New Addicts Contest- Won’t You Be My Valentine?

Roses are Red
Violets are Blue
Better watch out
Or Bunny will Frak with YOU!  

Roses are Red
Violets are Blue
Wookiee’s Keepin it Tight
And so are YOU!

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Ah it’s almost February.  Love is in the air (almost).  Have you been waiting for something to do? Getting bored during our lil lull in the game right now? Well be bored no more….because we’ve got ANOTHER lil surprise for our fantastic readers….ANOTHER CONTEST!!! WOOHOO!!!

Another contest?!  What?  Already?  Didn’t we just do this at Halloween and at Christmas?!  Well Tappers, I think love really is in the air here at Addicts (either that or we’re all just hopped up on Bunny’s “water”), and we’ve lost our minds YET again!  (actually have we ever had them?)  We’re once again giving away FREE Donuts!!!  We’ve really & completely lost our minds!  So let’s talk about this Contest (before we change our minds)…..


Here’s the deal….

Everybody loves a contest right? And February 14th not only marks Valentine’s Day but ALSO the 6th month anniversary of TSTO Addicts.  And Valentines Day is all about love right? And here at Addicts we LOVE our readers.  So why not share a lil love with our readers.
So here goes. In honor of our 6th month anniversary AND Valentine’s Day…we want YOUR best poems or love notes about TSTO Addicts or your own TSTO Addiction.  (Try to keep them PG as we WILL be posting the selected ones to the site. 😉 )
Now…on the flip side. Bunny is WELL aware of S.A.D. (Singles Awareness Day for all you love birds out there). So for those of us that just do NOT have a way or a want to celebrate the mushy heart one sided holiday, YOU are welcome to send us your sad poems and unloved stories about TSTO.


Best poems/Love Notes, as picked by the fans, will be crowned Valentine’s Day winner!

So have fun with it!  Be creative, be funny & most of all kiss up to us!  (flattery will get you EVERYWHERE) 🙂

Here’s how you win….

All poems must be submitted by 11:59pm on February 10th, 2014.  The TSTO Addicts team will go through all entries and pick the top 10 that we think are the absolute best designs.  We will post the top 10 on our website the next morning and then open it up to the readers of to vote on which one they like the best.  Voting will open once they are posted and voting will close by February 13th 2014 at 11:59pm.  The top 3 vote getters will be our big winners.  Winners will be announced on February 14th, 2014

Here’s what you can win…

– 3rd Place- A Tray of 132 Donuts (in the form of a $10 iTunes or Google Play Gift Card)
-2nd Place- A Truckload of 300 Donuts + (in the form of a $25 iTunes or Google Play Gift Card)
-1st Place- A Truckload of 300 Donuts ++ (in the form of a $35 iTunes or Google Play Gift Card)

How to post your entry

Post your poems in the comments below or by emailing us at  Yup it’s really that simple!  No screenshots to take, no town designing to do …just send us your poems via comments or email!

Here are the Official Rules:

