I Can Use Donuts to Buy Game Money, Why Can’t I Use Game Money to Buy Donuts?

Update 9/29/16….Since writing this post there are now ways added to the game where you can technically use in-game cash to “buy” donuts. Check out this post to learn more about XP and Donut Farming.

There’s no clear cut answer to that only theories but TSTO is a “freemium” game, which means that you can play the game for free and still have it be very enjoyable but there are also premium content additions that can take the game to another level. And if you want that premium content you have to pay for it.
It’s also doubtful that there will ever be an option to turn game money into donuts. EA is a business, businesses need to make money in order to pay salaries. The income from the donut purchases are what go into creating new levels and content for the game.

Keep in mind though they may still do a promotion where you can convert another type of game currency you earn into donuts, like they did last Christmas with Santa Coins.

Remember: Donut Purchases=new content 

16 responses to “I Can Use Donuts to Buy Game Money, Why Can’t I Use Game Money to Buy Donuts?

  1. How do I reset my tsto town to level 1?

  2. Not sure how profitable, but I thought some have, in the past, purchased in game cash with donuts, then donut farmed with KEM’s…is that not a thing? Technically not purchasing the donuts, but turning the cash into donuts.

  3. Ok 1 thing first. it feels like 1993 on this page as it
    Feels like im on 56k Internet.

    What servers is this site on anyway.

    Either way if they do n decide for in game cash to be able to be used to purchase doughnuts I wonder what 1 million in game cash would buy?

  4. i build and fill never sell i have realized if you keep purple every 3 hours it will give most amount but i do keep some 12 hour and 16 hour ones in case i am out and about not able to pay close attention makes it worh it i blow past my bonus levels but its a heck of a lot of tapping….lol

  5. XP will give donuts when levelling up.
    Building new buildings produces XP when they’re finished.

    Therefore selling buildings & making new ones is an indirect way of turning cash into donuts.



    • This is true.

      For me, my in game cash is precious so I don’t like the buy n resale. Lose too much $$ on it.

      Maybe after I acquire many more multipliers and have cash regenerated quickly, it will be worth it.

      Thanks 🙂

    • Yeah doughnut farming is nothing but turning in game cash into doughnuts.

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