TSTO Anon: Bouncing regrets (and other ramblings) on a trambopoline

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Welcome back Addicts to the bi-monthly-ish meeting of The Simpsons Tapped Out Anonymous!

It’s good to see some familiar faces and of course newcomers are always welcome.  I just hope you guys didn’t come for the punch… it appears we’re all out today.

TSTO Anon 15Nov

Fair warning before we get started, today I’m a rambling man aka Wookiee.

Ever feel like you’re stuck on life’s trambopoline?

TSTO Anon 15Nov 2 

Ooooh… it’s FREE and appears safe… let me on!  You go up and down, up and down, up and down and despite the downs…. The ups are grrrrrreat!  Then all of a sudden, ouch!

TSTO Anon 15Nov 3

You broke your arm/leg/dignity/bank account.  Stop jumping on me!  OW! Stupid ups and the trambopoline that caused them.  I’ll never have fun again!

TSTO Anon 15Nov 4

“Ok, the trampoline was a bad idea. But you know what?  At least I’m out there trying new things.”

Well I got news for you.  No matter how much you hate that trambopoline (idea), there’s no taking it back.  Seriously, Krusty won’t take it!

TSTO Anon 15Nov 5

This scenario sound familiar?  You got any regrets like our favorite characters in Season 25 Episode 3?  Any “trambopolines” that maybe you shouldn’t have brought home even if they were Free?

TSTO Anon 15Nov 6

While I don’t want this article to get heavy with all of our real life regrets, I’m sure we all have at least one TSTO regret.  For me it used to be not buying Witch Marge.  Then EA gave me the opportunity to make up this up and I had to face my real regrets.  Stupid Funzos and Thanksgiving Balloons… taunting me with your cute reminders of donuts long gone.  D’oh!

Like everything in life, regrets seem to be a part of it.  It’s easy to tell yourself not to have them, but last time I checked the only one in my close family good at this is the dog and I’m not about to start licking myself and living like that scruffy nerfherder.

Ok… enough with regrets… Homer says it best…

“You can’t keep blaming yourself.  Just blame yourself once and move on.”

In previous meetings of TSTO Anon, we’ve established that The Simpsons is quite good at discussing psychology in their own silly way.  For a show that a lot of folks don’t take too seriously, it is quite complex sometimes.  One of my favorite books I own proves this idea.

The D'oh of Homer

Seriously check it out if you like that stuff… it’s really entertaining.  While we won’t delve into philosophy today, we will take a look at a great episode from Season 5, Bart’s Inner Child (Ep. 7).

Yes… I got my trambopoline idea from watching this episode.  Since first watching it in 1993, I can probably count on both hands how many times I’ve chosen to use the word trampoline correctly.

In the episode, Marge realizes she’s a chronic nagger and her attempt at “fixing” herself leads her to Brad Goodman, a self-help “Guru”.  I think his Feel Bad Rainbow is pretty interesting.

TSTO Anon 15Nov 7

Let’s look at the rainbow. What’s in there? Depression, insomnia, motor-mouth, darting eyes, indecisiveness, decisiveness, bossiness, uncontrollable falling down, geriatric profanity disorder or GPD, and chronic nagging…nagging…nagging… nagging…nagging.”

Well before we choose to smoke ourselves thin or get confidence, stupid!,  I think I have to point out that Brad sucks at his job, especially considering that at his seminar, he tells all the attendees from Springfield to act just like Bart.

TSTO Anon 15Nov 8

One pointy-haired devil is usually enough in life.  All our favorite characters acting like him and doing whatever they want… Ay Carumba!

TSTO Anon 15Nov 9Recognize that building in the center?

I am a big fan of the Do What You Feel Festival but when it ends in a riot with Marge proclaiming she should have nagged more… I hope I’m not alone in getting what happened.

TSTO Anon 15Nov 10

There’s no need to adjust your self-o-stat and it’s no fun to just copy something.  Be yourself and be happy and try not to be a carbon copy of anything.  It is ok to do what you feel as long as it’s considerate of the feelings/safety of others.  In TSTO, it may be tempting to duplicate what others have done, but being original is often way more gratifying.  It’s your town and your time, so do what you feel there and feel good about it.  Get on that trambopoline and go up up up with your bad self.  There will be downs involved but it’s ok if you’re not the best at something too!  Own your Okayness.

TSTO Anon 15Nov 11

From one Addict to another… a great town is one of the ups!  Find your inner child and get out there and be somebody.  If you like your town, most likely others will too and there are a lot of great folks here who would love to give you compliments.   TSTO is all about being a good neighbor after all.

Ok… wow… one heck of a rambling Anon meeting today that may or may not have made any sense.  If you liked it… WOO HOO… if not, blame Alissa for locking me in the Attic.  I don’t care how many times she reminds me it rhymes with Addict… it’s hot and no fun up there.  I’m off to Homerland instead!

TSTO Anon 15Nov 12

We end our TSTOA meeting as always with the Serenity Prayer:

EA, grant me the serenity to accept the updates I cannot change, the courage to recommend the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.

Please join us in two weeks for another meeting.  If you have ideas for future rambles/discussion, feel free to drop a comment below and don’t forget to check out the TSTO Anonymous page here.  I heard rumor of about some flagrant false advertising and a different meeting venue in the future.

TSTO Anon 15Nov 14

Ok… nevermind… Otto Mann says no way dude.  Always a good idea to listen to that gnarly guy when it comes to 12 step programs.  Well, y’all keep on taking your days one tap at a time.  Happy tapa tapa tapping… Wookiee out!

TSTO Anon 15Nov 13

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