Each contestant may only submit ONE entry! (no revisions once submitted.  If multiple entries are submitted by the same reader only the FIRST entry submitted will be accepted)
Valid email address must be provided when submitting an entry, this will be how we will contact you to let you know you’re one of the top 10. (email address provided in the comment form, they are not published on the blog and only viewable by the Addicts staff.)
Unfortunately, because of the nature of the Gift Cards, Gift Cards can only be awarded to Tappers in the US 18 and older.  To our friends outside of the US 18 and older you may enter the contest but an alternate prize will be awarded at Addicts discretion.
Void where prohibited
No purchase necessary
Addicts writers, and family members are not eligible to participate.
You must let us know within 1 week of winning which platform (iOS or Android) you’d prefer the GC on.
All first round entries must be received within 1 week of the update dropping.
Voting ends at 11:59pm February 13th, 2014.
Vote totals will not be seen until after contest is over.
All entries will be reviewed by TSTO Addicts writers prior to posting.
Any entry deemed by the Addicts team as not PG, will not be posted and not be eligible to participate in the contest.
Prizes are as follows:
– 3rd Place- A Tray of 132 Donuts (in the form of a $10 iTunes or Google Play Gift Card)
-2nd Place- A Truckload of 300 Donuts + (in the form of a $25 iTunes or Google Play Gift Card)
-1st Place- A Truckload of 300 Donuts ++ (in the form of a $35 iTunes or Google Play Gift Card)
All gift cards will be awarded to winners electronically.
Previous contest winners are not eligible to win a prize, unless it’s been more than 6 months since they’ve won.
Gift cards will be awarded for the amounts indicated above.  TSTOAddicts is not responsible for any taxes and fess that may occur outside of the rates indicated in Tapped Out by EA (1st place $35, 2nd place $25 & 3rd place $10).
Contest winner is responsible for all taxes and fees that may occur when purchasing.
This contest is not affiliated with Google, iTunes, EA, Fox, Gracie Films or anyone else in association with The Simpsons, The Simpsons Tapped Out, Google and iTunes.
For a copy of the official rules email TSTO Addicts at

candy hearts

All original art and content © Up All Night, LLC and
All Screen Shots of Game Graphics & Dialogue and Game Graphics from files ™ and © EA, Gracie Films and FOX

50 responses to “New Addicts Contest- Won’t You Be My Valentine?

  1. Ralphie Wiggum Haiku

    My empty mailbox
    Lisa choo choo choose me, great
    Running in circles

  2. A Valentine’s haiku

    Respectable Moe
    the way you strut in that suit
    always makes me swoon

  3. You know if I’m here, I’m not over there. This might cause withdrawal! What? Free donuts! A moment I must spare! If you must know, it’s true, I’m an addict, like all of you. Yes my electric bill will be insane. After all, the phone charger’s practically hooked in my vein!
    I lie to my mother when she calls, you know, ’cause Willie just finished working on his manifesto. “Mom, I’m sick. I gotta go!”
    My cat needs water. Man, she’s licking the bathroom tap!
    My dog brings the ball, but I don’t throw it back. I’ve been embarrassed while trying to get it on. Someone knocked on the door, just as Homer yelled “Visitors!” , & about putting pants on! (this really happened). Needless to say, that relationship didn’t last long. So yes I’m single, but for someone else I don’t long. I’ve no time for love. I’m trapped in the game. I take it in the bathroom. I play in the rain! I’ve bought iTunes cards for the first time ever. Can’t the donuts be cheaper? My pockets are no deeper! Still I’m addicted, it even gets me off twitter! That’s serious to those in the know. I’m ignoring my own hygiene. I’m not lying. It’s true. Did I brush my teeth today yet? I can’t remember. Can you? I can’t feel my arms. There’s a kink in my neck. I’m always stuck in a position closest to an outlet. I can’t remember when I last had fruit. I’ll wind up with scurvy if I don’t do something soon, but I can’t leave the game, no, no, no, this I can’t do. I’m waiting in vain for a heart shaped pool. But a Valentine’s update I guess isn’t due. I don’t need a new love for the holiday, that’s too much ado about nothing. TSTO, I choo-choo-choose you!

  4. I’m a tap-a-holic, some new stuff I’m a dreamin’
    Getting information from the T.S.T.O. nation
    I’m just a freemium, playing for some premium
    Like a character building or a mode of transportation

    Wookie, Alissa, Bunny & the crew
    Halloween was awesome, Christmas was divine
    But Valentine’s would be sweeter
    If I win some splendid donuts-Woo-Hoo!

    Hail to the TSTO Addicts writers!

