Tappers 101- Back to Basics: I’m Level 30, but I’m only able to Build Buildings for Level 26

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

So you’re XP rating says you’ve reached level 30, but you’ve only just unlocked the Wiggum house.  Why can’t you build Herman’s Shop?  Let’s talk about what happens when your game XP and your game play don’t match up.

This happens from time to time, especially if you’re someone who loves to decorate your Springfield and earns tons of extra XP from your decorations.  There will be points in the game when your XP level is higher than your actual game play.  (this also happens if you have a high conform-o-meter bonus and multiple premium bonuses)  Unfortunately, all you can do is keep playing the game.  Build the buildings that are unlocked, and as you progress new buildings will unlock for you.  As your game play catches up to your XP rating you’ll start to unlock the buildings and decorations associated with the levels .  🙂

From time to time Tappers new and old can get caught up in the game and forget some of the basics, that can cause a delay in your game.  While we have a full New Tappers Guide on Addicts, sometimes you just want the information at your fingertips right away so you can get back to tapping as quickly as possible.  Keeping that in mind, we’ve started a new biweekly column for the “quick hit” information Tappers need to keep the game moving.  Here’s where you can find all of our tips and tricks to help your game move along smoothly.
Most of the topics covered will be from your questions in the comments, so you have something you’d like us to cover in Tappers 101 please feel free to leave it for us in the comments below.

6 responses to “Tappers 101- Back to Basics: I’m Level 30, but I’m only able to Build Buildings for Level 26

  1. I’m lvl 54 and I just unlocked tonys compound. It doesn’t matter what you unlock. I get side tracked on side missions like spring field heights than come back to my town after a day or two.

  2. Haha I’m currently 6 xp levels ahead of gameplay. At one point I think this was about 14! 😂

  3. I feel like all the experience points earned from this tap ball event has contributed to me falling behind. I’m on level 16, yet haven’t been able to build Moe’s Tavern since i’ve been so busy with tap ball quests!

  4. I just noticed that I have Strongman Homer walking around my Springfield, while regular Homer is in Krustyland. I find it funny that I have two Homers when some people were missing Homer.

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