Vote for your Favorite Spooky 2D!

Voting is now closed.  We will announce the winners soon!  Thank you to everyone that voted!  
Now that the top 5 winners for the Addicts Spooky 2D Contest have been announced it’s time to vote for your favorite, as the winners will be decided by you the readers of TSTO Addicts!  So be sure to vote for your favorite and tell your friends to vote too!

Here’s how voting will work….

Find the 2D you like & how it’s named and vote for it in the poll below!  It’s that simple!  Please keep in mind…all results will be hidden until the contest is over and the winner is announced.  So just be sure to vote for your favorite to help them win the grand prize of 300 donuts!  (don’t forget 2nd and 3rd place are up for grabs too!)

Here are the choices:

Region Capture
Bat, Pumpkin & Ghost

Frankenstein & Spider



Broken-down Washer Pumpkin

Good Luck to all of our Top 5 Winners!!

Remember voting ends at 11:59pm EST on October 14th!

4 responses to “Vote for your Favorite Spooky 2D!

  1. jillian phillips

    Bartzilla is very detailed I like and well put together! I can tell they all took alot of time as well as patients. Wonderful work!

  2. GuitarPilot and BoostedNorm

    Wow, such talent! I had started writing friends names in Easter Eggs but didn’t think of pictures. Bartzilla Rulz! Feel free to add me if you’re active(GuitarPilot & BoostedNorm) I’m glad Halloween lasts until November 7th.

  3. They were all badass wow but I had to give it to bartzilla heheh

  4. I kinda always knew my pacman ghost was too ‘easy’ to make it to finals but heh, it was my very first 2D and I had fun doing it. Now I have HAPPY HALLOWEEN beside it and I hope bartzilla wins this cause its soooo badass!

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