What Would The Addicts Do: What WOULD We Buy With a 132 Donuts?

To buy or not to buy?  That is a common question facing many Tappers!  TSTO is a “freemium” game, and as such you can completely enjoy the game with out spending a dime of real world money!  But what if you’re looking to invest a little in the game?  What if you see some of those coveted “premium” items in your neighbor-eenos town and you want them in yours?  What do you do?  What do you buy?

With various donut buying options (from $1.99 (for 12) to $99.99 (for 2,400)) it can be hard to decide just what you need…and what you can get for each level.  So, I thought it would be a fun little experiment to see what our writers would buy with various donut purchases.

The first in this series is everyone’s favorite Wookiee and his take on what he WOULD buy witha 132 donuts (or a Tray Full for $9.99).

Let’s take a look at what Wookiee has to say….


What I WOULD BUY- from the Wookiee!

Hey hey hey Addicterinos!

 What would I buy for 132 donuts?  Of course this is only my opinion but here are some items I bought or would buy all over again if I had my life to do over knowing what I know now.  

Once upon a time I was a brand spanking new tapper and wasn’t even close to being a completist.  Level 6 was rocking on my iPhone and I was in love with this brand new game called The Simpsons Tapped Out (I really still am, why else would I choose to blog about it?).

Halloween 2012 was rocking and I figured out I had to buy a silly Ray Gun to shoot down that alien craft circling my town.  150 donuts?  Jeesh… who would spend real money on a free game?  Well, Kang kept circling and I eventually gave in with some of my fun money.  20 smackeroos got me 300 donuts and I was off to the races.  With the ray gun bought, what ever was I to do with the remaining 150 donuts?


First non-regret purchase of my TSTO experience (ok… second if you count the Ray Gun)… Otto and his School Bus.  By and large, this is the single best deal offered in TSTO IMNSHO (See Cranky, I read your stuff!)  For 120 donuts, you get all his hilarious outdoor tasks and a building-ish that earns 300 game dollars/30 XP every 12 hours.  This works awesome in the parking lot of Springfield Elementary but is really only limited to your imagination.  Gnarly dude.

#2… Squeaky Voice Teen (or SVT for the cool kids).  AT 30 donuts, you won’t find a cheaper premium character and his sayings are very funny. I’m sure we all had a #@$% job or two we wish our teenage/younger selves had avoided.  Revenge is sweet at a low, low price.  Watching the young relive our nightmares is what growing up is all about, right?

Numero Tres… Bumblebee Man.  Growing up in Southern California… Spanish Television was a part of my every day as well as bilingual signs, etc. Nowadays, Spanish is everywhere but as a young boy, this character always made me laugh and still does.  In TSTO, it’s no different and for 60 donuts, he’s a laugh riot steal.  His quest line is dope and just tapping the silly guy to hear his sayings can turn a bad day into a better one.

Car (fifty) four where are you?  The Police Car.  I’m a decoration fanatic and love me some cars.  This decoration gives you a 2% Cash/XP multiplier and looks great any place you put it.  I personally enjoy seeing it next to Lard Lads the most.

Lastly, the Springfield Pet Shop and Jub Jub.  While it is a weirdly tall building, it comes with the only pet that has its own task. Jub Jub also has a 6 hour task with Selma which is creepy but hilarious. The building earns you $135/15 XP every 4 hours.  That’s $35/7XP more than regular 4 hour buildings.  Much better than cramming your town with Gulp N Blows (emphasis on that last word) and for 90 donuts, not too shabby.

I am a Simpsons fanatic and really love anything in the game but I can promise I do not regret a single one of these purchases. Happy tapa tapa tapping Addicterinos and y’all stay classy.

Wookiee out!

Hope this helps any of our fellow Addicts looking to make that purchase with the Tray Full of Gooey Donuts!

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22 responses to “What Would The Addicts Do: What WOULD We Buy With a 132 Donuts?

  1. The police car also boosted my righteousness meter, I think.

  2. Has to be the school bus and otto.. player building combinations are the best type of deal in the tsto world

  3. I’d hold off on actually buying SVT and moleman because I got both in a mystery box I get every 5days

  4. Lugash has boring tasks but I still crack up when he shouts, “STOP WASTING MY TIME!” I had a piano teacher…. Dr. Nick has the best lines: “People are going to need me today, I better get drunk early.” and “I went to Hollywood Upstairs Medical College.”

