When Will Earning Money in Tapped Out Become Easier?

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A common question that seems to run across a lot of new tappers minds is “Am I doing something wrong?  When will earning money in this game become easy?”  You may play Tapped Out everyday (in some cases multiple times a day) only to feel like you’re constantly running out of cash.  As the game advances it may seem like the buildings keep going up in price but your bank account never quite seems to catch up.

Almost every player goes through this at some point or another, so If you’re struggling to build up cash  for new levels, decorate your town, and expand land at the early stages of the game it’s perfectly normal.  Believe it or not, there will be a point in the game when it all seems to get easier and you begin to build up more than enough money to do what you need, and believe it or not this can be accomplished WITH OUT house farming.  As you progress to the higher levels in the game (22 and above) the levels get longer and there will become more of a break between each new building.  It’s also usually around this point where you’ll start to have enough buildings earning rent and enough characters doing tasks to earn a good regular daily income.

Don’t want to wait?  Here are some other tips and ideas you should make sure you’re maximizing the earning potential of your Springfield:

Send your characters on tasks FREQUENTLY
Send your characters on short tasks as often as you can–the 30 minute- 1 hour ones–while you’re by your game.  The moment the task is complete collect the cash and XP and reset the task.  Doing this often enough will maximize your characters earning over a specific amount of time.  In other words, you earn more cash for sending a character to do a 1 hour task 3 times, within a 3 hour time frame, than you do if you send them on a 3 hour task.

If you’re not able to be by your game, set the tasks around your schedule.  For example, if you know you’re going to be at work or school for 8 hours, send them all on 6-8 hour tasks.  You can also send characters that aren’t involved in the current quests on 24 hour tasks. When the 24 hour tasks are complete you’ll have a big pay out waiting for you!

Are you buying premium? 
OK, so you may not have a bottomless pit of a wallet that allows you to spend carelessly on donuts.  BUT you should try to buy at least 1-2 premium characters at some point during the game, and a handful of premium decorations if you can afford it.  Buying premium will allow you to earn bonuses on top of the regular cash earned, so it’s worth the investment but you have it buy smart.

Premium characters, and premium costume tasks, generally earn 50% more cash than regular characters do on tasks that take the same amount of time.  So investing in a premium character or 2 is worth it.  Need help on which premium character to buy?  Check out our Ultimate Premium Guide: Character Edition.

Additionally buying premium decorations will award you with bonuses on all cash and XP earned, and there’s no cap on the bonus percentage you can earn via premium items.  So as much as many of us don’t like spending donuts on premium items, it is worth it if you’re smart about what you buy.  If you’re looking at a way to build your cash balance quicker, consider buying a least a couple of premium decorations (especially those with the higher bonus percent).   Not sure which premium decorations earn higher bonuses?  Check out our Ultimate Premium Guide: Decorations for the break downs.

Max Out Your Conform-O-Meter
Having a 5-star Springfield isn’t just for bragging rights (that’s just an added bonus), it also give you a greater game bonus.  However, even if your Conform-O-Meter isn’t maxed out it’s still a bonus.  At 5 stars you get a 5% bonus on all the money and XP collected, making this a useful way to increase cash if you don’t want to buy premium items.

For newer players of the game, those expensive “aspirational” buildings seem out of reach.  But the longer you play, the more characters and buildings you have the easier it is to build up a good amount of cash each day.

Happy Tapping!

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  1. There’s a tax for the Unemployment Office?

  2. I just used up most of my money XP/KEM farming. (Thanks for the tip by the way. Got over 300 donuts on a 10 day excursion but also cost me over $20mill. I stuck to 4 hour jobs and sometimes 1 hour jobs when I could.)
    Is there any new way to earn more money faster and efficiently? (hopefully, still using the Unemployment Building even with its tax)

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