  5. Can no one else understand
    how i feel
    it now seems so bland
    this can’t be real
    I once thought
    it was so fine and grand
    then i bought
    the last of Krustyland
    My Springfield’s growing
    my pier is too
    but there is no knowing
    what’ll become of you
    I long for the day
    For my park to be updated
    yet I fear it’ll come
    far belated
    I wont give up
    won’t end my search
    I must improve
    my kitsch and merch
    this new courthouse
    is all well and good
    but until my park expands
    ill wait, misunderstood

  6. Good morning! Here is an ode to my favorite Simpson’s character ever…

    You’ll have to excuse me, I’m new to this town,
    but I’m already addicted, can’t put my phone down.
    I moved to Springfield all by myself you see,
    it seems like a very nice place to be.
    We grow crops, go to school, some even go fishing,
    but I still kind of felt that something was missing.

    Then one day I went to a good neighbor’s town,
    and that’s when I saw you walking around.
    I about fell right over when I saw you there,
    blue jeans, orange shirt, and that sweet tousled hair.

    Though I’d seen you before on many a Sunday night,
    it felt like a case of love at first sight.
    I just had to have you , I was about to burst,
    you were like ice water to my insatiable thirst.

    I rushed right back home, didn’t even sit down,
    what must I do to get you into my town?
    I was tapping and scrolling, just couldn’t stop,
    and then when I saw you, my bubble did pop…

    It was you and the Bowlarama, no ifs, ands, or buts,
    but then to my horror, I saw you required doughnuts.
    And not just a few, but two-hundred and fifty,
    my heart sank to the floor- this was not very nifty.

    You were out of my league, it was perfectly clear,
    you Premium, burp-belching, Duff-drinking dear.
    As my doughnut total now sits at just one-hundred three,
    I have a long way to go to have you with me.

    This bummed me out, I was at the end of my rope,
    then on TSTO Addicts I got a glimmer of hope.
    A poem-penning contest much to my surprise,
    with hundreds of awesome pink doughnuts as prize.

    Winning some doughnuts would put me over the top,
    right to TSTO I’d go to shop.
    It might possible happen, it might just be…
    I’d get to start tapping on my hero BARNEY!!!

    • Barney: I’m Barney Gumble, and I’m an alcoholic.
      Lisa: Mr Gumble, this is a Girl Scouts meeting.
      Barney: is it? Or is it that you girls can’t admit you have a problem.

      A really nice ode to Barney dohhomerdoh. Well done.

    • If it were up to be you would have won already nice job!!!

  7. Today is like any other day
    I’m tapping, tapping, tapping my little heart away.
    I read on the website that donuts were free
    And I asked myself could this really be.
    So I’m writing these words to get a chance to enhance my Simpson world and fill it with romance.
    Happy Valentine’s Day to all the Tappers!!!!!

  8. July 31st I downloaded an app,
    Simpsons Tapped Out, what is this crap?
    I clicked on the icon on my new iPad,
    Saw Homer playing Little Elves on his MyPad.
    And so it began with my first tap,
    The addiction of this young charming chap.

    I placed the Simpsons house in level one,
    And then Bart told me that was done.
    On to level two, I placed the Kwik-e-Mart,
    Clearly for the game I thought don’t have to be that smart.
    Yet still I found the game quite interesting and fun,
    Just as I do watching any old Simpsons rerun.

    Lisa and Apu joined Homer to start level three,
    and asked me to be green and plant a shrub and tree.
    Soon the Flanders house brought about Ned,
    So many characters started messing with my head.
    Why so many people play, I could finally see,
    An addict of the game, they started to make in me.

    Curiosity wondered what’s next to place down,
    Turns out it was a house of the colour brown.
    In mere moments I was done with level four,
    Couldn’t wait to keep going and complete more.
    I eagerly awaited the arrival Krusty the Clown,
    The man who could turn my frown upside down.

    As level five began, Apu raised the alarm,
    He needed food, and asked me to build a farm.
    And so came into my game a yokel named Cletus,
    Whose intelligence rivaled that of an unborn fetus.
    Yet I still can’t help but love his charm,
    Even though I have more intelligence in my forearm.

