Hey, Where’d They Go?! Keeping track of Characters

TSTO Character locator
As more and more characters join the game, it can be a real problem keeping track of them all.   While having more characters in the game is great, more characters=more money made, but as the land keeps expanding it’s getting harder and harder to tap every character.  When you’re constantly searching for a character it can begin to feel a bit like you’re playing Where’s Waldo and not Tapped Out.

The way TSTO has been updating lately, it may not be long before we see 100+ characters in the game.  And while, in a perfect world, we’d all love it if EA added some kind of character-locator feature to our games it may be awhile before it actually happens.  However, there is a helpful tool in the game that can help tappers locate their characters faster.  Here’s what you do:

From your main game screen press the 4-way arrows, move-stuff button, in the bottom right corner:
TSTO Character Locator 1
Then close the “eyes” for the buildings and decorations (just tap the Simpson house and the park bench and tree in the bottom right):
TSTO Character Locator 4   TSTO Character Locator 5
This will cause all structures and decorations to become translucent, however your characters will remain in full color.  At this point you should be able to easily spot the missing character. 

Here you can see it helped me find Eddie lurking behind the Post Office:
TSTO Character Locator 3
Hopefully this method will help make locating characters a little easier for you while we all anxiously await a character-locator feature from EA!

Do you have other methods that work well for you when it comes to locating characters?  Please, share them below.



7 responses to “Hey, Where’d They Go?! Keeping track of Characters

  1. Town hall

  2. If you’re going to keep this in your new players menu might wanna update it a little. 🙂

  3. I must be tired …… Where is the list of characters and the types of jobs they can do…. IE: glutton, children, old, business owners, etc. *bleh* thank you.

  4. May want to update this. 😉

  5. The character finder in the latest update is WONDERFUL!!!

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