime next year.  Wookiee and Bunny will have some great posts up later tonight with screenshots of the episode as well.

Homer attends a convention in Boise and when the weekend is over he doesn’t come home with Lenny and Carl.  Instead he arrives home 3 days later, after everyone thinks he’s dead.  When he gets home he’s a totally different Homer.  He’s polite, refuses to eat Pork Chops(!), refuses to drink beer, he doesn’t strangle Bart, and (to Marge’s pancake making delight) he’s much better at “snuggling”.  Lisa of course is the only one to think something is wrong and her only natural answer is he’s been brainwashed by terrorists!

Lisa calls the FBI to report Homer, and bipolar Agent Annie Crawford (guest star Kristen Wiig) who “investigates” the situation.  In the end it’s all a big misunderstanding.  Homer wasn’t kidnapped by terrorists, instead he befriended a group of hippies who taught him how to live a little bit better.  Including a 3 day beer detox!  They also teach him about how the nuclear power plant is destroying the earth.  So Homer comes up with a harmless way to close down the plant, it involves fish heads and the AC unit!

Don’t worry though..the hippie Homer doesn’t last long!  Especially when flying Duff is involved!

Some cool things about the episode:
-Papa Smurf makes an appearance
-The couch gag continues at the end of the episode with special appearances by the “casts” of Family Guy, American Dad, Bob’s Burgers & The Cleveland Show!
-Bart’s chalkboard message “25 Years and they can’t come up with a new punishment”
-“I’m Bart Simpsons who the hell are you?” comes back!
-Puppy Goo Goo makes an appearance as well!  I guess all those times Milhouse goes to look for him in TSTO has paid off!
-Homage to “Breaking Bad” is made when Bart’s “vitamins” are kept in blue bottle of crystal meth.

s25e1 cloud

PS Don’t worry, Springfield doesn’t get blown up.  That only happens in TSTO!

Did you watch the episode?  What did you think?  Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. I liked how everyone ( Fox Cartoon Figures) were at the 25th Season Premier. I was 15 for the Season Premier. I always think 14, but that was Tracy Ullman….. Oh No! I meant that it would be 15 years before I was on earth and in diapers.

    • Sheesh Mags…a lady doesn’t tell people their age. Or remind people they were around when Fox first aired and watched Tracy Ullman and the first squiggly Simpsons…on a tv…with only like 5 other channels…no remote…Saturday cartoons. 😛

      • We must have been rich because we had 3 remotes… Me and my two cousins lol. I still remember having to get up to turn the knob on the tv and to fix the antaenna. I think you have to be old to even know how to spell that word. Gonna write it down and show my teenager it and ask her if she knows.

  2. Awesome pictures btw. :))

  3. Cleared away some lazy neighbors, pls add me: carrl1005


    there you go. 3:16 seconds into the episode

  5. NO! Before Homer goes on his tirade about swag, when they’re entering the convention there’s a quick shot of the hi glow waste and three eyed sushi. look again

    • Yea, it’s not on my episode. I think my FioS had issues for a small segment of the show (no images only sound for about 5 seconds as the plane is going down) and that might be the few seconds where they showed the two stands. That’s the only thing I can think of because I watched it about 5 times now and still nothing. I’ll amend the post to reflect that though. Perhaps Bunny and Wookiee will have better luck!

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