    And thus my tutorial came to an end,
    I was on my own, not even a friend.
    Each passing level brought characters strict and silly,
    In the shape of Krusty, Millhouse, Skinner and Willie.
    Tap on characters, to task I would send,
    Gaining XP and leveling up was the trend.

    Addicted I was, stop playing I can’t,
    Not when Level 11 came with the Power Plant.
    Mr Burns arrival affected my heart,
    but not nearly as much as the arrival of Bart.
    With the treehouse built, I yelled out an exuberant chant,
    I was as excited as Jasper with a new penile implant.

    While Skinner was busy looking at birds,
    Next level brought about the king of the nerds.
    Martin had arrived followed by Comic Book Guy,
    Stop playing I couldn’t, no matter how hard I try.
    My addiction I couldn’t even put into words,
    I was a shepherd, these characters my herds.

    Speaking of shepherd, guess who was next,
    None other than Lovejoy, he of the Text.
    Not being Christian, what followed I didn’t fear,
    When next came Marge and Moe, carrying Duff beer.
    If beer wasn’t bad enough, time to gamble checks,
    Along came Springfield Downs, beer, gambling, what next, sex?

    It seemed EA was starting to lead people astray,
    Much to my parents and grandparents dismay.
    It was time for justice in the form of a copper,
    Unfortunately Wiggum was more interested in a whopper.
    Luigi was next, a walking Italian cliché,
    But man does he know how to make a mean soufflé.

    With Wiggum busy eating burgers and cake,
    He needed a villain, a villain named Snake.
    Addicted I was, that real life was a hassle,
    My priority was building the Retirement Castle.
    While Wiggum dealt with Snake’s jailbreak,
    I lay in bed, playing addicted and awake.

    The following levels brought Quimby and Nelson Muntz,
    But how I wished for the deceased Lionel Hutz,
    With so many kids, they needed a teacher,
    So came Krabappel, and a new in-game feature.
    EA had an update, awaited for months,
    This was a doozy, one of their best stunts.

    The ability to search characters, make them easy to find,
    This new feature simply blew my mind.
    Keeping track of so many characters made me insane,
    Making sure I didn’t miss anyone became my bane.
    I could now click in the top left and get out of a bind,
    I felt I was no longer playing this addicting game blind.

    Curious to see if I was the only hardcore fan,
    I searched for TSTO and guess what my eyes scan.
    TSTO Addicts a website I found,
    How much joy ensued, in happiness you could drown.
    Excited I was to find my common man,
    Who had written each level walkthrough and detailed a plan.

    Armed with this tool, everything looked sunny,
    Helping me were Alissa, a Wookie, and even a Bunny.
    Levels flew by, characters would unlock,
    Also began growing my seafront and dock.
    With each task I collected more money,
    How addicted I was, friends thought it was funny.

    Brockman, Hibbert, Smithers, Ralph, Lenny and Carl,
    With each new character I smirked and let out a snarl.
    Fat Tony, Legs and Louie made up my mob,
    Kumiko was brought in tied to “Married with the Blob”.
    Agnes made Principal Skinner panic and ensnarl,
    While I needed more task for my Norwegian named Carl.

    The military antique shop brought about Herman,
    but was a mention of war without a German.
    So next came Wolfcastle who shouted Austrian not German am I,
    A parody of Arnold Sschwarzenegger if I don’t lie.
    Who was next it was time to determine,
    but wouldn’t be revealed til after Lovejoy’s sermon.

    After the sermon, the religious boys arrived late,
    Rod and Todd at Miniputt, but of course no date.
    Lou and Eddie arrived and trained at the wall,
    Followed by Chalmers who walked the school hall.
    Each new character came with its own personality trait,
    Some that I love, but some that I hate.

    Guess who arrived next, much to Homer’s chagrin,
    It was a woman named Patty and Selma her twin.
    Nerds and hags outnumbers bullies and bimbo,
    So along came Dolph, but without Kearney or Jimbo.
    Donuts are scarce, being a fermium player is sometimes a sin,
    Can’t get cool stuff, and don’t ask about my luck on the Christmas wheel spin.

