New TSTO Update- Thanksgiving is HERE!!!!

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Halloween just left us (about a week ago) and Thanksgiving has already arrived in Springfield!  Woohoo, finally a purpose for all that corn Bunny’s been growing!

2013-11-15 17.45.26So login to your game and get the update!  More details as we discover them…

PS this should auto start for you 🙂

Update #1:
The Thanksgiving update will auto-start for you with a dialogue between Lisa and Homer.  Here’s the dialogue:
Homer: What’s this weird paper stuff in the mailbox?
Lisa: It’s called “mail.”
Homer: You mean they invented a paper version of electronic mail?  Science is amazing!  Ooh!  A big “mail”!  Maybe it’s full of more “paper”.
Lisa: It’s a Sacagawea costume I ordered.  I saved up all my Sacagawea dollars to pay for it.
Homer: Honey, the dollar doesn’t have Sacawhoever on it.  It has George Washington, the inventor of money.
Lisa: I wanted to dress up as Sacagawea to celebrate the rich cultural history of Thanksgiving.
Homer: A white girl dressing up like a native American?  I don’t know, that sounds a little racist to me.
Lisa: Just give me the costume.

Once complete you will unlock a FREE limited time Sacagawae costume for Lisa!  Woohoo free stuff!  
2013-11-15 17.52.22

This does come with a questline, which we will cover in a different post.  🙂

New AND returning items for Thanksgiving:
To access the new items, much like Halloween, there’s a Thanksgiving button under the build menu:
Region Capture

New Items Premium:
Caesar’s Pow-Wow Casino- 150 Donuts 
(Earns $200 and 22xp every 8hrs)
caesarspowwowcasino_menu unlock_tribechief

Pow-Wow’s Casino Sign- 40 Donuts (2% bonus cash and xp to all jobs)


Stampy Parade Balloon- 40 Donuts (2% bonus cash and xp to all jobs)


The Grumple Parade Balloon- 25 Donuts (2% bonus cash and xp to all jobs)


The Mayflower- 100 Donuts (3% donus cash and xp to all jobs, requires level 15 and completion of Squidport 2 quest)


New Items Non-Premium:
Rusty the Clown Parade Balloon- $5,400


Poochie Parade Balloon- $20,000



Returning Items Premium:
Snowball 2 Balloon-15 Donuts (requires level 5, 0.50% bonus cash and xp to all jobs)

Itchy Balloon- 30 Donuts (requires level 5, 2% bonus cash and xp to all jobs)

Returning Items Non-Premium
Scratchy Balloon- $1,000 (requires level 5)

Blinky Balloon- $16,500 (requires level 5)

Santa’s Little Helper Balloon- $30,000 (requires level 5)

Update #2:
Thanksgiving Turbo Tappin’ is live!  You can check out the quick walkthrough (dialogue free) here.  For those that love full dialogue, don’t worry it’ll be up shortly 🙂

62 responses to “New TSTO Update- Thanksgiving is HERE!!!!

  1. I can’t find the costume in there and I didn’t get any dialogue with the update

  2. I have looked and I can’t find it in there

    • Hmm it’s possible that it won’t trigger this late into the event. But try some other methods outlined in this post here by Bunny. Many have found those methods to help “trigger” the game to start the dialogue and unlock the skin. Hope it helps! 🙂

  3. Am I to late for this up date I mean I have done the up date but I didn’t get lisas new costume??

    • It’s still Thanksgiving in Springfield. Have you checked your inventory for the costume? I’ve heard reports of the costume sitting in many Tappers inventory. 🙂

  4. I didn’t get a tribal chief after I finished Lisa’s Thanksgiving quests. I read somewhere that a new character us supposed to unlock. Any advice anyone?

  5. My Sacagawea Lisa is missing; does anyone have any solutions to this? I went online this morning to do a quick search and found this site. I’m a little happy that the costume went missing, this website is awesome. 🙂

    • Welcome first of all 🙂

      Secondly…don’t panic. It’s been effecting a lot of people. So far I’m seeing the “trigger” method helping. Essentially go to another location. Neighbors towns. Krustyland. Etc. Try going to your Krustyland. See if she pulls up there.

      Other methods are log out, restart device, log back in. Lemme know if it works.

  6. It’s November 18 and still can’t get the update. I open the app, a pop-up saying the “gimme gimme gimme” new update. Press the update button and takes me to EA webpage. No update on the AppStore whatsoever. Help fix this issue! Please!

    • Sorry. Hang in there.

      Standard troubleshooting… log out, restart device, log back in. Next…uninstall then reinstall app.

      I would suggest contacting EA beyond that. There are many issues with the update. It’s good to alert them of the issue so they can fix it ASAP.

  7. i have the costume in my storage but it says that i need to build the simpsons house i tried moving it(cant store it) and restarting and visiting other springfields but nothin

    • Hmmmm…tried uninstall then reinstall the app? If none of the standard methods work…Contact EA. If this issue keeps getting worse, they’re going to need specifics from those effected to resolve it.

  8. my simpsons hasn’t updated to thanksgiving it down loaded content and has not got no new features help please.

  9. I am so EXCITED about all of this. It is all super cool. There’s honestly nothing as exciting as the Mayflower. I mean,its sooo hard to get anything new to help expand the Squidport and they give us this thing? Ridiculous in a good way.

    Oh and stop by the forums y’all. I just started the Holiday Buying Guide for Thanksgiving 2013. Starting with the Grumple Parade Balloon. More will come in the following days with the addition of the staff and maybe more by myself since I feel the need to sell the balloons to you separately. 😛

  10. My Lisa Sacagawea costume is also missing. I tried deleting the game and downloading again, but no luck! Did anyone find a fix?

    So cool !!

  12. Are you going to break down the Thanksgiving purchases and recommend the best ones to buy? So many that I don’t know what to buy first! A lot of donuts for the Mayflower and casino…wondering if they’re worth it…

  13. I updated the game and now i can buy the new decorations but i can’t see the new outfit of lisa: the first mission is of sacagawea and when i tap on go i can see her actions and let her do the action of 1 hour, now that she has finished i can see only the actions of sacagawea and i can’t make the change between lisa and sacagawea to make lisa do one of her actions. Someone else has this problem? How can i solve this? Thanks

    • Sounds like the typical new update glitches. Try a reset. Log out, restart your device, when it powers back on…log back in and see if that resolved the issue. See if both regular Lisa tasks and the new ones are available.

    • There is a + and a – that expands and collapses the option to switch skins in the task menu. Maybe yours in just minimised?

  14. The next quest after Lisa sulking is homer hunting a turkey at Cletus farm for 2 hrs

  15. when it auto-updated, lisa was already on another task (babysitting) but the sacagawea lisa still appeared and is on her first task. weird?

  16. what comes after Lisa’s one hour task?

  17. Done update who starts the event????

    • It should be an auto-start. If it doesn’t auto start for you try hard closing the app and opening it again (I had to do that on my tablet (B game), but it auto-started on my phone (A game). 🙂

  18. There is nothing new after the updated

  19. Yeah.. I got a mini update an hour ago but didnt see anything new. No quest prompted or new items for sale. Im gonna cry if I dont get new stuff NOW (im such a child)

  20. It did auto start just after putting Lisa on a 24 hour task doh

  21. Eagerly anticipating your review of the limited time casino

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