  5. The Grumple parade balloon $25 and 2% bonus a good value decoration

  6. “Moot” is my favorite word.
    It sounds like a cow with a speech impediment.

    Thanks to my Scottish heritage, I am a proud, notorious cheap bastard and have not purchased any donuts. Hey, it is a free game after all !!

    But, if TSTO is still going strong in 6-8 months, I won’t feel too bad spending $19.99 on 300 donuts. 300 would buy me a fair amount of the smaller (30-40) premiums that give a percentage bonus (balloons, police car, Burns limo etc.)

  7. I totally regret Lugash because he’s creepy and theres already a freemium gym. I also regret Arnie Pye because the helicopter tasks annoy the hell out of me. He gets in the way! My favorite buy is Otto and the school bus. It was my first and I love his guitar and smoke break tasks!

    • I totally agree with Arnie Pye. I regret buying him too. I tend to like to put my characters on 60m tasks but him flying around the town is really annoying. I thought it would be cool when I bought him but no. What I found helped me is putting him in stonecutter’s tasks. Back when there was the Stonecutter’s event, I managed to get his stonecutter skin so I just put him in those tasks.

  8. Double-whammy by two of my favorite personalities! Good show mates. I unofficially declare a new topic for regular publication: WILL I? WON’T I?

    I know its a bit destitute seeing as we already have WAWW, but the two together contending for the title…. politics a child can understand. Love it! Lets see more cranky vs wookie and WIWI!

  9. I think the Mayflower is a permanent addition! It’s the only one listed that doesn’t say “limited time”? Personally, I love the Swanky Fish! I’m a sucker for the neon animation on it’s sign.

  10. Good post, but (and I speak for more than myself here) I think what we REALLY want is a post saying what you would buy for a COMBINED 132 donuts, not separate things all costing under 132 donuts but adding up to over 132.

    • As these would all be decorations for the most part, not sure how I’d recommend spending. XP multiplier would have to be a big factor. I’d say Otto and whatever else made you happy or Squeaky Voiced Teen and 2 or 3 decorations that give you a 2% bonus. Since Thanksgiving is here, I’d definitely endorse 4 Grumples (25 donuts and 2%) and SVT.

  11. Don’t CBG, Brockman and Skinner have tasks at the Swanky Fish?
    How come it just sits there?

  12. I’m so glad you posted this…I was bummed I missed out on the oil barrel display, but I’m glad if you say it’s a waste…
    So I have the Teen, but I don’t remember how I aquired him, but he’s awesome!
    Have any recommendations on the Thanksgiving premiums? I’m tempted to buy the Mayflower before it’s gone, but it’s a lot…

    • Hmmmm… although it is every one’s personal choice, I’d say of all the Thanksgiving content, the Mayflower is by far my favorite and looks so cool in the water plus it’s a big decoration. Of course I would love it though because I’m a history nerd AND I asked for it.

    • I got Teen, in the five day mystery box

      • I’m pretty sure that’s where I acquired him, too…it was in the start of my SF and I forgot all about it and thought he came with the game…then the other day I realized my mom (who is relatively close to me level wise in the game) didn’t have him, never got him, and I realized how lucky I really was to have him. He rocks!

    • I’ll take the blame on the Mayflower…now I’ll have to have it too, just because it DOES look so very freakin’ cool in everyone’s Squidports.
      I will be honest: I haven’t thought about the mixed message until I read your post, but I enjoy this game so much and I think I’m pretty sick because I am so proud of my SF…my friends look at me like I’ve lost my mind being so obsessed over a game, something intangible like an imaginary cartoon world, and don’t understand the temptation to spend real money on fake currency in the game. I come here to not feel so guilty and lame getting excited over a pretend boat in my simulated water. So I am willing to bite the bullet and buy a couple of silly balloons and a sick-looking ship so that I can be happy. Isn’t that what life is all about?
      I need help. 😉
      ::hangs head in shame::

  13. Great post both of you

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