    But no matter how bad, I know I’m luckier than Kirk,
    Who struggled next level to find some work.
    My luck has changed from when I began,
    For Christmas brought Mr Costington and Yes Man.
    Finally level thirty eight, I let out a smirk,
    Take that Homer, you big fat jerk.

    Armed with TSTO addicts, I have all the info I need,
    I check everyday for a good article to read.
    Walkthroughs and captions, where did that come from,
    Character guides, and how to’s, just to mention some.
    TSTO Addict writers, I thank them for their great deed,
    Keep running this website forever, I plead I plead I plead!

    What future levels bring, only time will tell,
    Will it be Cat Lady, Manjula, or even Sideshow Mel.
    To tell us what’s next, EA can’t be coerced,
    But I know TSTO Addicts will tell us first.
    Because these guys are cool, awesome and swell,
    I wish them the best and I wish them well.

    • Nicely done

      • Thanks Chris. Couple autocorrects changing words here and there (such as freemium becoming fermium, etc), but hopefully you guys get the gist of it.

        And hope it’s enough to challenge for a prize. Would be sweet to get some premium characters and buildings.

  9. Ok, Wookiee, you’ve already made an appearance in my poem…
    I’m thinking I’ll wait and email it at the end. I’m trying so hard to make my poem the best I can…this is right up my alley as I am a writing minor and have entered contests before…I’m hoping to impress y’all.
    My first attempt was a little too dark, so I’m lightening it up! 😉
    Thx, guys, for this amazing donut opportunity. No voting this time, right?

  10. Rose are red
    Violets are blue
    She’s up for a three-way
    Are you up for one too?

    Happy Valentine’s Day.

  11. Though once upon
    An evening sun,
    I saw you shine, ’twas radient.

    I could not hide,
    My furrowed glance,
    My stomach flipped and kicked and cramped.

    But thru’ you came,
    as I shook there,
    You held my hand and down the stairs…

    I did not think it possible,
    That you are here,
    and we are one.

    • Forgot to say, submission, wasn’t sure if they were strictly meant to be about TSTO…but here we are.

  12. Patrick Souliere

    Simpson’s Springfield,
    Mon Amour,
    You know how I feel,
    Tout les jours,
    Every single day,
    Aussitôt levé,
    I take you in my hands,
    Je te caresse doucement,
    With my finger,
    Toute la journée,
    I’m sliding and tapping,
    Je t’aime, je t’adore,
    Forever and ever,
    Même quand je dors!!!!!!

  13. I love the sound of tapping my day has just begun I love the sound of Simpsons as there roasting in the sun. I love my baldy homer as he is the true one that makes every one tapp harder to see what has begun he is always on adventures and lounging in the sun while Bart is on his skateboard and Lisa on the sax while marge is at home looking after maggie Santa’s little helper is attacking the poor cat (snowball) crusty causeing mayhem while Lenny is at the plant Carl is working harder just to get to moe’s for a duff. burns is on the rampage while Smithers pats his back Barney’s in the gutter as Flanders brings him back rod and tod are praying for there mum to come back as she lays in heaven the bright star shines over Springfield watching over making sure every one has a happy tapping day. My 1st ever poem ano it doesn’t all rhyme and all characters aren’t in it but I give it a shot:-)

  14. Rosses are red…
    Violets are blue…
    I have them all tapped out…
    Except that blooming Apu…

  15. I think there needs to be a health warning I am fighting hard to avoid type 2 diabetes and this comp could push me over the edge….

  16. Great to see a trulyworldwide competition from out american cousins…..pity is I am poetically inept:-( 🙁 🙁

    By the way where are the VD/SAD spoilers all is quiet.

