It’s HERE: New Level!

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Turn on your games boys and girls because Level 36 is here!  And you were all starting to get bored with Halloween!  (I’ll admit I was too)
Yesterday to Frog Prince Dropped and today…Level 36!
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Nelson kicks off the quest (so make sure he’s not trick or treating) and prompts you to build the Noiseland Arcade- $247,500 and 24hr build.
We’ll be back, as always, with full Addicts team  coverage!  But for now here’s a quick peek:
New Buildings:
Noise Land Video Acrade- $247,500 and 24hr build (Comes with Dolph)
Museum of Natural History- 100 Donuts- 6 second build

New Characters:
Dolph Starbeam- Free (unlocks with the Arcade)
Jimbo Jones- Premium 120 donuts

New Decoration:
Stolen Bumper Car- $760 and improves vanity (a nod to Wookiee perhaps?)

Looks like this level is all about the bullies folks!  We’ll be back with more as soon as we have it!

Have fun!!

26 responses to “It’s HERE: New Level!

  1. I love those Stolen Bumper Cars! Just put 7 in my harbor – and they look great!!! Perhaps one day there will be a job for the kids to animate those?!

  2. Wow, was saving to buy Spinster City Apt building, suddenly can afford it after level update, it dropped about $80,000!

  3. Is Jimbo voiced? I don’t know who his voice actor is. I was thinking about redirecting some of my donuts that I was going to spend on Krustylu Studios to buy Jimbo, but if he doesn’t have a voice, then I’m not going to bother with him. 120 is way too high for a non-voiced character, in my opinion.

    • No voice 🙁

      • Darn. I really wish they’d solve whatever issue it is that’s keeping them from getting voice actors outside of the main 6.

        • I agree. But I think it has more to do with rights and royalties than anything. Hopefully EA/Gracie Films can get it worked out with those voice actors soon. 🙂 Until there we do have a post on what characters are voiced by which actor. That should help you determine which characters could potentially be voiced in the future. You can check that out here 🙂

        • $$$ Those not so regular ones or greedy ones usually have a mass clause or contract issues that won’t allow sharing the voice without paper and lawyers involved. Not to mention they have to be available to record the new dialog. Some just aren’t interested.

  4. Interesting glitch, now the Witch has Homers voice…

    • Or perhaps just the task when Home is being transformed by the witch? Damn it, he could be out eating ghosts instead…

  5. The Lizard King

    Homer steals a bumper car:

  6. Of course I will buy Jimbo sooner or later! I think Dr Nick is far more iconic and only costs 90 donuts. Ugh. I just think 120 donuts is a lot for jUST a character. But I will give in sooner or later. Love the work y’all are doing here!

    • Thanks Gurban13! I feel your pain in Jimbo. It’s such a tough choice, especially since early on the characters used to cost a lot less (even Arnie Pye costs less, and he has a helicopter!). I do think it has a lot to do with which characters Tappers ask for the most. We saw that with Sherri and Terri as well, requested a lot and cost a LOT of donuts.

  7. GRRR still waiting to get update this is becoming a bad habit also hoping once i get the update it sticks, with lvl34 and 35 it updated i synced it only to come back later and be at the previous lvl….Waiting patiently

  8. It’s rediculous that Jimbo is 120 donuts! If I remember correctly, when I bought Kearny he was only 60 or 65 donuts! What’s with the donut inflation?

    • Going through his quest line, he has a lot of funny tasks he does. I think the amount is due to the popularity and want of the character. He completes the bully set. So for elitists/completionists to the game…they will not hesitate to purchase him. Him bullying the frog is making me laugh. 😛

  9. I cant wait to get off work so I can tap my way to hapiness! I wanted Jimbo since the beggining so even at the ridiculously high price he is, im buying!

    • EA knows how to still get our $$$. But you know, it is just fine with me. For all the free that give us…without annoying pop ups and ads…this is still by far the ONLY freemium game out there with plenty of options for freemium players to stay happy. Not to mention the quality. LOVE IT! 🙂

  10. Just wanted to say thanks to you and the entire TSTOAddicts team. I used to be an avid TSTOtips reader, but you guys are always spot on with updates. I knew after I got the in game update that in just a few mins it would be on this site and BAM! there it was….maybe it’s just me but I think what you guys are doing is awesome and again thanks for staying so up to date. Love the site and of course love the game as well……
    Happy Tapping!!!!!

    • Awwww well gawrsh. 🙂

      Thanks so much for joining our madness here. We had a feeling they were gonna launch a sneak attack, we just didn’t know when. So all eyes peeled…then BAM!! EA is just giggling at us all now. They’re watching me. Lol

      Glad you enjoy it here. We hope to keep on entertaining. I know I love it. 😛

    • Aww thanks 7rigg3r30! 🙂 We certainly try to keep all of the AMAZING Addicts readers as up-to-date as humanly possible! And yes, EA is just laughing at Bunny!

    • True,
      I used to and still do read other TSTO blogs. However, with the Halloween event I’ve realized that you guys are the best when it comes to being on top of updates, walkthroughs, and prize unlocks. (TSTO Topix, the new Tips blog, has some really good writers who do well-written, in-depth analysis of the characters, but their posts take a while to come out.) When we unlocked the Ghost Bomb, of all the TSTO blogs that I regularly check, yours was the first to get full coverage of the bomb, which I really appreciated. Keep up the good work guys!

      • Thanks 🙂

        As a former reader, now writer…I personally appreciated when I was able to get the details as soon as the updates hit. So in that same mind set, I hope to return that favor to my readers. All of us here work great together. I love my team. Couldn’t ask for a better bunch (and they put up with my crazy). We always strive to provide the best content, humor, and information available. It brings us joy and in hopes our readers too. 🙂

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