What Tree-Hugging Lisa Wants… More Nature!

So… as a 2D artisan, I am always wanting more nature decorations for a better color pallete for my designs.  With the help of Lisa Simpson, I have analyzed some images from her home videos to show some decorations that could be added in the game.

From these images one of the biggest things we could see would be more flowers!  How about some Daisies, Rose bushes, Violets, Cherry Blossoms, Lilies, Orchids, etc?

Ok, that last pic may have nothing to do with flowers but you get my point hopefully.  More flowers would allow for so much color in Springfield…  I figure Howard’s Flowers would be a great tie in for this but here’s another delivery option.

Ouch!… What do you want Lisa?  Oh yeah…. some new trees to hug couldn’t hurt…

We all know Lisa would love to see this tree the most.

But I have it on good authority that she’d just settle for a return of Lisa Land.

Anywho, I’d love to have more natural decorations to create art and of course to shut up Lisa’s protests.  Hopefully somewhere this is on EA’s to-do list.  Wookiee out!

6 responses to “What Tree-Hugging Lisa Wants… More Nature!

  1. I definitely would love to see more color, (like fall color trees or as said already cherry blossoms ect.) but I’d also like some other new decor as well. Specifically walls. We have the red brick walls (some with graffiti) and all so elegant cobblestone walls, but how about plain old cement walls? Boring I know but I am one for variety 🙂

  2. I so agree, things start to look a little boring with the same plants etc. I would be happy with the same style of pants with a bigger variety of colour.

    I would think these types of decorations would be the easiest to create and release with each level.

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