    • EA is holding them close to their chest…unfortunately we’re not seeing spoilers in the files just yet.
      And…it doesn’t have to be a poem it can be a love note (or a SAD note) too!


    In friends Springfields, the tappers grow
    In time, become your neighnoureeno
    Since the Christmas update ended late
    We waited and waited for level 38
    Two weeks have gone by since that day arrived
    We wait for another to keep our interest alive

    While waiting and hoping for update to come
    TSTO addicts has come up with some
    Rather interesting ideas for a new contest to task
    Their readers to enter a contest they ask
    Write poems and love notes and submit it soon
    The very best entries to make readers swoon.

    So Alissa, and Bunny and Wookie and Brad
    Gimme this win I want free donuts BAAAADDDD!!!
    I read T-S-T-O Addicts everyday
    I read content and comments to help with my play
    Happy valentines day to the staff there at Addicts
    You make readers like me turn all quite fanatic

    So consider this poem when choosing the best
    Cause I love this Valentine’s Day tapped out contest
    If I win, I will buy buildings you see
    And dedicate each one that I buy to thee
    So thank you Addicts Happy Valentine’s Day
    Time to end this poem get tapped out and play

  18. Roses are red,
    Violets are blue,
    Vodka is cheaper then dinner for two

  19. Roses are red,
    Violets are glorious,
    Don’t try to surprise,
    Oscar Pistorious

  20. For the Lonely

    Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    There’s a truck load of donuts
    Waiting for you!

  21. Excited to see who’ll win. I’ve used your amazingly helpful site for a while now. Thank You!

    I also can’t wait for Vday 2014 on Tapped Out!

  22. Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    Tapped Out eats my life
    Well. That’s it.

  23. Suzanne Shisley

    Tapping in the morning, tapping at night
    Words from the Wookie-man keepin’ it tight.
    Bunny in the cellar, sneaking out to see
    New things she can create to mesmerize me.
    TSTO’ writers giving great advice
    Makes my game play smarter, efficient, and oh so wise.
    So if you “choo choo choose me” for donuts I will shout

  24. Ok, so we’re writing a poem about TSTO, right? Not about significant others or that kind of stuff, but about our love of TSTO? Just checking cause I wanna win this! Did my best at Christmas and want to do my best now!

  25. hmm. im not a poet

  26. I don’t really mind winning or not, I just love my girlfriend and want the world to know it.

    No matter what life puts us through, I promise I’ll always be there for you,
    Because nothing means more to me than you, for you my doll, there’s nothing I wouldn’t do
    These months you’ve given me were the best, I really look forward to seeing the rest. Being with you is what I mostly love, I’ll always be up for kisses even when things get rough.
    7 months and 4 days ago when all was soon to be right, I caught a glimpse of my future and it looked awful bright, i saw your beautiful face sitting by the pool, not to go after you would’ve made me a fool
    because there’s nothing like seeing your beautiful smile, i promise you Anna it will never fade, not even in a while. There’s tons of amazing things about you that I get to see, I’m just so happy that you chose me.
    If only there was a way to convince you I’m true, I would do it in a heart beat, cuz I truly love you. Your hair, your voice, the way you giggle with fun, if i look in my heart, I’ll see that your my #1.
    You should never have doubts if I love you back, but if that ever happens please just look back, to all the special moments that we have shared, because what we have here is just, oh so rare.
    I’ve always been there for you, and you the same for me. When I stare deep in your eyes there’s so much to see. A wife, a mother, my soulmate for life, because the bond that ties our love together is so very tight.
    My baby, my princess, my love I can’t wait, till that very special day on that very special date, when I get on my knees and ask for your hand, that would then make me the happiest man.
    So baby if your ever distraught or just sad, I’ll try my very best to make good from the bad,
    Because you deserve the best of the best, just sit and relax while I handle the rest. 
    So please baby I beg you, have faith in me. Of course the future is a distant mystery, but if I can assure you one thing that’s definitely true, your going to be in mine, because Anna… I Love You