How do I get rid of “Lazy” Neighbor-eenos?

Updated: 9/24/13 to include the Origin PC/MAC Program for easier account management.  Check out the post here: Origin Program

So you want to rid your account of some “dead weight” in the form of inactive players huh? Well if you’re using iOS
to play the good news is it’s pretty simple to do. The bad news if you’re an Android user…it’s not so simple.

First up: iOS
1) Start up your game and go to your neighborino page.
2) Tap the Orange Origin logo (with the +) on the bottom right to bring up your Origin task bar.
3) Make sure your “My Friends” list is showing
4) Find the friend you’d like to delete
5) Click on their photo to visit their Origin Profile (don’t worry you don’t leave the game)
6) Click on the plus sign just under their profile photo and this will bring up the “remove friend” option.
7) Tap this and like magic “poof” they’re gone!

Congratulations iOS Users you’ve officially gotten rid of that pesky Neighborino! If only Homer could get rid of Flanders that easily!

My Android friends…I’m sorry it’s not as easy!

To remove friends on your Origin Account via Android you must login to your account on the Origin Website.
1) Go to your neighborino screen and write down the EXACT names of any friends you wish to delete.
2) After you’ve compiled your list go to and click the login option at the very top of the site.
3) Enter your origin ID and password to login (this is the same info you use in the game)
4) Once it takes you to your main origin page highlight over My Account and a drop down menu will appear. Click on Privacy Settings:

5) Scroll down to the Block List

6) Here’s where that list of names comes into play: type the name of the Friend you wish to delete into the Block User Box and hit block:

Repeat this step for all the friends you wish to delete.
7) That’s it…you’ve officially eliminated those annoying Neighborinos!

p.s. In case you were wondering the Android method also works for iOS users.

41 responses to “How do I get rid of “Lazy” Neighbor-eenos?

  1. Not sure why but I have not been able to delete non active friends. It keeps saying an error occurred. This is on an iPhone 5s. I tried it months ago and then again with no luck. I also seem to be unable to add people. Not sure if I am at my limit. It doesn’t say I am it just doesn’t show that I have any requests.


    Basically, same as iOS up thru step # 4:

    From inside the game, tap Bart/Milhouse icon like you do when you go to visit your neighbors.
    Tap the Yellow Handshake icon, to pull up a list of your friends.
    Scroll down to the one(s) you want to delete.
    Tap on their name. A small box will pop up with their ID name, profile picture (if any), when they last played & their level.
    On the bottom of the box there should be an option: “Unfriend in Origin”. Tap that, & they are gone.

    ** Note: You can also just use this as a tool (even if you don’t need to clear space yet) to monitor if a neighbor is going stagnant.

  3. I have a S5 and I have one neighbor who is connected by Facebook I’ve blocked her but she keeps showing up in my Springfield! HELP ME GET RID OF HER!
    Thanks, Cinnagirl953

  4. for Android users trying to remove lazy neighbors. I tried this and it worked.
    1. Go into friends list find the lazy bugger and hide them.
    2. Go back to list find them again and unfriend them. It seems to work if you hide them first

  5. how do i remove friends from my ios ? i knew it before but since the new update there doesnt seem to be a plus sign where the neighbours come up …

  6. I have a nexus 7 android user and can’t delete friends that don’t play please help. I don’t own a computer at all.

  7. How do I delete lazy neighbors using a Kindle Fire?

  8. I have a much better way for Android (and iOS). Download the Origin client on your computer, go to your profile and simply delete the friends you don’t want.

  9. Went through each step and listed my lazy friends…no change…

  10. I don’t have a question really I just wanted to share a couple things I learned playing as much as I have first someone told me if u tap the middle box u get three donuts every single time and its true I’ve done it five times also u tend to get more gremlins if u tap the ghosts when they are clustered together vs lone ghosts usually I get two but sometimes 3 in one neighbors place I hope this helps all you hopeless simpson addicts like me 😉

  11. Please add me ONLY if you are active. My Origin ID is dirtycar74577 -thanks.

  12. Went through all the options, download Origin to comp, only thing that worked. Which means I’m looking for more peeps. Jokerslaughs, at the top and play way too much..

  13. I’m an android user and I have found you need to go to the list of your friends and then in the search bar jist start typing the user you would like to unfriend then just hover to the top far right (if needed I can get a picture for more detail) of the selected friend and unfriend. I would definitely unfriend over Block bc I did block someone and they actually stayed on my list in the game so I had to log back in on my computer just to unblock then unfriend. Hope this helps.

  14. I have updated to the new Treehouse of Horror and have 43 friends who haven’t yet. I want GOO, not money, so I want to delete all the friends who don’t have the update. I followed the instructions exactly, have all the friends added to my blocked list, but they STILL SHOW UP on the game. I even logged out of Origin on my phone and logged back in to try and sync them, but to no avail. I absolutely cannot get rid of the friends I no longer wish to have, now I have 70 new, active friend requests pending that I can’t add because all the dead weight is taking up space. Any other tips on how to get rid of the inactive players???

  15. Blocking on did absolutely nothing. I also have gotten the friend limit message but don’t quite have near 100 yet.

  16. Sometimes, the process works as you described (I have ios), but sometimes when I try to remove a friend, I just get “block” and “report” as options, and not “remove friend.” Then, that option will sometimes mysteriously reappear later.
    Also, I have a string of friends on my list that the program says do not have TSTO, and their time since having visited is either blank or a large number (e.g. 8 months), even though I know they have visited my town recently, and I have visited their, and they show up as a town to visit. Any idea what the issue is with that?

  17. Help! How many friends can you have? I only have 47 and its saying I cant add anymore?

    • Should be allowed to have up to 100 friends. That’s strange, did you try going through the origin program or the website? Perhaps it’s a glitch on Origin’s side.

    • Its not you its them. They have already reached the 100 limit. It just says its you I had the same problem and kept trying and finally got more friends and found out its a glitch.

  18. During the whacking season I was delighted to have some neighbouring towns which were small and abandoned and very bare. It was quick and easy to find and whack the snakes. By contrast, it was a lengthy nightmare finding snakes in huge busy towns. I’m sure even the house farms in neighbouring towns will be useful some day, so I’ll keep the selection I’ve got until I reach the 100 limit.

  19. what is the most effective way to discern from users who are viable and stink accounts? i know “things” happen and maybe a person wont play for a day or two and it is somewhat bothersome to keep a tally of 100 neighbors. i think the only way to know is just that though, watch for accounts that are inactive for great deals of time.

    I think this should be covered under this topic.

    • Thanks for the post idea! The best way I can think of to monitor lazy neighbors is to check your neighbors level status after a couple of updates come out. If it seems as though they’re still sitting at level 34 and we’re now on level 36, well then you know they’re probably inactive.
      However, just because they’re inactive doesn’t mean you need to delete them. Just by visiting your neighbors (inactive or not) you will still earn points towards your social conform-o-meter ranking & will also earn you cash and XP.
      Usually the only case I can make for deleting friends is if you have 100 already and you want to add more friends, that you know are active.

      • Thanks for the advice. I’ll keep it in mind. I’ll probably keep an eye on anyone who’s below 20 for more than a few weeks

  20. didnt work AT ALL?

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